Makeup after 40, which is young

Makeup after 40, which is young

How beautiful and well-groomed a woman is depends not on her age, but on her ability and desire to look after herself. Not everyone is gifted with a winning appearance from nature, but in his youth purely natural data helps out - delicate elastic skin, hair and nails that have not yet suffered from risky experiments

Age after 40 is a time when beauty depends not on what nature has given you, but on what you can do for yourself to look better. The period of bold experiments has ended, the bet is placed on making the natural healthy look a part of the everyday look. The honor is not flashiness, but elegant restraint, not blindly following fashion, but the choice of high-quality decorative and medical cosmetics.

It will take patience, experience and self-respect to master the art of make-up appropriate in adulthood. Now there are many means to avoid the early appearance of signs of skin wilting on the one hand, and to hide the flaws that inevitably appear with age, on the other. A significant role in this plays anti-aging makeup.

Benefits and features

To choose the right makeup, you need to know the features of makeup after the age of 40 years. First of all, all products must be of high quality and hypoallergenic, since the skin is no longer recovering as quickly as in 20 years. Make-up after 40, which is young, is based on the following rules:

  • A lighter concealer will help to restore to skin the fresh and radiant look lost with age. The cream should be lighter than the usual means, as a rule, by 1 tone. Light texture will help distribute it more evenly. The cream should have a water base and a high SPF factor. Another trick is the use of a reflective tonal framework that compensates for the lost natural radiance of the skin. Under it, it is desirable to use a corrective remedy of a greenish tint, which will help to hide the dilated vessels.
  • Blush should choose a delicate natural shade: beige, light pink, but not bronze. Blush is better to choose creamy, thanks to them the skin will receive additional hydration.
  • Powder is better to use crumbly. It masks fine wrinkles and muffles oily shine.
  • Shadows should also be lighter and less fatty than before. Too bright colors, on the one hand, attract attention to themselves, on the other, they reveal fine lines and eye strain. Not bad refreshing face light golden or silvery shades. Purple or blue colors will play a cruel joke with you, emphasizing the dark circles around the eyes. Chocolate or red tones will make the eyes inflamed. The flashy nacreous shadows and sparkles will look careless.
  • Mascara, eyeliner and pencil, it is desirable to use ashen or coffee color. When applying them well shade, it will help to make the look more deep. Paint the lower lashes only about one third at the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Do not get involved in plucking eyebrows, simply adjust their shape. Eyebrow thickness you need to choose the average. The outer edges of the eyebrows should be at or slightly above the corners of the eyes so that the facial expression does not become sad.
  • Before applying lipstick, carefully draw a lip contour with a pencil. The pencil should be only slightly darker than lipstick.
  • Makeup should be applied in ascending lines. to avoid a dull looking face.

The advantages of this makeup is that in addition to the decorative and corrective effect, anti-aging cosmetics improve skin condition, are more comfortable to use and allow you to create an elegant image with effective means. Calm gamut makes anti-aging makeup perfect for business style. Proper accents will make it quite expressive as well as an evening make-up.

Kinds of make-up

The technique of creating the perfect makeup may seem difficult, but the result, as a rule, justifies all the efforts. Casual makeup solves 2 main tasks: corrects or masks skin defects that appear with age and creates a gentle and calm image.

Properly applied daily make-up will help a woman look fresh and younger every day, add natural radiance to her skin, correctly place accents in the image that a woman creates for herself.

Daytime make-up is different restraint and seeming simplicity, hiding the careful work on appearance. Calm matte tones do not emphasize individual details, but create a feeling of a healthy, radiant face, artfully illuminated by the play of light and shadow. Apply daily makeup should be in very good light to adjust its brightness and color compatibility.

Restraint is different and evening makeup. It should not be overwhelmed with flashy shades and excess of details. Expressiveness is created by choosing its main gamut - warm delicate tones. Nevertheless, in the evening a woman can allow herself to appear brighter and more solemn than in the daytime.

The overall tone of the makeup is selected in accordance with the color of hair and eyes. Blondes will look attractive and mysterious if they choose purple, deep blue or silver tones. Warm brown tones are well suited brunettes with dark skin. The brown-haired refreshing olive and coffee shades.

Gamma evening makeup should not be too bright. At the same time, monotonous faded colors do not adorn a woman. The right choice is somewhere in the middle.

For the effect to be complete, an evening make-up should be applied after applying products with a lifting effect, for example, a special mask for mature skin.

How to choose cosmetics?

When choosing cosmetics for 45-year-old women, one should keep to the golden mean and give preference to quality products with a moisturizing and tightening effect on the one hand, and having matte pastel colors, on the other. With age, the range of products expands, the main function of which is to correct skin imperfections (proofreaders, concealers, special tonal means). They not only help to look younger, but also have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, slowing down its aging.

The choice of cosmetics in adulthood should be carefully thought out. Not always a fashion brand will be the best tool for you. It is important that it is suitable for your skin type, does not cause irritation and you like it.

The tricks of anti-aging makeup are to choose the right shade and texture of cosmetics. Natural gamma, the absence of excess shine, creamy texture and moisturizing ingredients - these are the main characteristics of age cosmetics.

If in 40 years to hide minor imperfections of the exterior is still possible with the help of foundation and concealer, in 48 years this task is not so easy to solve. It is necessary to use masks with a tightening effect, a complex of special anti-aging remedies, to adjust the diet, excluding from it fatty and sweet foods, to drink more pure water.

At home, with experience and patience, some of the shortcomings can be smoothed out without resorting to radical means. For example, when eyelids are lowered, using a light shade of the shadows as the main background and a darker shade to highlight the fold area and the outer corner of the eye will help.As at any age, the shadows should not be overly thick: they roll down, become wrinkled in folds and give the impression of sloppiness.

It is also not recommended to impose mascara with a thick layer that glues eyelashes. If you draw a dark gray or chocolate pencil in the upper eyelid with a pencil ascending to the outer corner of the line, you can visually lift the upper eyelid.

The inner corners of the eyes can be lightened with a transparent base. With the help of matte shades of a bright pastel shade, applied below the eyebrows, this area of ​​the face can be restored to expressiveness and freshness. It is not necessary to apply dark brown or violet shadows on the upper eyelids - the look becomes heavy, and the general impression is painful.

How to apply?

In an effort to create their ideal image, women over 40 years old apply anti-aging makeup step by step, observing the following rules:

  • make-up is necessary only after cleansing and moisturizing the skin with special agents 40+, preferably using a tonic, anti-aging cream or a tightening mask;
  • all funds used in the preparatory stage should be fully absorbed;
  • translucent base should be evenly and finely distributed on the skin of the face;
  • age spots and blood vessels should be masked with a corrector;
  • foundation should be applied evenly short strokes;
  • if the skin of the hands and face is warm, the cream will lie smoother;
  • fine wrinkles and under eye circles can be masked by concealer;
  • the result is fixed using loose powder;
  • the outstanding part of the cheekbones is set off by delicate cream blush;
  • on the upper eyelids should be applied bright shades of pastel shades; in a darker tone, select the area above the fold of the eyelid, which will help make the look more expressive;
  • upper eyelid should be emphasized with ash-gray arrows, raising the line at the outer corner;
  • dark gray or brown mascara tint eyelashes using a curling brush;
  • paint the lips with a contour pencil on their natural borders;
  • apply matte lipstick in 2 layers; if it is everyday makeup, you can use shine.

The choice of scale is determined not only by taste, but also by the color of eyes and hair. If we are talking about shadows, the expressiveness of the eyes is achieved due to some differences between the color of the iris and the tone of the shadows themselves. For example, light turquoise and golden hues can show all the beauty of brown eyes. Blue and lilac shadows naturally and freshly look at owners of light eyes and skin. Brunettes quite expressive look and no shadows.

The correct color for blondes with dark eyes is bronze or beige.

Makeup artists secrets

Makeup artists know many secrets of how to visually rejuvenate a face, even if the signs of age are quite noticeable. Make-up is applied in stages, and anti-aging and decorative tools should complement each other.

One of these secrets is the method of applying a tonal framework:

  • A concealer is applied to the cleaned and moisturized skin to mask the pigment spots, dilated vessels and bruises;
  • on top of a thin brushstroke should lay a bright tone foundation; where there are wrinkles, the foundation should be gently driven in with the tips of the fingers, without stretching the skin;
  • at the end of the procedure, the face can be slightly powdered.

Completed created a beautiful image with a taste selected clothing in the same range as the makeup, as well as an exquisite lightweight perfume.

The age of 40 often encourages women to attend a lifting class. Indeed, the visual correction of the image is a great art, but the time has not yet been lost and you can improve the skin condition with the help of special procedures. Anti-aging creams and masks with a lifting effect help to tighten the skin and make the oval of the face more clear, eliminate dryness and tightness of the skin.

After the age of 40 years, the skin needs nourishment and hydration, but you should avoid oily products.There is a wide variety of cosmetics with hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10, well-proven as an effective anti-aging products.

Another trick of anti-aging makeup is the elimination of blue under the eyes. Corrector will help to cope with this problem, and the choice of its color depends on the shade of bruises. If they are reddish, a pale yellow corrector should be chosen, but if they are rather blue, then the corrector of a pinkish-peach tone can hide them.

If the face has a pale earthy color, you can use the purple hue corrector, which is distributed in an equal layer over the skin of the face before applying the tonal base. The best option in any case is a pull-up corrector. At home, use a piece of ice or chilled teaspoons, which are applied to problem areas and have a pulling effect.

A stylish make-up is not a scheme that can be used by any woman regardless of the situation. Its quality is determined by how much it takes into account all the features of the exterior, including age. The more mature the skin becomes, the more attention and care it requires during care. Trends in age makeup reflect the desire for simplicity and naturalness. No matter how paradoxical it is, age after 40 is the time when you can be yourself, while maintaining the harmony of experience and style, age and timeless charm.

How to make makeup after 40 years, see the following video.

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