Evening makeup for brown eyes

Evening makeup for brown eyes

Make-up for the holiday should be special. In the evening, the image of a brown-eyed girl is created much brighter than for daytime. All applied paint should be different resistance, because it is possible that the evening event can last for the whole night, and such troubles, such as spreading mascara, are not needed by anyone.

Professional makeup artists love to work with brown eyes, explaining that this color is favorable in order to experiment with any color ranges in the visage. The only condition in such experiments is not to be carried away by the brightness of the colors, which is absolutely not required of the brown-eyed lady, who is already expressive from nature.

Nuances and rules for creating make-up

Brown color can have various shades and depending on it it is necessary to select also tone of shadows:

  • to the hazel eyes - plum and pink tone;
  • kare-green - khaki and emerald;
  • to yellowish brown - lilac and purple hue;
  • dark beige goes to beige, purple, pink and blue tones.

First you need to properly prepare the face. It all starts with cleansing and applying a matte cream - thus removing the effect of shiny (shiny) skin. In a certain way should be treated and the skin around the eyes.

Any flaw can be hidden through the use of a corrector. In this way, it is possible to mask both wrinkles, even relief, and hide under eye circles. Make-up will last longer if a foundation is applied on the eyelids, for example, a matte concealer.

When the skin on the face is smooth and clean, it is time to apply eye shadow. It is clear that the color of shades for brown eyes you stop at is an important matter, and the final image of the evening will largely depend on it. make-up. It’s not so easy to choose the right shadows in this case, because there should be a lot of things taken into account - what shades of brown eyes, what color of a girl’s hair, what color does her skin have:

  • if a girl has brown eyes, and curls of a light shade, make-up artists recommend giving preference to beige, dark pink, green and sand tones;
  • brown-eyed darkie Brown olive colors are best;
  • fair-skinned brown-eyed ladies you should use greenish and blue tones;
  • brown-eyed girl with dark hair black, brown, pale pink, chocolate and silvery tones are best used as shadows, although fuchsia is also suitable in color;
  • dark eyes always decorate purple, beige and blue shades;
  • tan color purple and lilac tones are emphasized;
  • light brown Looks good with pink and plum shades;
  • for green and brown the emerald shades and khaki will be harmonious;
  • brown eyes It will become more expressive with brown, golden and silver color, and with lilac and blue color it will become more attractive and bright.

What tone will be mascara is also very important. The classic option when the choice falls on a black mascara - it is ideal for brunettes, but a fair-haired girl with brown eyes will have more brown mascara to face. If the brown-eyed woman uses blue mascara for make-up, her look will acquire a special brightness. In any case, do not forget that the mascara for the evening should be moisture-proof, otherwise you will have to correct your makeup every now and then.

Do not forget about the design of the eyebrows. A brown-eyed girl will look much more interesting and well-groomed if slightly corrected. For evening make-up make them in darker colors than you do in everyday life.For this, dark shadows that are applied to the hairs come in handy, and they can be strengthened with a fixative.

It is best to take a podtochenny pencil and hold them strokes in the direction of hair growth. You should start from the center of the eyebrow and move to its outer edge. In conclusion, the strokes should be shaded. You can also use the shadows. A natural shade can be achieved if you mix different tones.

There is no make-up of brown eyes without a seductive eyeliner. The cat's hands and the intriguing Oriental visage alluring as if created specifically for the brown-eyed beauties.

Armed with all this knowledge, you can go directly to the makeup. Here are just some ideas with step-by-step instructions on which brown-eyed girls can create their evening make-up:

Arab motives

This type of makeup is always saturated colors and brightness. First, the tone of the face align with the basics, suitable for color type. Then apply blush on cheekbones, reminding on tone a fresh summer suntan. The peculiarity of this makeup is also in the long eyebrows, not such as usual. Shadows should use pearlescent, although you can experiment with matte. It will look great composition of two or three bright colors.

About contrast shadows in make-up

Makeup with the shadows of contrasting colors girls are addicted no matter what color their eyes. For the brown-eyed, the best choice would be shades of blue and lilac in the shadows, because they will be able to emphasize their attractiveness, focusing on the expressiveness of brown eyes. If a girl does not like to experiment boldly, she can opt for slightly muted colors - light blue or violet. But for evening make-up, the best choice would be a rich indigo and purple color.

Evening make-up, based on turquoise, green and blue colors, is also able to decorate girls with brown eyes, and this is easily explained, because everyone understands that the blue clear sky, gentle turquoise of the sea and spring greens can not be combined with brown tones of earth cover. Such shades are harmonious in nature, which means they will come in handy for a harmonious makeup at a party.

"Metal" shades

Make-up with bronze, gold, steel tone, pink and silver are also suitable for evening makeup girl with brown eyes. The warmest in this case will be gold shades.

Arrow pointing

In the work on the make-up of brown eyes before make-up artists there are great opportunities to think creatively and to realize the conceived ideas. This is the case when the arrows come in very handy - they will make the girl’s look more clearly and emphasize the shape of her eyes. Arrows are induced by a pencil or a liquid liner. For an evening out, a successful combination would be a make-up with a plum eyeliner and shades of pink-violet hues.

Creating a smoky visage

This makeup is also very well in harmony with hazel eye color. Feature of this make-up - in the absence of any clear lines. The most optimal basis for it will be light colors on the upper eyelid. Drawing lines along the roots of the cilia will emphasize the shape of the eyelids at the bottom and top, but the borders should be drawn in black with a brush. The edges of the shadows themselves should not be visible - they also need to be shaded.

It is best to use gray or dark violet shadows for this. The basic idea is to make the transition from shade to shade as smooth as possible. Shadows of a light tone are superimposed under the brow - this gives the effect of a raised eyebrow and a more open look. Such make-up requires the allocation of eyelashes, so the mascara on them should be applied in two or three layers.

Smoky eyes step by step

Such a smoky visage will decorate a girl of any age. For its implementation, you can use a phased scheme of creating makeup with black and purple tones that will decorate any brown-eyed girl:

  1. The face is cleaned and a tone foundation is applied on it.
  2. Impose thick black shadows on the upper eyelid (mobile)whose structure should be creamy. This structure is easy to shade, and therefore make make-up no difficulty. In addition, the use of such shadows eliminates the need to use a pencil, because the contour will already be underlined by the shadows themselves. The line should be thickened closer to the outer edge of the eyelid.
  3. Next, take a soft brush and shade shadows throughout the moving eyelid.so that the color gradually fades away.
  4. The same color is used to sum up the lower eyelid. Here you will need a thin brush. Here the line tapers slightly to the nose.
  5. Apply a layer of plum-violet shadows on top of black shadows., they should be shaded over the fold throughout the eyelid.
  6. Under the eyebrow and on the inner corner of the eye, we use a bleached lilac color. This will give freshness to your eyes, and your eyes will become more open.
  7. ATTake a clean, soft brush and blend the shadows.
  8. Using black mascara gently paint the eyelashes. First, apply one layer, then the second (and on the lower and upper cilia).
  9. The final stage of such make-up - applying blush on the cheekbones and the choice of lipstick. It should be a quiet shade, since the emphasis in this makeup is aimed at expressive eyes.

To perform such makeup, it is not necessary to go to the salon to a professional makeup artist, everything can be done at home by yourself. The highlight here is the correct selection of the color of the shadows. They should match the tone of the hair shade, the iris of the eyes, and the girl's outfit.

So, smoky eyes with golden tones will best suit the blue-eyed dress of a brown-eyed girl.

Fix the hanging eyelid

Such a problem usually appears with age, when the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Although it also happens that a young girl has the same problem. This is possible with frequent lack of sleep, rare walks in the fresh air, overwork and too busy schedule.

From the impending century, the whole face looks tired and the girl seems much older than she really is. But in this case, you can help, and for this, makeup artists have their own secrets:

  1. For make-up in this case, you need to use only shades of matte shades.Thus, it is possible to avoid the fact that others will pay attention to the hanging eyelid.
  2. It is not necessary to give up the flickering under the eyebrow - it will be quite appropriate. It is also important to apply a shade of light tone on the corner inside the eye.
  3. For make-up in the style of "smoky eyes" colors should not be too heavy and oversaturated.
  4. Coloring the fold of the century, continue the line beyond the contourso that it visually seemed raised.
  5. With arrows to evening makeup brown-eyed girl with an impending eyelid should be careful. It is better to use not eyeliner, but a pencil and the end of the arrow must be lifted upwards.
  6. If it looks harmonious, a woman with a hanging eyelid can use gray or brown instead of a black pencil. - in some cases, this technique refreshes and rejuvenates.
  7. If you need to divert attention from the impending century, focus on the cilia, carefully painting them over the entire length, paying particular attention to the outer corner.

In conclusion, some more tips from brown-eyed girls from makeup artists:

  1. If you are going to attend some evening event, practice your makeup in advance - so you literally "fill your hand" and on the right day easily cope with the creation of the perfect image.
  2. Evening makeup is always better looking if it is supplemented with glitter.
  3. If your eyes are located close to the nose, then in the make-up, try to focus attention on the edges of the eyes, you should not paint over the eyelid completely.On the outer edge of the eyelid, shadows are applied bright and dark, and closer to the nose - light colors.
  4. With the opposite problem with eyes too wide apart, the eyelid is filled completely, and transitions in shades - opposite to the first case.
  5. Do not be afraid to experiment. If you like your image, this does not mean that you need to stop at this, because it is quite possible that by experimenting you can achieve even better results.
  6. Creating an image, do not forget about the conformity of a shade with skin tone, with clothes, with lipstick. The main thing for eye makeup is to emphasize their shape, length of cilia and beautiful eyebrow line.
  7. Do not strive for standards. If you took the brown-eyed beauty from a glossy magazine as a model, you should not achieve 100% similarity, just use some techniques from the image, but create your own image.
  8. Pay attention to the lighting, since the same image looks different under different lighting.
  9. Use only high-quality cosmetic products.otherwise you can get skin problems instead of beautiful makeup.

The following video is a bright evening make-up for brown eyes.

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