Face correction makeup

Face correction makeup

Every woman dreams of being beautiful, but, unfortunately, not all of the fair sex can boast of having the perfect look. As you know, a face can be of various shapes: diamond-shaped, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, square and oval. Often there is also asymmetry in facial features and various imperfections. In order to deceive the nature and hide it all, the beauties use various tricks. One of the most effective ways to disguise is to use makeup.

Correction of the face with makeup allows you to visually hide all the flaws and favorably emphasizes its shape. In addition, thanks to these techniques in cosmetology, you can quickly and easily eliminate the appearance of the first signs of skin aging and restore the natural contours of the face, which are lost over time.

After such a correction, loose and flabby skin becomes elastic, elastic, and the shape of the face acquires a perfect oval.

What it is?

Recently, makeup is very popular, as its main task is to correct the appearance. Under make-up correction means a series of activities aimed at hiding all visible flaws in the face. Thanks to the skillful use of cosmetics, it is easy to change any shape of the face, to emphasize the beauty and mystery of a woman.

The adjustment process consists of several stages, for each of which the use of certain cosmetics is peculiar. A huge role in creating the image is played by correctly selected powder, bronzer, highlighter and rouge. Bronzer helps to give the skin a natural tan. It is applied to certain areas of the face. As a rule, this remedy is preferred by lovers of dark skin.

There are two types of bronzer: mother of pearl (gives the skin a beautiful iridescent shade) and matte (characterized by a natural tone). To correct the face is very important to choose the right color bronzer. Thanks to the dark gamut, you can easily select the forehead, cheekbones, nose, and without much difficulty from a full face to make an ideal oval shape.

As for the highlighter, it is used to correct certain areas of the skin that need lightening. This preparation is not masking, therefore it will not help to mask all the defects of the face, but it will give it a radiant and fresh look, which is very important for the image. It is applied to the cheekbones, making them more sculptural, under the eyebrows for expressiveness and increasing the size of the eyes, on the upper lip area to give them volume. Distinguish between dry, liquid and cream highlighter.

Any correction should be fixed, so after the process of toning the skin is powdered. Powder well aligns the relief of the face, mattes it, makes the face silky, smooth, allows you to shade the bright tones of shadows and blush. For the correction of makeup artists prefer to use shiny powder in the balls. An important place in the make-up and occupy the rouge, they complement the image of freshness and unusual color.

Blush should be applied exclusively on the "apples" of the cheeks and be sure to take into account the features of the shape of the face.

Features and benefits

In the modern world of fashion and beauty can not do without make-up correction, as it is a unique tool that allows you to work wonders. Any skin defect or flaw is easily hidden, and the face gets the desired shape.This process begins with modeling and leveling, therefore it reminds the work of an artist who, while painting a picture, first performs the canvas primer, then makes general sketches and only then begins to draw all the important details.

Facial correction also begins with a "primer", which is used as a basic and nourishing cream. This cosmetic perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis, allows you to mask minor defects. "The general plan" is performed with the help of blush and powder. “Drawing” the face should be done with good clarification, taking into account the general recommendations of the simulation.

The protruding zones are subject to lightening, and all other areas are darkened, while it is very important to correctly follow the color correction.

The oval face is considered the standard of beauty, but representatives of a rectangular or heart-shaped face should not be upset, as this shape can be quickly changed due to make-up. Often this only requires applying a basic base, and the skin color immediately flattens out. To obtain the desired shape of the face has its own peculiarities of applying makeup:

  • Round shape. The elongated and elongated face is made slightly round with the help of dark contours, they darken the edge of the chin, cheekbones, temples and the upper part of the forehead. All side zones are slightly lightened. Blush is applied horizontally in broad lines. As a result, the face acquires the necessary proportions and expands visually.
  • For "polygonal" shape (square or rectangle) apply a smoothing correction in which dark shades of makeup are applied from right to left and from top to bottom with symmetrical lines. The eye area, nose, forehead and chin are lightened, and the cheekbones are covered with blush. A similar procedure is performed with both a rectangular and square face, the only thing that the “squares” require darker colors.
  • Rhombus characterized by high forms, but if this look does not match the nature of the beauty, then the rough outlines of the cheekbones can be easily smoothed with makeup. Light tones are superimposed over the entire area of ​​the forehead, in some cases at the corners of the jaws. At the same time, the blush is shaded with smooth movements from the temples down.
  • "Pear" or trapezoid. This is a face with a big jaw. To equalize the proportions between the upper and lower areas of the face, the cheekbones are darkened, after which blusher is applied to the broad lines. In this case, the forehead is lightened, and the chin is reduced by correcting the corners of the jaw.
  • Triangle. The main task of makeup in this case is the narrowing of the wide forehead and the expansion of the narrow chin. A dark contour is superimposed on the cheekbones and temples, and the area of ​​the eyes and forehead is lightened.

How to choose cosmetics?

To achieve the maximum effect of make-up correction, it is necessary not only to know the type of your face, but also to choose the right makeup. Thanks to the skillful game with flowers, you can narrow your forehead, raise your nose or round your face in minutes. For standard correction, makeup artists apply the following set of cosmetics:

  • Tonic;
  • Moisturizer for the area around the eyes;
  • Nourishing cream for the face;
  • Primer;
  • Highlighter;
  • Concealer;
  • Tonal base;
  • Powder;
  • Blush.

It should be noted that all cosmetics are selected depending on skin type and face shape. The oval face is the most ideal, it is perfectly proportional in its proportions and, as a rule, does not need to be corrected. For women with this form, it is enough just to emphasize the natural beauty of the rouge, they are applied to the cheekbones with smooth movements. Slight lightening of the central part of the face is also allowed. As for the representatives of the Mongoloid and pear-type face, it is very important for them to choose the right foundation, rouge and shadows.

Thanks to a competent make-up it is possible to hide all the defects of the skin and coarse forms.To make the process of creating an image an excellent result, make-up artists recommend selecting cosmetics depending on the type of appearance. As you know, makeup artists conditionally divide women into four main types: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

For maximum harmony in the image, namely in the combination of eye, hair and skin tone, special makeup should be selected.

Women "Winter"Characterized by naturally black eyebrows and eyelashes, pink lips and pale complexion. Therefore, such girls should pay special attention to make-up on bright and deep shades, excluding yellow color. Lipstick is worth choosing saturated tones, and dark shadows are good for eyes.

Much less common girls "Spring". They have fair eyelashes and eyebrows, brown hair and a chin with a heart. For this color type, make-up correction uses transparent, delicate tones. Blush are selected in red tones. It is not recommended cosmetics in dark colors, since the image will turn out unnatural.

For beauties with color typeSummer"Characterized by the presence of a beautiful ruddy skin, gray eyes and hair of any color. In this case, the makeup is chosen exclusively cold range of purple, blue or gray. As for the mysterious women "Autumn”, They are especially distinguished by their color and expressiveness. Their make-up should consist strictly of cosmetics of matte shades; it cannot be used for the correction of the face shadow and blush with modulations or shine.

How to apply?

Of course, makeup can work wonders, it helps to emphasize the contour of the face, reduce the forehead, create the effect of full lips, and widen the eyes. But all this is possible only if the girls not only chose the right cosmetics, but also skillfully inflicted it. Therefore, corrective makeup must be performed step by step. First of all, you should choose the tonal base by skin type. To get rid of large facial features and achieve ideal shapes in the image, it is recommended to use different shades of cream - light tones are suitable for the entire surface of the face, but those areas that need to be slightly reduced will be covered with darker shades.

It should be remembered that each skin color has its own tone. For the correct application of makeup, this must be taken into account. Light skin is well combined with natural and pink colors of the tonal base, dark skin is in harmony with yellow and beige tones, and for pink you can use olive gamma.

Under the influence of the external environment and with age, the skin of the face often becomes grayish and becomes pigmented. To visually rejuvenate it and hide all defects, light shades of the base are recommended.

In make-up is also important to properly apply the powder. Colored powder can improve skin color, especially for triangular and diamond-shaped face, where color correction is often used. Transparent powder helps to smooth pores, and to create a tanning effect, bronze powder is considered a good choice. This cosmetic is applied in several ways, but the most popular is to powder using a soft brush. For dry skin, as well as when making a glossy make-up, it is best to use a powder puff, it evenly moves over the face and smoothly smooths powder.

As for blush, their purpose is to simulate the face by mixing several colors. They are applied with a thin layer on top of the powder, and then shaded with a brush. If fatty blush is used in make-up, then they are applied by spontum or fingers.

Makeup artists tips

Make-up can be designed as yourself, and use the services of professional makeup artists. The modern pace of life and the constant lack of time makes many women use cosmetics themselves, so in such cases, you should use the following recommendations:

  • Before the start of correction skin of the face is thoroughly cleaned, a special peeling will help. After the epidermis is clean, moisturize it with a cream and apply a tonal base.
  • The foundation is used in a small amount. A thick layer of the base will not only spoil the makeup, but also make the wrinkles expressive.
  • Powder Apply at the very end of makeup. It is applied with a special brush.
  • For removing signs of eye fatigue and masking "bags" should choose concealer. It helps to hide fine wrinkles and minor flaws in the epidermis.
  • Blush applied exclusively to the cheekbones. The correctness of their placement is determined easily - the cheeks are drawn in, the resulting contour will be the main place for blush.

Common mistakes

To date, corrective makeup is a universal tool in cosmetology, but in order to use the results with its help to please with an unusual effect, you need to properly use cosmetics. The slightest inaccuracies can only harm and spoil everything. For example, you can not make out makeup on dry skin, otherwise you get a terrible kind of flakes. The same goes for the base tone selection. If you want to make a face rounder, the wrong color correction will give it coarse features.

You can not sleep with makeup. This error is very harmful to the skin. Regardless of the prevailing conditions, cosmetics should be washed away with milk or simple washing. Excessive powder application is also unacceptable, as it will close the pores and enhance the secretion of sebum. Special attention is given mascara. Eyelashes need to be painted in several layers, but at the same time in moderation. A thick layer will lead to their gluing and the image will instantly deteriorate.

In this video you will see the process of creating the perfect face contour and learn how to apply cosmetics for face correction.

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