How to use nose makeup?

How to use nose makeup?

Almost every girl uses make-up, he always helps them out: when you do not get enough sleep, you urgently need to run to a party with friends and you need to look awesome, on a date, at special events. Any modern lady is interested in various makeup techniques and follows the advice of stylists. However, you don’t always want to “decorate” to pleasantly surprise yourself and those around you. And right! Enough to have on hand a few tools to hide the flaws. This article will be devoted to how to reduce nose with the help of makeup and emphasize other advantages of appearance.

What is contouring?

Contouring - this is the correction and contouring of the shape of the face with the help of tone, powder and other cosmetic products in order to hide the flaws and highlight the merits, making the “perfect” face.

So, the main thing correctly is that you need to accurately represent what you need to visually do less or enlarge, make shorter (nose), longer (eyebrow line), change shape (nose, eyes, chin). The spectrum is very diverse. Contouring allows you to hide flaws, change face. The same beauty with different makeup, made in different techniques (not to mention the hairstyle) will look completely different. And this is beautiful, because there is an opportunity to always look special: tender, passionate, fatal, sweet, while remaining natural.

Formerly, contouring was used by make-up artists in movies.. The fact is that spotlights make the face flat and monotonous, turning the actor into a lifeless doll. Makeup artists, having played with the equipment, color and tools, could come up with a way out. The basic rule is very simple: all that I want to leave invisible, you need to make dark, and everything else - to highlight. This game of shadow and light allows you to emphasize all the virtues, leaving undetected disadvantages.

Of course, at first it is difficult to make a "turned" face, but you can use some knowledge - tips, video tutorials, photos of stars. A little practice - and everything will turn out.

Features and benefits

Changing your face can always happen at the expense of cosmetics, avoiding plastic surgery.. It’s also good that you can make good makeup artist skills, ideally “explore” your face, as well as save most of your finances, which is also very nice.

Make a nose, adjust the line of the face or reduce the lips - this is possible thanks to cosmetic products that can be chosen for any type and skin tone. And for this painless "operation" you need only two colors, brushes and a little time and patience. Sometimes even the application scheme is not needed. If a girl knows her face well, understands disadvantages and merits, then the main rule is to darken the undesirable, to lighten the merits.

Contouring makes the face more prominent, interesting and bright. So you can use different application techniques and always be at your best.

How to apply?

First you need to decide what kind of nose shape correction is needed, what needs to be corrected, and only then choose the right technique for doing it.

To visually narrow the nose, to make it almost doll-like, you need to apply a dark bronzer or tone on the side parts along the entire length including the nose wings with a medium brush with a beveled angle, and light shade, tone or highlighter on the middle part of the nose. The tip of the nose will appear sharper. The width of the light line depends on how wide the nose should be. The experiment has not been canceled, but to avoid spoiled make-up, you need to carefully shade all boundaries, then everything will be perfect.

Slightly shading the tip, you can slightly increase the length of the nose. Nose reduction will be obvious. The main thing is to shade everything in order to smoothly correct the tone without blemishes. This technique is also suitable to change the "potato" ,. Just do not overdo it, and then on the face of "grow" a dark spot that can ruin the entire makeup. In such a simple way you can narrow the snub nose.

If the length does not suit at all, then visually reduce long nose will help a similar application technique. First of all, you need to hold one line with light powder or with a highlighter in the center. We frame the light line with a dark base, carefully enclosing light powder in the contour, right up to the tip. The main thing is to draw a dark horizontal line from the wings of the nose, leaving the tip bright, which will reduce the length of the nose. After gently shade and once again walk light powder in the center, favorably highlighting a neat nose.

Easy to make up and with crooked nose. After applying a toning agent that corrects the skin of the face, a dark tone of powder or bronzer must be applied to the little hump. It will hide irregularities, which will give a softer shape. And on the wings of the nose and the tip you need to put a light base, which will favorably emphasize all the advantages. The final shtikh is always feathering. Elegant spout ready to go!

Contouring help even fix injured nosewithout resorting to painful surgical interventions. To do this, you need to hold a smooth light line in the center relative to the vertical of the entire face. For a clearer approach, you need to attach the pen or ruler exactly straight. Convex parts (trauma, curvature) darken makeup. Visually there will be a reduction in the septum. As always carefully and gently shade. The same technique will help with the adjustment of individual parts, for example, too wide wings or partitions.

However, you do not need to brighten too much, or you may end up with a narrowed “beak” or disproportionate “vegetable” on your face.

Another key point is to use the same palettes as on other parts of the face. Otherwise, the nose may be the brightest spot in all makeup.

How to choose cosmetics?

Savings - not the quality that you want to apply to cosmetics. First of all, the funds must be of high quality and, by the way, not necessarily expensive. When applying a tonal tool in front of the contour, it is important that it is not flickering, but matte. For contouring you need 3 tools - for the base, for the flare and contour. The main thing is that the shades fit the skin type, you do not need to choose the lightest shade or the darkest, going to extremes. It is enough to have 1-2 tones lighter / darker than a suitable option, with which you can easily hide a wide nose or large wings.

Makeup artists are advised to avoid shades with red and orange, you can spoil the whole thoughtful image.

You can experiment with the basics, choosing a powder, tone or highlighter. They differ in texture and application method. For sculptural makeup is better to choose a dry base. It is more mobile on the face, it is easy to work with it and correct the boundaries. For the foundation, you can use a creamy tone, which will facilitate the application and smoothing of the skin.

For day makeup It is better to choose a light, light powder, which perfectly “makes” a thin nose. The highlighter should not be too shimmering, with bright and large “pearls”. Also, makeup artists are advised to use a highlighter that is able to “remove” problem areas. Its texture is more dense than that of powder, so you need to carefully highlight the merits of your face. It is better to use shades a little lighter than the basic skin tone, which will give a natural and high cost.

Makeup artists advise to avoid gray and too light shades.. Bronzer is used to shorten the length, or vice versa, visually lengthen.It is necessary to avoid unnecessary orange particles, and go to the noble brown, using shades cooler. You can experiment with colors, palettes, texture, most importantly, not in the evening of the premiere. And it is better to check all the tools in a separate place, so as not to spoil the makeup.

There are many brands in the cosmetics market with decent quality. For example, MAC and Hills offer a diverse range of cosmetics - from pallets to individual cosmetics. A brand Divage, Bell or Vivienne Sabo are able to offer a budget option, while not losing quality. In general, you can choose for every taste and wallet.

The basic rule of contouring is feathering.. Therefore, the brush will become an integral part of the makeup. It is better to choose them from natural fibers, which will gently and gently smooth out all the “bumps” in the make-up. But suitable as a professional brush, and synthetic fiber.

For contouring the nose, you need only a few brushes: with a beveled cut, a round brush, for applying highlighter and glare, and a thin brush for marking the borders and blending them.

Makeup artists secrets

To highlight the nose, make-up artists are advised to focus on other parts of the face.: bright eyes (you can beautifully make out on lush eyelashes, beautiful line of eyeliner, bright shadows), perfect eyebrows (most importantly, do not overdo it with form), and owners of high and aristocratic cheekbones can take advantage of these advantages. And if you really don't want anything bright, you can experiment with lip makeup (again, classic red lips go to any girl, and the right shade will make the makeup relevant in any situation).

Hair with bangs will help to align the nose with a crook, advantageously highlighting the shape of the face or lips. Again, the thing is in accents that can be placed on the face, adding piquancy and expressiveness.

The situation with a wide nose can be as open as possible. Natural and light makeup will complement this image. No need to try to put dark spots (shadows, bronzer), it will only worsen the situation. Soft and gentle colors will smooth all lines and make it more feminine and more pleasant.

Shades should be applied based on skin type.: for a light skin type it is better to apply shades as cold as possible, almost white; for girls whose skin type is suitable for a light tan or a jelly-like shade of light brown highlights, but for dark-skinned beauties you can safely choose dark colors.

And the most important thing that all make-up artists do not talk about is feathering the lines. All borders on the nose should be smooth, gently moving into each other. Then the makeup will turn out to be maximally natural and fresh.

We need to remember about the basic tips and everything will turn out. A little practice, patience and strength will give the face perfect smoothness, and all the flaws will be hidden.

Video lesson: how to make a correct nose.

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