Barbie Doll Makeup

Barbie Doll Makeup

Barbie doll today - This is not just a child's toy, but a huge reservoir of modern pop culture. Famous fashion designers not only “dress” the doll itself, but also release entire collections of clothes and accessories inspired by its image — like, for example, the recent Jeremy Scott show for Moschino. The look of Barbie is easily recognizable: an abundance of pink, a lot of shiny and plastic decorations, a fitted silhouette, whipped locks with a sea of ​​hairspray and special make-up that is not too difficult to repeat, knowing some nuances.


Barbie doll (Barbara Millicent Roberts - yes, she turns out to have a full name) It was first released in the United States back in 1959. At that time, the doll industry most often offered images of babies, small cute dolls, which should be cared for when playing “daughter-mothers”. Barbie was a breakthrough. It was based on the appearance of a young (but adult) girl with a piquant figure and eye-catching make-up - lush eyelashes, a delicate flush and shiny pink lips.

Although few people knowthat its predecessor was forgotten today German miniature doll Lilly Bild, which appeared in 1955. It was a honey blonde with scarlet lips and thickly let down eyes with “cat” shooters, whose visage was inspired by style icons - from the legendary Marilyn Monroe to Brigitte Bardot just starting her breathtaking career. The doll had a funny slogan: “a product for everyone, from child to grandfather.” It was sold both in children's stores and in souvenir shops for adults. Now Lilly - the subject of hunting avid collectors. Its creators could not or did not want to grow a strong brand from their creation. This required a truly American scale, the strength of the American dream and entrepreneurship.

"Parents" Barbie, spouse Handlerhave created a giant the empire of Mattel Inc, which produces almost all the most popular dolls today: from Barbie's “old lady” to the awesome Monster High. Monster Schools puppets are already very many, and this list is growing. Their make-up: predatory arrows, brightly defined lips of all colors, pronounced cheekbones, tattooing on the face. Well, what to take with them, they are monsters! Barbie's make-up, on the contrary, is such a calm good retro - sweet to the glamor. Approximately in the 80s of the last century, the look of a doll familiar to us has developed today, and her visage also came from those years. By the way, these years are now at the cutting edge of fashion, which made a revolution and returned to the previous trends.

What does it look like?

Almost every girl considers her favorite dolls as the ideal of beauty.. A beautiful doll forms in the child a model of female attractiveness that you want to imitate. Grown up girls for the most part have changed their idols a long time ago, but sometimes they really want to return to childhood again. Today there are a number of strange figures in pop-space who “played” Barbie and practically turned into living dolls. These girls do plastic surgery, changing the shape of the nose and cheekbones, constantly wear colored lenses and sit on exhausting diets to get an unnaturally thin waist of the doll. Their childhood love for a toy idol has reached fanaticism. But in a small cosmetic game with fitting on this plastic image there is nothing wrong - it's just fun! Of course, this game is suitable only for very young ones, since the character himself assumes the freshness and youth of the whole appearance.

Barbie makeup - it is clean and smooth (as if filled with light) skin, eyebrows of ideal shape and large expressive eyes with thin eyeliner, long arrows and fluffy eyelashes that attract the eye. Of course, the main thing in this makeup - pink color (from the pastel shade to fuchsia), and his face is usually a lot. It is used in shadows, lipstick and rouge. Barbie's lips are not only bright pink, they also shine.

This visage is not for everyday life, but for a youth holiday, a thematic party, a theatrical performance or a fashionable photo shoot for a social network. By making it right, you will be a star.

How to prepare a face?

The dolls are lucky, they always have perfect skin, so the first thing to do for a Barbie makeup is prepare face. Small flaws, pimples and specks must disappear. Wonderful leveling and tinting tools may well help in this.

The skin is thoroughly cleaned, and then moistened with a gel or light cream. Before applying cosmetics impose a foundation for makeup. Silicone in its formula creates an absolutely even texture. If the composition contains nacre particles, then the face will be highlighted from the inside. Skin flaws (eels, visible blood vessels and circles under the eyes) are hidden by concealer, a corrective pencil. You can use color correctors: green - to mask red spots, vascular grid and traces of pimples; lavender - to cover the yellowish skin under the eyes.

When all unnecessary is hidden, a transparent tonal cream fluid is applied with a sponge. Pick the hue closest to yours (or slightly lighter). Using the technique of sculptural contouring, you can narrow the broad wings of the nose to recreate the chiseled spout of the doll. For this you need to put on them a darker tonal tool. The preparation is completed by a thin fixation layer of crumbly light beige powder. All this will create the effect of a smooth and radiant "porcelain" skin.

How to do?

Having prepared your face and armed with a modern cosmetic arsenal, it will be quite simple to reproduce the look of Barbie. Stock up on the following products: soft shades, rouge, lipstick and gloss, lengthening mascara, black or colored eyeliner, brushes and eyebrow pencil. All this will definitely help you to create the desired image, which will turn out very beautiful.

Do not forget about pink when choosing tools, although you can move away from the template and experiment with colors.

See in the video how you can make makeup in the style of "Barbie".


The easiest way to achieve the perfect puppet make-up, making it step by step and neat, and properly selected cosmetics will help with this. The main thing is patience, willingness to spend a fair amount of time and self-confidence. The procedure is as follows:

  • Start with eyebrows put them in order. Eyebrows should lie flat and be beautiful in shape, because they are just like dolls. All gaps between hairs are painted with a special sharp pencil. Owners of blond hair make eyebrows darker by two tones, dark ones - on the contrary. Excellent results without shadows and a pencil can be achieved by applying a special fixing gel with a natural shade. With his brush you can easily put eyebrow hairs in a given shape.
  • Now the most responsible stage - eye makeup. They are very bright dolls. Eyeshadow can be as a reference pink, and pale blue, mint, purple in different shades, silver and any other. The main requirement is not to use very dark, earthy and brown colors.
  • Shadows carefully shade the applicator. For contrast, usually use several shades of the same color. Near the base of the eyelashes and at the outer corner, the tone should be slightly darker and brighter.For example, if classic pink shades are used, then from the outside of the eyelid you should apply a crimson hue and make a smooth transition. So look gets depth. On the inner corner of the eye you need to put a little white or very light pearl shadows. Lighten the line under the brow.
  • Then draw eyeliner Cat shooters. Usually take a black eyeliner, but fans of experiments can take color. It is very convenient to use the liner with a thin tip. Draw a line through the growth of eyelashes and finish it with a clear tail. White pencil emphasize the inner part of the lower eyelid. This technique increases (as it opens) the eye.
  • To get gorgeous eyelashesshould be lengthened and twisted hairs with mascara. It is applied in several layers. A little trick: before applying mascara eyelashes can be powdered to make them appear larger. This is what will make the look more expressive. Even more theatrical effect can be achieved with the help of false eyelashes, but here it is also important not to overdo it, they should not be too heavy.
  • Then go to the rouge. You can not use brown or gold, because these shades do not fit this makeup. It is better to apply a transparent pink or peach tone to the cheekbones, this will give the face freshness. Not bad blush with reflective particles.
  • For lips You need to choose the color of lipstick, which fits the rest of the range, but the best choice is hot pink. Pencil draw the form. You can go a little beyond the natural edge, and then brush your lips over with a brush. Add a transparent sheen to make your lips appear plumper. It is better not to use red lipstick, it looks great in other images, but not in this.

Now makeup can be considered complete.

Additional accents

Barbie - the owner of thick and voluminous hair, so make yourself styling, even if you have a short haircut. You can wind long strands on large curlers. Hair should rise at the roots, and still be shiny and well-groomed. Varnish, giving shine, will be the final touch. For hair, you can use different hairpins-bows and a wide rim or ribbon.

If you want to get a perfectly thought-out doll image as a result, you also need to take care of the hair, dress and manicure.

Barbie does not accept minimalism and now trend oversize - clothes should emphasize the figure, and there can be a lot of bright accessories. Dolls almost always have beautiful painted nails, think about it. Choose lacquer colors suitable for clothing and makeup, do not be afraid of jewelry and in manicure. Rhinestones and patterns on the nails can be an interesting accent.

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