Makeup in the technique of "baking"

Bake-up makeup

Care for appearance does not lose relevance among women of all ages and segments of society. One of the most acute problems is imperfect skin. Today, there is a huge variety of tools and techniques to help cope with this problem. In this article we will talk about the best method, which, at least temporarily, will help solve this problem - “baking”.

Get acquainted with the features

"Baking" sculpts the face, highlighting or emphasizing features, but without using any flickering tools. It even hides defects such as enlarged pores, inflamed pimples or scars. But the main feature lies in the possibility of masking bags and dark circles on the delicate skin under the eyes. Makeup applied using this technique will last for at least 24 hours without any problems. And the face will appear as dull as possible. The method has contraindications - it can not be used for dry skin or acne.

A bit of history

“Baking” is not an innovation, the dense concealment technique was known in ancient Egypt, where rulers and aristocrats used it, along with underlining the eyes, to stand out among commoners, for example, the famous Cleopatra used crocodile litter for face whitening. A little later, Egyptian women from the higher strata of society began to put powder on the skin from sea pearl shells crushed into the smallest powder, mixed with grated chalk.

In the Elizabethan era, the technique was revived thanks to the Queen of England Elizabeth the First, who declared the pale, even tone of her face almost the main sign of aristocracy. At that time, women used lead white, talc, and raw egg white to fix makeup, which of course was unsafe and caused irreparable harm to women's health. In the Victorian era, painting was already unfashionable, as Queen Victoria declared makeup the prerogative of women of easy virtue.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was another surge in the popularity of “baking” in certain circles - professional make-up artists and transvestites used the technique. Today, this technique has become widespread primarily thanks to Kim Kardashian and her stylist Mario Dedivanovich, who even held several master classes on the technology of “baking”.

What is needed?

First you need to prepare all the products that you need for this makeup technique. And also, before proceeding directly to the application, you will need to clean the skin and moisturize it. Particular attention is paid to the delicate skin of the eyelids. For this type of makeup, you will need several essential cosmetics products: base (lightweight foundation suitable), concealer, dry powder, wet sponge and fluffy wide brush.

Keep in mind that the powder for “baking” should be just crumbly and translucent (transculent), although after the process of “baking” you can also apply regular powder. Below is a budget list of exemplary makeup products that can be used in “baking”:

  • Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation by Bourjois provides a light, translucent and natural coating, moreover, provides additional moisture. Cost within 450-500 rubles.
  • Catrice Concealer "Liquid Camouflage" - ideally hide dark circles under the eyes, as well as other defects on the skin. Price 280 rubles.
  • Coty Airspun "Loose Face powder" - as if specially created for "baking", has a pronounced fixing effect. The cost of 1000-1150 rubles for a 65 gram jar.
  • Sponge from Catrice Make Up Blending Sponge. The price is about 300 rubles.
  • Wide and fluffy brush from Bourjois Paris. The price is about 280 rubles.

The secrets of "baking"

“Baking” is translated from English precisely as “roasting”, that is, you apply makeup, and then, using transculent (translucent) powder, fix it (bake) it.

To get the perfect result, experts advise using concealer and powder a couple of tones lighter than your natural skin tone, and also apply powder without waiting for the concealer and the liquid base to dry - the powder should “mate” with the rest of the make-up.

This type of makeup implies an absolutely dense covering of the face, preventing skin breathing, because of this, frequent use of the technique is contraindicated. It can be used only for especially important events or, say, a long photo shoot, but in no case for daily “office” makeup.

Lessons from professionals

Using technology at home is not very easy, although with some practice and skill anyone can master it. In addition, its application takes time, so you must have about 30 minutes to make a great makeup without haste. Different makeup masters use different methods of "baking". Below we look at the two most popular species.

So, the first method:

  1. Clean and moisturize your face.
  2. Apply concealer in a thick layer on the lower eyelids., as well as all the most problematic or dark areas of the face and rub with a wet sponge. Let it dry (about 5-7 minutes).
  3. Apply liquid concealer with a second layer over the entire face. and blend again with a wet sponge.
  4. Without waiting for drying, generously cover your face with crumbly powder.
  5. Highlight your cheekbones and whiskey with bronzer and powder your face again..
  6. After 5 minutes, brush away the excess powder with a large and wide brush..

Method number 2:

  1. Also, as in the first version - clean and moisturize the skin, paying particular attention to the lower eyelids..
  2. Cover problem areas with a thick layer of concealer and sponge it with a sponge.dipped in fixative makeup fluid.
  3. Apply a light foundation to the face where you have not applied concealer..
  4. In the middle of the forehead, back of the nose and chin, apply a highlighter.
  5. On cheekbones, and also on a hairline apply powder of dark color.
  6. Dip wet sponge in translucent powder and press to the zones you want to bake., pay special attention to the zones covered by the concealer.
  7. After 10 minutes, shake off any excess powder with a fluffy brush..


It is better to moisten the sponge with a special fixing spray for make-up, for example, Superstay 24 by Maybelline New YorkThis will provide additional makeup resistance. It is better to choose a foundation (foundation), concealer and powder at least one tone lighter than the natural shade of your skin - this will give additional freshness and radiance to the face.

An indispensable condition for successful “baking” is to apply the powder immediately to the foundation and concealer, avoiding their drying on the skin (dry powder particles should have time to “mate” with the wet base to get the “baking” effect, that is, fixing the makeup). For skin with already emerging wrinkles, there is a separate technology of applying "baking":

  • Skin needs to be scrubbed and intensively moisturized..
  • Before applying concealer and tonal foundation, lightly wipe the liquid primer in wrinkles.
  • Apply concealer to the skin under the eyes..
  • Cover the face with a light base and over it, put the concealer back on all problem areas.and also as a highlighter.
  • Apply transculent (translucent) powder with a wet sponge.moving from top to bottom.
  • After the expiration of 5-7 minutes, still, moving from the top down, shake off the excess powder from the face.

In any case, if from time to time you have to resort to this make-up technology, do not forget to regularly take care of additional nourishment and moisturizing of the skin - pamper it with facial masks and use thermal water sprays,which will prevent premature drying and wilting of the skin.

In the next video - a lesson on baking and contouring the face.

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