Makeup for girls

Makeup for girls

Makeup for women and adolescents is a completely natural and acceptable phenomenon. This is a sign of grooming, a way of expression. Such a make-up does not cause a storm of emotions and convictions. Makeup for girls is a special theme, one of the most discussed and controversial.

What is baby make up?

To understand what is children's makeup, you need to take into account its difference from adult and adolescent. This is no reason to seem older and look like a mother, older sister, his idol from the TV screen, as many mistakenly believe. In fact, this is a one-time technique, which is necessary for a particular case.

Therefore, the reasoning that it is fashionable and modern to make up children at the level of adults is erroneous.

Children's make-up is a way to do your best. It is not applicable in ordinary life, as it is inappropriate: the girl is beautiful by nature and spoil the natural beauty of the child is unacceptable. Such a make-up helps out in special cases, it adds brightness and uniqueness to the image. This kind of cosmetics is especially relevant for girls of 9, 10 and 11 years old: it is simply useless to little girls.

Features and benefits

Children's cosmetics is different from other analogues. Unlike the purpose of an arsenal of adults and adolescents, these products are not aimed at correcting facial features. Her task is to show the individuality of the child in the desired situation.

Feature of children's makeup - the age of the girl. It is impossible to paint baby skin and eyes of babies: their cosmetics are hygiene products. Up to six years, only face art is allowed.

Some mothers buy children's cosmetics to their daughters almost from kindergarten age. And although in the pursuit of fashion trends it seems to them that the made-up child looks irresistible, in fact, the look of the girl resembles a teenager with an undeveloped body.

One of the features that do not allow early application of makeup is the structure of the skin: in children it is thinner, therefore less protected and has a high penetrability.

Hypoallergenic cosmetics based on water and natural base with light and gentle effect are used for children's makeup. It is fundamentally different from other analogues, as it is developed taking into account the increased tendency of the delicate skin of children to injury.

Children's cosmetics takes into account the structure of epidermal cells of each age, therefore it has a neutral PH, does not contain chemical components and preservatives that destroy the structure of the skin.

Due to the composition of cosmetics, children's makeup is characterized by low durability. He can lose appeal very quickly if the child touches the face.

When is it appropriate?

Children's make-up is a way to stand out in a particular case. It can be scenic or festive. Depending on the occasion, it is great for:

• photoshoot;

• Birthday;

• performances (ballroom dancing, gymnastics);

• stage image (children's theater);

• holiday;

• prom in elementary school.

In general, it is a godsend for children, with which you can remain yourself and at the same time be special. Such cosmetics do not clog pores, different saturation shades of the palette and does not irritate the delicate skin of the face.

Children's make-up can be traditional and fantasy (face-art), when a unique pattern is applied on the face. The subject of the second method (akvagrim) is diverse. Popular drawings of this make-up are:

• wings of butterflies and birds;

• muzzles of animals;

• faces of clowns;

• pirated sketches;

• images of favorite idols (Monster High, Winx);

• Halloween style horror stories;

• stars, sparks, hearts;

• small independent patterns.

Make-up girls do not accept the "heavy artillery" of cosmetics. Even a face painting (drawing water-based paints) should be easy. Otherwise, the appearance will lose the charm of age. It is not necessary to be painted to school: this is not the place to demonstrate children's makeup.

Why do you need?

To paint a girl like an adult woman is ugly and tasteless. Even fashion shows of children's clothing collections of famous couturiers bypass the aggressive children's makeup. Experienced makeup artists slightly accent eyes, leaving children the right to individuality.

The purpose of children's makeup is to surprise and pay attention. In one case, it is a bright make-up, in the other - skillful face accents. This is a godsend for those who want to make a holiday in every opportunity.

For the theme parties, performances, dances, colorful multicolor is allowed, but it is subject to a certain theme. For example, makeup in the style of Halloween is not confused with anything. The same can be said about the make-up of a girl participating in a dance competition.

Make-up for performances - a bright theme. In those cases where it is necessary, you can select the eyes and draw a picture in the same style with the clothes. So facial features will be visible from afar: this is the purpose of such makeup. Clothing and makeup should be in the same style and color.

Make-up under the photo, graduation grade 4, Birthday - a fine work of a makeup artist. This is not a simple standard make-up: it is no less important than hairstyles and clothes.

Experienced stylists can decorate with cosmetics not only a teenager and an 8-year-old girl, but also babies up to 5-7 years old.

Choice of funds

The choice of beauty products for children's makeup is not an easy task. It must be borne in mind that not all components of female and teenage cosmetics are permissible:

there can be no foundation its application will lead to early aging and flabbiness of the skin;

• loose mineral powder is allowed with a light texture that is applied with a thin layer;

• in extreme cases, a bactericidal corrector is used to remove dark circles around the eyes;

• the choice of lipstick depends on the case: little girls don't need it (enough lip balm); women of 8 and 9 years old can pay attention to the transparent version with minimal shine;

• mascara is bought for older girls, its permissible color is brown, close to the color of the eyelashes;

• for photo shoots choose light shadows close to the natural skin tone;

• no liner: This is a prerogative of adults, you should not age the baby in this way;

• shiny shadows, brown, white pencil and bright black mascara are permissible only for performances (for photo shoots, birthday it is contraindicated).

Face painting is suitable for all children. These paints are harmless and allow you to instantly change the child beyond recognition.

What to look for when buying?

Despite the richest selection of cosmetic products for children, in her choice you can come across a lot of pitfalls. If the label is “children's” on the preparation, this is far from being an indicator of a good and harmless product. Bright colorful packaging is a tricky reception for companies that attract children. It is difficult to dissuade the girl from buying this or that cosmetics, if the package shows a favorite cartoon character or musical idol.

When buying makeup tools you should consider a few recommendations:

• the composition of the cosmetics should not be included hormones of plant and animal origin;

• exotic ingredients are not allowed: they can cause skin irritation and allergies. The effect of cosmetics should be soft;

• if a whole chain is written on the package chemical ingredients, this tool can not be bought;

any beauty product should be washed off with plain water;

shelf life - an important condition: expired products can seriously injure delicate, unformed skin;

• expensive does not mean better: important is the manufacturer, whose products have a lot of positive feedback;

• it is better to make a purchase in a trusted store (no kiosks and sales from the hands of representatives of cosmetic companies).

How to apply: performance techniques

Children's make-up in the understanding of many - it's makeup on my mother's makeup. In fact, the technique of applying cosmetics depends on the case. This is an elaborate style (cat-girl, fairy, owl, stage character, Indian color, etc.), which will require knowledge of certain nuances of applying makeup products.

In addition, a lot depends on the girl's age: what is appropriate at the age of 11 is unacceptable for little 5-year-old fashionistas.

Cosmetics applied exclusively to clean skin. Intervention medications should be minimal.

Face art

The technique is performed with the help of a painting (degreased paints or make-up pencils, for example, water-based Alpino) and paint brushes. Paints can be mixed to obtain the desired tone, if necessary, they are diluted with water. Drawing can begin with any zone of the face.

With each new stroke, the tone is enhanced and the pattern is drawn, without touching the eyes and mouth. This technique resembles gouache painting. Thanks to the technique, you can create an image of a clown, Japanese, dudes, owls, pirates, girls-cats or art in the spirit of anime.

Stage make up

This make-up is needed so that the face from the scene looks expressive and the facial features are visible. It is good for gymnasts and young actresses. It is applied using special brushes, using bright colors of cosmetics. The technique can be mixed when using cosmetics and water-based face paints.

Having powdered the skin of the face, shadows are applied to the area of ​​the eyelids in the tone of the stage costume, then they are contoured so that they can be better seen from afar. Eyelashes - an important point: without them, the makeup will not be bright enough. We can not forget about lipstick: the case requires it. So that it is not smeared when touched, you need very little money. It is applied to the center of the lips, stretching to their borders.

Image for a photo shoot

Thematic makeup of the girl depends on the chosen image. This factor determines the intensity of make-up and a set of cosmetics. In some cases, it is enough to tweak the skin, powder the gloss and barely walk through the upper eyelids shadows. In others, a puppet image is specially created.

To do this, shadows of different shades are applied to the mobile and lower eyelids, creating an ombre effect. Then use a brown pencil, drawing a line along the growth of the eyelashes along the upper eyelid and from below in the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye, drawing a thin stroke that follows the shape of the eye. It is the turn of mascara: it is applied in a single layer on the upper lashes.

Perfect makeup does not tolerate the effect of stickiness, so the eyelashes need to be combed well.

On the holidays

This is a special style when a little freedom is allowed. It should be appropriate, natural. Since this day is special, you can allow a bit of glitter and shadows. However, there should be a measure in everything: a generous make-up of a five-year-old child will be ideal only in the form of drawings on the skin.

Older girls can powder their face, apply a little eye shadow and lightly tint eyelashes. Instead of lipstick, it is better to use a transparent shine: children often forget that their lips are made up, so it is possible that the lipstick will smear.

The use of cosmetics for adults can cause early aging of the skin, eyelid flabbiness, blue lip tone. This approach can make eyelashes weak and sparse.

When decorating a child with cosmetics, we must not forget that beauty is naturalness and health. The first step towards creating a beautiful makeup should be hygiene. Clean and healthy skin of the face is an excellent basis for any make-up, whether it is a classic or carnival image.

How to make a children's makeup with a pattern - in the next video.

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