Makeup under the blue dress

Makeup under the blue dress

Many believe that blue color plays a special role in human life. Blue is one of the places of honor in the wardrobe of women prone to romance, tranquility and mysticism. In this case, the attractiveness of women increases significantly if the blue outfit and makeup emphasize the natural harmony of her image.

Features color combinations

Experts note that it is quite difficult to correctly use the possible combinations of shades of blue and the corresponding makeup. This is due to the specifics of the blue color itself: it differs both in the complexity of the color structure and in the versatility of its shades.

The recommendations of stylists regarding the choice of a particular make-up under a blue dress usually take into account the possible interaction of two factors - the characteristic features of the woman’s appearance and the tone of the dress. Focusing on this, professionals identify several color types of female appearance, consideration of the specifics of which is the basis of successful makeup. These color types include:

  • "Summer";
  • "autumn";
  • "winter";
  • "spring".

White-skinned brown-eyed or blue-eyed women with brown hair are traditionally considered to be the “summer” color type. For women of this color type, blue turns out to be exceptionally advantageous: it provides a spectacular mystery of blue eyes and emphasizes the freshness of the skin.

Women of this color type are recommended to brightly emphasize the eyes. The spectacular make-up under the blue dress also requires to observe accuracy in choosing the range of decorative cosmetics. The tonal tool for the face should have a silver or porcelain hue and create a uniform color scheme with bluish-smoky shadows.

The “autumn” color type is controversial. It is characteristic of women who have brown or red hair, but have white freckled skin. Such a striking appearance requires to choose a cool makeup, which is also not alien to inconsistency.

It is achieved by the fact that warm shades of foundation, blush and powder (from terracotta to reddish-brown) come into contrast with the delicate colors of the shadows. They can be light green, pale lilac or light beige. The final touch in the image created on the basis of the game of contrasting tones can make a pale pink lipstick.

The color type “winter” is characteristic of fair-haired brunettes with bright eyes. Their natural contrasting appearance should be emphasized with no less impressive makeup, which is based on extremely contrasting colors - white and black.

The bright appearance of white brunettes gets an additional accent due to the play of blue and silver tones, which is achieved with the help of a skillful combination of the color of the dress with silvery accessories and cool tones of makeup.

The blue dress and the shadows should not merge: it is necessary to beat the base blue color differently. The shades of soft blue and lilac, gray and even violet colors will look spectacular.

Stylists believe that women with the color type “spring” have the richest choice when creating a new image. Typical "spring" women are "warm" blondes with bright eyes, which go all shades of blue. At the same time, it is believed that the most spectacular "spring" blondes look in blue or light blue outfit.

Blondes "spring" color type It is recommended to give preference to beige shades of foundation. The effect of special refinement can be obtained through the use of ivory foundation.

The advantage of women of this color type is the ability to use a wide range of shades of shadows: blue, pale lilac and light green shadows look good with a blue dress. The coldness of the image created in this way can be shaded with light brown or beige lipstick.

Options for brunettes

The dark blue dress is considered to be the favorite dress of many brunettes. Evening toilet of this kind, dress to the floor - it looks extremely impressive.

Evening blue dress requires careful attention to make-up: it is very important to ensure the most even shade of the face. To avoid unhealthy pallor of the skin, which is often provoked by a deep blue, the base for make-up should choose a rich color.

A blue dress is considered to be a win-win for a brunette, as it looks luxurious on dark skin. To consolidate this effect, stylists advise in various ways to emphasize the prevalence of darkish tones in the image.

This task is rather easily solved not only by means of a dark foundation, but also by applying pink blush, as well as underlining the eyes with black arrows. You can replace the standard black eyeliner with blue or brown, and lipstick to choose a scarlet color.

Ideas for the blonde

There is an opinion that the blue is perfect for blondes. Blondes in blue look irresistible, but this effect can be achieved if:

  • correct pale face tone;
  • in the choice of shades of means of decorative cosmetics to give preference to warm, golden-pink shades;
  • Do not accentuate the blue-blue dress by repeating the blue shades in various accessories;
  • Enhance the effect of blueness or shrill blue dress with low-key natural makeup.

It should also be borne in mind that the choice of a blue-blue dress for everyday wear implies the rejection of saturated tones. The moderation of the colors of the dress should be supported by makeup, which is equally restrained in color shades.

Examples for brown-haired

The advantage of a blue dress for a brown-haired one is largely due to the fact that the expressiveness of brown eyes, typical for women of this type, is emphasized most of all by its deep blue color. However, in this case, the selection of cosmetics for makeup should be carried out based on the skin color of the woman.

In practice, this means that brown-haired women should pick up cosmetics (shadows, pencils, etc.), preferring pistachio shades.

Light-skinned brown-haired women can create an irresistible image, skillfully using the game of copper shades.

Both light and dark brown-haired women can make a really perfect makeup, if you correctly emphasize the attractiveness of the eyes. To do this, it is necessary to emphasize the openness of the eyes, by imposing suitable shadows on the corners of the eyes, and also by making the eyelashes visually thicker.

Options for red hair

Hair with a reddish or golden sheen looks great in an ensemble with a dress of soft blue color. In general, the make-up should have a cold range: from lilac to various shades of green.

With red hair, makeup looks completely complete and harmonizes well with the blue dress only if blush is applied to the cheeks. Blush in no case should look like a separate alien spot: they need to be shaded very carefully, leaving no traces.

When choosing a blush you must rely on the shade of a blue dress. The light blue or blue shades of the dress are perfectly set off by the blush belonging to the natural palette.

What make-up will suit a dark blue dress?

Proper selection of make-up for the selected shade of blue dress requires specific knowledge and certain skills. For example, to a dark blue dress you need to select additional dark and golden shades of shadows that will not merge with the main color of the dress. The whole image should be a single color whole - with correctly placed accents.

To avoid gloom, the color of the dress is well balanced with bright makeup. To achieve this effect, stylists recommend the use of contrasting colors, while avoiding unwanted flashy effects, and playing on halftones of fairly saturated colors.

In any case, it is necessary to use pearl shades of a light shade - to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, which will give the look expressiveness. The effect of a thick blue dress can be enhanced by chocolate, gold and purple eye shadows.

Lips should not be painted very brightly. However, when choosing shades of pale tones, a dark blue dress will require an additional accent in the form of bright lipstick: it can have a color ranging from ripe raspberries to fuchsia.

Under blue and white

Creating a suitable make-up for a blue-white dress, you should rely on the general rule of color and tonal compatibility. It lies in the fact that it is necessary to ensure the highest possible color harmony of clothing and makeup: cool and warm shades should not be mixed.

Based on this rule, under the blue-white dress you need to choose a low-key natural make-up, most effectively using the attractiveness of the color of hair, eyes and skin. However, calm colors of the dress should not cause any associations with fading, so the make-up should be performed in warm, natural shades.

Under black and blue

Under the black and blue dress is recommended to do makeup, which has a refreshing effect - the ability to attract attention not only to the dress, but also to its owner. This can be achieved if you make a bright refreshing element in makeup - either by choosing a lipstick, or by using eye shadows and eyeliner. If there is a black color in the outfit, you should enrich the make-up typical for a saturated blue color that contrasts with red or scarlet lipstick. This will give the image a mysterious depth and solemnity.

Under the bright blue

This color is more suitable for red-haired women. This results from the fact that the piercing blue is capable of balancing an overly striking redhead.

To create a harmonious image, a contrasting combination of bright blue and fiery red needs to be balanced with additional patches of color — for example, use bright, rich blush to help balance contrasting base colors.

For blue-green

Blue-green dress - the perfect choice of brown-haired, especially if she is the owner of green eyes. In this case, the irresistibility of green eyes and the shade of the dress will help emphasize the make-up based on the play of colors: the combination of green eyes and blue-green dress is well emphasized by the contrasting color of the shadows.

If you focus on this color pattern, it can be noted that makeup for a blue-green dress is suitable using a violet palette, which ensures a smooth transition of three colors: pale pink, purple and dark gray.

For a blue-green outfit, a darker palette of the make-up is quite acceptable. A prerequisite for success in this case will be compliance with the natural combination of skin tone with eye makeup.

Step-by-Step Application Guide

The make-up in the ensemble with this or that shade of a blue dress has a number of features. Before applying it, you need to clearly define three points:

  • correctly (taking into account the color of the eyes, hair and skin) to assess the shade of the dress;
  • select a specific type of makeup suitable for the situation - for example, day or evening;
  • to match the shade of a blue dress with the natural tint palette of its appearance and the requirements of the selected type of makeup.

Dark blue dress of dark tones requires makeup, made in a darkish palette with golden hues. The tonality of the shadows and dresses should not be the same; you should ensure the play of tones and semitones.

The delicate shade of a blue dress perfectly combines with a discreet make-up, made in a soft range of natural shades. A beautiful, unobtrusive lipstick tone gives a holistic look a touch of charm. Under the blue dress as a universal accent for the eyes is recommended to use pearly light shade.

For those girls who find it difficult to make up using eyeliner, the best option may be makeup that does not have clear lines. This makeup requires the selection of suitable shadows, mascara and pencil.

The final touch - hairstyle

Makeup under a blue dress will be really successful only if you choose the right hairstyle, which should be harmonious and necessary part of a complete image. To achieve the desired effect, you should consider a number of factors: the features of your appearance, age, the nature of the situation for which you are creating this image, the patterns of compatibility of the chosen blue dress with natural skin tone and makeup, the ability of hair to emphasize your attractiveness.

In the wardrobe of a woman, blue is traditionally among the most sought after. For this reason, every woman should be familiar with the rules of applying makeup, suitable for different shades of this color, and use them, taking into account the peculiarities of their appearance.

How to make a make-up in blue tones look in the following video.

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