Types of makeup

Types of makeup

Cosmetics - this is what helps all the girls to remain beautiful and spectacular. With the help of properly selected cosmetics you can always look good. Make-up helps to hide flaws and makes it possible to change some features of their appearance. In this article, you will learn what types of makeup exist and how to properly use cosmetics to always look good.



This type of makeup was first used by makeup artists. For a very long time, it was continued to be used only as a podium makeup. Strobing changed the appearance of the face and attracted the views of the audience. On the one hand, such make-up seemed inconspicuous and natural, but on the other hand, it made facial features beautiful and as expressive as possible.

The secret of this spectacular exclusive makeup quickly spread among make-up artists. So many celebrities began to use the strobing technique to adjust the facial features. This makeup is very sexy and effective.

Makeup in this style allows you to get the effect of healthy and radiant on the nature of the skin. In order to perform it, you will need a fluffy brush and high-quality highlighter. You generally don't even need to practice much. Practice a little, and you can easily create a spectacular makeup in the style of strobing.

With the help of the highlighter you can select the necessary zones that will look good. Radiance on the skin focuses on this part of the face. Other areas of this product will be able to successfully hide. Pleasantly pleased with the fact that the creation of such makeup is spent quite a bit of time. And still you can be painted in such a way both in the afternoon, and in the evening regardless of the situation.

Even if it seems to you that this make-up looks vulgar, this is not at all the case. In fact, it all looks quite natural, if done correctly and in accordance with the instructions.


One of the most popular make-up - day. It is the most neutral and imperceptible. The branches of this make-up are business (or office), nude and classic. This style is characterized by the use of light neutral colors. Daily make-up is also often called “makeup without makeup,” since it should be as inconspicuous as possible. Day makeup is designed not to draw attention to your image, but to hide some flaws.

With the help of good makeup, you will look as if your appearance is natural and beautiful by nature.

For such make-up, a light foundation is sufficient that suits the tone to your skin, a nude palette of shadows and mascara. With the help of these basic products you can create the perfect make-up, which in the evening can be turned into something more noticeable and spectacular.


In special cases, you can highlight the features of their appearance and use some bright colors. But still too zealous is also not recommended. In general, evening makeup can be described as bright and catchy. It is used when you want to look especially beautiful.

The main rule of such a make-up is to choose the colors that you really want, and at the same time not be afraid to experiment. You can easily make your image a little brighter than usual. The main thing is that everything should look harmonious and be combined with each other. It is also important that the makeup fits into the theme of the event.

Particular attention should be paid also to the lighting, especially if you plan to take pictures at this event. If the lighting is artificial, then you should choose a shade a little darker than the color of your skin.In daylight, you need to use the most natural shade that looks best on the skin.

"Smokey eyes"

This type of makeup allows you to focus on the eyes. Accordingly, they give the look of sexuality. This type of makeup may well be made in different colors. Do not be limited to classic dark tones. It all depends on what your color type.

The main characteristic of this make-up is smooth lines and well-feathered colors that change from lighter to darker. Smoky effect is perfect for evening makeup.


Tumblr-makeup involves the use of bright colors, sparkles and unusual details. This style was especially popular at the beginning of this decade. But now the girls are happy to paint their eyes with pastel shades and glue rhinestones on the skin. This makeup, as it may seem, has much in common with pop art make-up.


Looks interesting and makeup in ethnic style. Many now have an interest in the past. Girls experiment with different stylistics and constantly add something new to their classic bow. For example, now in the trend of spectacular patterns in the style of the Indians, who adorn the face instead of the classic graphic arrows. Such a make-up will suit bright and colorful boho-style dresses.


Make-up with a lifting effect has much in common with the strobing technique. This type is now more often used by mature women in order to hide the flaws that appear on the skin with age. This makeup is also often referred to as anti-aging. To do this, this technique uses a bronzer, highlighter and simple matte shadows.

With this basic set, you can rejuvenate yourself for a couple of years.


Wedding is a special event. On this day, any girl wants to look spectacular and attractive. Wedding makeup, as well as evening, can be a little brighter and more expressive than usual. But at the same time, it should suit you. For such a solemn event, as a rule, they use light colors, mother-of-pearl shades and light glitters. They will be best combined with a lush white dress.

But still you should not blindly follow the rules and choose a standard makeup that fits all without exception. Focusing on their merits, you can get the perfect makeup and become truly one of the most beautiful brides.


If you create a bow in retro style, then you will like the corresponding stylish makeup. Vivid accents are typical for such a make up. It can be clear arrows, unusual colored eye shadows or beautiful red lips.

Beautiful lipstick is the easiest way to focus on the attractive features of your appearance. The richer your own appearance, the more striking should be makeup. The same applies to the eyes. You should not be limited to the classic black liner. You can execute arrows in blue or purple, for example. It will look very impressive.

Popular retro makeup can be done by imitating Twiggy style. If you like this thin girl with her special and unique style, then you can repeat it. To look like a famous bird, you will need to make your skin tone even and slightly brighten it. Eyelashes need to be emphasized with several movements of the mascara brush. Bright focus to do on the lips.

In the style of "Vamp"

Make-up in the style of “Vamp” is a combination of bright colors and clear lines. It looks interesting and unusual and is suitable for almost any type of person. In contrast to the now popular nude makeup, this involves the use of bright colors and clear accents. A dark “loop” on the eyes, embellished with a brush, looks dramatic and is suitable for an evening out.

The main advantage of this makeup is that in this form you can appear even at the most extravagant party.

Such a make-up will be perfectly combined with an open evening dress or a sexy pantsuit.

In the style of "Chicago"

For noisy parties make-up made in the style of "Chicago" is perfect. Scarlet lips, beautiful clear arrows and sparkles on the skin - this is what makes makeup in this style. It is more effective than the classic French or European makeup and its complex color and shade design is definitely not suitable for everyday use.

Features and benefits

Different types of makeup have different advantages. But there are some highlights. So, any correctly selected make-up allows you to make your appearance more approximate to the ideal. You can make the eyes bigger, and look open, lift the eyelid lowered or make the gums plump and the nose long. Combine the right shades and techniques, and you will always look spectacular.

The disadvantages of any make-up can be attributed to the fact that if you do something wrong or use cosmetics of poor quality, it will only aggravate the situation.

How to choose cosmetics?

High-quality cosmetics can be presented in any price segment. Do not think that cheaper cosmetics is always bad. There are affordable brands that allow you to make yourself beautiful even to those who do not have so much money. Let's take a closer look at how to select products that really suit you.


To begin the detailed description it is necessary with a makeup basis - tone. There are different types of tonal resources that girls can use with both oily and dry skin. If you have a dry epidermis, then buy a product with a moisturizing effect. But make-up artists strongly recommend matting creams to owners of oily skin. With them you can forget about the need to constantly powder the skin.

If the foundation lies on the skin badly, constantly rolling down or not sticking on the face, then you will need a good base for the tone. It is worth picking it up on the same principle. So, if you have skin that is overdried or naturally dry, then choose a simple product with a slight moisturizing effect. For girls with oily skin, a denser base is suitable, which gives a light matte effect.

It is also quite possible to correct any flaws in your appearance. But for this, as a rule, not enough simple tone. It is necessary to put on the pimples and rash a little concealer. The same applies to the circles under the eyes, which appear from tiredness or lack of sleep.

Concealer should choose a skin tone or a little lighter, so that everything looks natural.

Blush and highlighter

Blush should be chosen depending on its color type. The paler your skin, the brighter should be and rouge. Leave and buy only those tones that suit you best. As for the highlighter, it should be bright and not very shiny.

Small shimmer looks on the skin is completely natural, creating the effect of the natural glow of healthy skin.


Shadows - this is the product that is responsible for the beauty of your eyes. How well the shade is chosen depends on how bright and effective your eyes will be. Stylists recommend taking matte shadows to create everyday images. Shadows with a shimmer are best left for special occasions.

When choosing a color palette, consider the features of your color type. Each cosmetic bag should not apply the lightest shade, which is well combined with other shades. Most often it is a classic beige or champagne. It is applied to the entire mobile eyelid and even slightly under the brow.

Slightly darker shadows in classic make-up are distributed over the middle part of the century. It looks very good. In this case, you should not even add makeup pencil.You can accentuate the growth line of the eyelashes with shadows, smoothing them.

In the fold of the century are applied cold tones. However, if you have a warm color type, you should not blindly follow fashion. You can choose the tone that suits you. The outer corner of the eye is the part that is usually obscured. You can choose the darkest color of the four, even in the classic make-up.

Lipstick or gloss

In your everyday make-up you can use both lipstick and gloss. Preference is usually given to lighter colors. Beautiful nude lipstick on lips looks natural and allows you to emphasize the benefits of your appearance.

Nude lipstick is now in trend. To select the perfect shade, make-up artists recommend looking at the inside of their lips and taking a shade a tone darker.

How to apply?

Although the choice of ideal and high-quality cosmetics is very important, the technology of execution plays an equally important role. You need to be able to apply cosmetics correctly so that the make-up looks like it was made by a professional makeup artist. Let's look at the techniques of applying various cosmetic products in different styles, ranging from basic and ending with the style of emo.


If you like light make-up, which is almost imperceptible on the face, then you need to master the technique of performing basic day makeup. Choose natural light shadows that look as if a spectacular butterfly touched its eyelids with its wings. It is desirable that in this style you selected the shadows were matte. For everyday wear, this option is best suited.

In daytime make-up, the most popular shades are still such nude tones as beige, ivory, champagne or light brown shade. Use one or two basic tones, combining them among themselves and well shading. In a classic make-up, a beautiful brown mascara would be appropriate. This is especially true for girls with a light color type and wheat or blond hair.

In such a make-up it is very important to make eyebrows beautifully. They must have a natural shape and natural color. If you naturally have bright eyebrows, then it is worth picking up a pencil or a shade to match, and not darken them, following trends.

If you wish, you can also draw a line of cilia growth with a brown or gray pencil. These colors are used in nude makeup much more often than others. As for lipsticks, they should not be too noticeable and bright.

It is possible to limit hygienic lipstick or light gloss without large glitters.


The technique of applying evening makeup is much easier. You can use more noticeable colors, sparkles and highlighters. In the evening, almost all accents are allowed.

In the makeup of the eyes, you can choose almost all versions of colors and color combinations. Looks impressive transitions of different shades. For example, darker in light or cold in warm. But the border needs to be shaded. This is one of the main rules that should not be forgotten. For the rest, there are no additional rules and restrictions.

Evening makeup is also a bright lipstick. Lips should be swollen and sexy. Feel free to experiment with lipsticks that you like. Do not rely on any restrictions, arguing that burgundy lipstick is an option only for the fall.

"Smokey eyes"

Now very popular makeup in the style of smoky eyes. Such make-up is suitable for almost everyone. To perform make-up in this technique, you need a classic eyeliner, beautiful shadows and caial. This is a thick bold pencil, which is very easily shaded and leaves no clear marks.

The very first stage of doing this makeup - contouring. With the help of a clear line you can change the shape of the face and make it more beautiful. For this purpose, use kayal.With this pencil, you can safely draw a line, without fear of making any mistakes. The fact is that at any time you can shade everything, hiding all sorts of irregularities. For feathering the product should use a special brush.

Once you have applied the foundation, you can proceed to the use of shadows. They are applied immediately in several layers. In addition, you will need to combine with each other light and dark tones. They should be well shaded so that there are no boundaries. A beautiful haze on the eyes will make your look mysterious and sexy.

Since the eyes in such a make-up are very bright, you need to avoid additional bright accents on the lips. Otherwise, it will look vulgar, especially if you choose a scarlet lipstick that looks too defiant. Stylists recommend opt for neutral matte lipstick. That it looks best on the lips.

Makeup artists secrets

If you want to do your own makeup, then you will come to the aid of tips that give professional stylists.

First of all, you need to adjust all the fashion trends and features of each style specifically for themselves. You should always consider your own drawbacks and advantages and correct them with cosmetics. A simple highlighter will be enough to make your nose less noticeable, and with the help of a bronzer you will make the contours of your face clear and beautiful. Highlight the cheekbones, emphasize the chin, and the face will become as you need, but without any operations and braces.

Also remember that makeup is a great way to rediscover yourself. If you have long wanted to change something in yourself, the use of cosmetics is the easiest way. A light watercolor make-up or a complex make-up in a romantic style can present you in a different light.

With the help of properly selected color combinations, you can feel like a hippie or a queen of the ball.

Another important tip is to use the products that you have. You do not need to have a complete cosmetic bag of branded products. Some tools can be used for several purposes at once. For example, with the help of lipstick or lip gloss, you can give your appearance a natural glow, using them as a blush. Replace the highlighter can the lightest shade of the shadows in the palette. These can be shining pearl shadows that are right for you.

No need to be addicted to makeup. If you are afraid to go outside without make-up - change something in relation to yourself, and not in what cosmetic products you use. Make-up for you should be a means of expression, not a way to change yourself.

Select the types of makeup and color combinations that are right for you, and do not make a choice in favor of trends that you don’t go.

Learn to make light day makeup with Maybelline. About this - video.

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