Hollywood makeup

Hollywood makeup

Everyone is amazed at how beautiful and dazzling actresses are in Hollywood. And this is not surprising, because make them beautiful makeup artist. Every woman wants to look just as excellent, wants to feel like a Hollywood diva, so that men pay attention to her. And this can help makeup. As part of the fashion industry, it has many different styles, of which the most popular is the so-called classic Hollywood makeup.


The rules of classic makeup are such that there can be only one accent on the face: either eyes or lips stand out. The peculiarity of the Hollywood make-up is its brightness, chic, it allows for an emphasis on the active tones of both. But it is necessary to comply with the laws of harmony. Its feature is a radiant, smooth face, smooth, clean skin, graphic eyes and healthy bright lips.

Hollywood make-up style is based on impeccable face tone. The skin is given special attention, it must be smooth, smooth, without flaws. This can be achieved with modern cosmetics. The effect of the shining face is given by a basis which contains light-reflecting particles. They make the face smooth and even. Sharp color transitions on the border between the face and neck are unacceptable, they should be smoothed out.

Hollywood makeup is distinguished by its clarity, contrast, brightness and expressiveness.

Lips, necessarily outlined, as a rule, make up a bright lipstick. Often, make-up artists in lip make-up use classic bright red lipstick. Hollywood makeup is not without red lips!

Make-up on the eyes is performed mostly dark shades. The arrows are held clearly and carefully, emphasizing the natural growth line of the eyebrows. For greater effect it is possible to use false eyelashes. This will give expressive look.

When you need to hide some flaws, irregularities, or, for example, dark skin under the lower eyelid, stylists use concealer.

An experienced makeup artist will always create harmony between the eyebrow line and lip contours.

If the line of the lips is calm, a calm line of the eyebrows is combined with it, and the same eyebrows support the curved line of the lips.

Hollywood makeup distinguishes the density of dark eyelashes. Makeup artists apply lengthening and voluminous mascara, which paints them well. As a rule, several layers are applied, and the previous ones should dry so that they do not let the eyelashes stick together.


“Smoky Eyes” (“smoky eyes”) - The most common direction of Hollywood style. This make-up is perfect for the red carpet, social events and other celebrations. Hollywood stars often use the expression “smoky eyes”, for example, they often use such makeup Reese Witherspoon and Scarlet Johanson.

A special base that is applied before applying the main makeup contains reflective particles, which makes the face luminous. Makeup artists pay special attention to cheekbones. This expressive part of the face is distinguished by powdery dark tones. In the Hollywood make-up it is not accepted to use blush.

The eyes are the main part of the face. They stand out noticeable eyeliner, using contrasting shadows. Eyebrows are highlighted with a special pencil, which makes their shape neat.

Hollywood Style - These are bright red or purple lips. Professionals for greater volume brighten them in the corners from the outside, adjust the contour, emphasizing the protruding parts. After that lipstick is applied.

In addition to the "Smokey Ice", make-up artists are actively using black arrows, which are applied by a very contrasting line. You can also use a shade of bright hue. When choosing the direction “Smokey ice” the lips cover with matte lipstick, and in case the eyes are accentuated with thin arrows, they can be shiny, shining.

Applying technique step by step

Stylists own a variety of makeup techniques, among them there is a classic way of applying. Hollywood makeup - just one of these techniques.

  • For its implementation an impeccable foundation is needed. To achieve this, make-up is applied to the skin with special tools, it can be a brush or sponge, and then evenly distributed on the face.
  • For blush make-up artists select a shade that emphasizes the complexion. They are applied to the cheekbone area in the direction from the growth of hair to the center of the face and shade. The tone of the rouge should not differ too much from the natural. To fix the makeup powder is used.
  • Eyes make-up artists emphasize eyeliner, shadows of dark colors or brilliant. Be sure to thoroughly paint the eyelashes, both upper and lower. Application of laid on bunches is possible.

For a larger volume before applying the finishing makeup can be powdered eyelashes and lips.

Make up 50s film stars

The classic technique of Hollywood makeup begins with the 50s of the last century. In those years, there is a flourishing art makeup. Ladies become more feminine, pallor of the skin fades into the background, light tan is gaining popularity.

Hollywood make-up of the 1950s is the most attractive and feminine make up ever made. Beauties of that time attracted attention and always looked great. We can safely assume that the Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe is an icon of the style of the 50s. In her images you can see the characteristic features of the make-up of that era.

Starting a Hollywood makeup was necessary with a uniformly distributed tone. Without a mask effect, where the face borders on the neck and ears, the transition should be invisible. Cheekbones emphasized the application of blush.

In the arsenal of makeup artists then appeared a variety of means of decorative cosmetics.

Up to nowadays fashion has come under the eyes of arrows, but then they were drawn with a pencil or eyeliner. For their application, several techniques are used, most common in the 50s:

  • This may be a thin line, the same along the entire length, which emphasizes the line of eyelashes, while it may slightly go beyond the outlines of the eyes;
  • An arrow that expands on the outside of the eye and lifts up; Finally, a thick line along the entire length of the arrow, while it should not go beyond the eyelids.
  • Special attention was paid to eyebrows. In the arsenal of make-up artists there were eyebrow shades or a cosmetic pencil. The darkest part of the tone fell on the curved middle, while the beginning of the eyebrow was left translucent. Eyelashes were thick and heavily made up. Then came the overhead.
  • For make-up lips used dark tones of red otenkov, in shape they resembled a heart. Lipstick necessarily matte, without gloss.
  • In the image of Hollywood stars in the 50s it was not customary to impose shadows, to apply shine, shimmer, and various pearl effects in make-up.

Today, this makeup is back in fashion.

Modern style

In the modern world, the classic Hollywood make-up has changed directions. The natural beauty of actresses is appreciated, their makeup is invisible, the effect of a face without makeup is created.

Starting to apply makeup you need to create an even tone of face. You can use sponge or brush. For make-up lips make-up artists use the shine of delicate tones. Starry smile will also emphasize the dim lipstick natural shades. Very delicate accent eyes, while using the shadow, excluding dark contrasting tones.

Makeup stars must be stable. To do this, when drawing eyes, experienced stylists use a base before applying shadows.It must be colorless, so that the shadows, when mixed, will not acquire a completely different, unnecessary shade. The scheme of application: the upper part of the eyelid is treated with shadows using a beige or sand-colored applicator, then a second sparkling layer is applied. Experienced makeup artists can sometimes use their hands before this treated anti-bacterial soap, so as not to bring the infection in the eye.

In a modern make-up in the style of Hollywood eyes visually lengthen from the outside. This allows the applicator to apply a small amount of shadows of darker tones: gray, coal, jade, chocolate prevail. In this case, great importance is attached to feathering, since the borders of the shadows should be blurred.

Finally, the arrow - the basis of Hollywood makeup. Thinly and gently circle the edge of the century with any sharp makeup pencil or liner any makeup artist can. From the outer edge the line should be raised upwards.

This makeup will make any woman a modern Hollywood beauty!

For more information on how to make Hollywood makeup, see the following video.

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