Makeup for gray eyes

Makeup for gray eyes

The most common in our time is the gray color of the eyes. However, he does not speak at all about the dullness and inexpressiveness of their owners. Gray-eyed girls do not like boredom and monotony, strive for diversity and continuous improvement. Also their iris can change during the day depending on the circumstances. Such eyes can have a huge number of shades, dark or light, leaving in a green or blue range.

Gray eyes make their owner sophisticated, mysterious and tender. Some women dream of having bright and expressive green or blue eyes. But the beauty of the gray tone is that you can pick up the greatest number of makeup options for it, thereby shading and giving an extraordinary shine to the look.

Let's look at what features of the visage for such eyes and how to choose it, taking into account the color type, hair tones and skin.


The most common technique in gray eyes is the use of gray shadows. This is the most winning option, allowing you to reveal all the beautiful features of a girl. In this case, you can use any options for the gray palette: light, silver, metal, shades of asphalt. They will be relevant in the day and evening makeup. The main thing - to find the right partners to this range.

  • Such shades as golden and sand, colors of chocolate, peach and wood, violet and blue are perfectly suited to the gray tint of the iris. The colors of precious metals: gold, copper and bronze can well create a festive image, can be used separately or with the colors of cinnamon, wood or chocolate.
  • Dark brown, black or dark metallic colors. suitable for use as an eyeliner, they perfectly emphasize the shape of the peephole, highlight and make the eyes more spectacular.
  • Shades of wine and violet gamut soften the look, make the image more alive and playful. The bright colors of these spectra are suitable for daytime make-up, and the eggplant and plum variants will create a rich evening look.

To give depth and expressiveness to the visage, the specialists use three colors, passing one into the other. At the inner corner of the eye put the most light tone, in order to look more open and fresh. On the side of the outer corner, the darkest cosmetics are used, creating volume and forming the most attractive shape of the eye. In the middle of the century put the average tone. They are carefully shaded in order to not see clear boundaries of transitions. To create a full-length image of the roots of the eyelashes, you can draw arrows of wine, black or natural color.

  • Casual make-up It will become easier and more attractive if the arrows are also well shaded. So they will accentuate the eyes, emphasize the eyelashes and make them longer and more magnificent.
  • In the evening image will be appropriate to look makeup in the style of "cat's eyes" or "smoky eyes"

Determine which shadows are preferable to use gray-eyed girls:

  • For dark skin It is best to choose cold shadow options, so the eyes will be emphasized in comparison with the skin.
  • In case of light or pale skin on the aristocratic properties of the skin can be emphasized with the help of warm tones.
  • Brown gamma for dark eyes helps to emphasize the depth of the eyes and the contrast of gray iris with dark skin.
  • Blue and blue gamma shadows will help give the appropriate subton iris.
  • Fresh green and purple tones make the look more vivid and expressive in combination with a cold skin.
  • Metal colors can be used to create any type of make-up.: steel, gold, copper, silver.
  • Easy and airy image will help arrange the shadows of white, gray and black, burgundy, greenery, chocolate, tones of brown gamma.
  • Expressive face bronze, copper, brick and coral will be added, as well as peach and terracotta.
  • In a dramatic evening The image can be used blue, blue and purple gamut, turquoise, caramel, pink and silver.

A very large variety of options and combinations suits gray eyes. But not everything should be used.

  • Bright and dark, but at the same time related shades in a warm range can make the eyes swollen, and the face tired and sick.
  • The perfect match between the color of the shadows and the iris is not welcome so eyes will be lost on their background.
  • Fully summed up by radical black qThe eyes will appear visually smaller and narrower.
  • Matte shadows are not the best solution for gray-eyed ladies.
  • Too bright colorsespecially in everyday use will make the image ridiculous and vulgar.

It is best to choose a make-up of gray eyes, depending on the color type of their owner. A huge role in the selection will play hair.

  1. Blondes make the image soft and expressive will help cosmetics warm range. Especially suitable for this purpose chocolate tones. To create depth, you can use a combination of neutral beige tones, with pearlescent effect, gentle peach. You can decorate and emphasize your eyes with a black or dark brown eyeliner or pencil. The final touch will be the use of extension or bulk mascara of classic black or soft chocolate hue.
  2. For blond hair in combination with gray, you can use almost the entire range of tools. The main thing is to take into account their relevance, correctly choose the combination of colors among themselves, clothes and accessories.
  3. For dark chestnut hair is a good solution to emphasize the fresh shade of the iris with the help of appropriate tones in the makeup. Blue shadows will translate the undertone of the eye into blue, and the ashen will make them green.
  4. Brunettes with a cold color type shades of purple will do. To soften the image, you can use a range of chocolate and other warm options. But it is better to choose the shade with mother of pearl. For everyday use it is not necessary to use a rich combination of colors in the shadows. To make a simple make-up, just bring the eyes with a natural brown or black pencil and use mascara. In the case of deep-set eyes, the inner side of the lower eyelid needs to be painted over with a white pencil, and for convex ones, you can use black on the contrary.


If you learn how to properly use the colors in the makeup of gray eyes, selecting them for an exit case, clothes and accessories, you can not only please yourself but also everyone around you.

  • Casual look. In it, gray-eyed girls can use a large number of shades. Every day you should not use bright variants of terracotta or orange. They will distract from the color of the iris, focusing attention for centuries, while they can make the eyes look tired and sore. Gentle image will help create a natural, natural color of the shadows. Universal for gray eyes is a gray palette, it is both light and dark colors, ashy, asphalt, mother-of-pearl or with sparkles. To visually make the iris darker, you need to use light makeup in visage. The rule works in the opposite direction, dark cosmetics will present the iris much lighter. Leading such eyes can be done in different colors of pencils, shadows or eyeliner. Experts recommend making arrows thin, do not go beyond the boundary of the eyelashes. Otherwise, they will cut the eyes already and fail them.For large eyes, you can draw the inner eyelid from below with a black pencil, and a small white eyeliner will visually expand the small ones.
  • Evening look. In the daytime, a girl with a gray iris may not use shadows at all, creating light or summer make-up with a pencil and a mascara. But a festive make-up is bound to be special in order to capture the imagination of others. This visage is best done using pearl shades of bright shades.
    • Dark makeup gray eyes suitable for brunettes. It will make the eyes brighter and emphasize their contrast.

    • Bright makeup can use brown-haired, brown or dark-haired. It can use metal tones, shades of precious metals, eggplant and wine. You can choose the tone, for example, under the blue dress, especially since the blue and blue gamma will give the iris a depth of color and a corresponding subtone. For red girls perfectly suit the tone of copper, gold or bronze.

  • A neat visage with a combination of delicate peach and mouse tones will help to create business image. It can be light day or holiday if you add a simple classic black arrow. This image is always fresh and relevant, suitable for both young ladies and those who have crossed the mark of 50 years.

Beautiful makeup should combine shades of shadows, blush and lipstick, to be neat and selected for the upcoming event. Gray eyes can be decorated with shadows or their combination with arrows.

  • Especially can be identified wedding makeup for gray eyes. Since the image of the bride usually implies a white dress, delicate flowers and an innocent image, the natural shades of a beige, gold and silver scale will look best in it. It is better to choose them considering the color of the hair and skin of the bride. Bright and unusual colors in the wedding make-up should be avoided, red or purple will look weird. The exceptions are themed weddings or the use of a special range in the design, decoration of the dress and bouquet. Mascara and eyeliner can be a classic black or natural brown tones.

How to choose cosmetics?

Cosmetics should be chosen depending on the color type of the appearance and the event in which it is planned to use it. It is easy to make up your gray eyes with good cosmetics. Consider some of the options on the market. They are most well suited to the spring color type and are most popular with makeup artists and simple girls.

  • A palette of six shades by Guerlen. This product contains a beige tone and a shade of bone, which allows you to create a relaxed nude look. In addition, the set has black, gray satin, purple and brown shades, allowing you to create an image for all occasions.
  • The NYX Bohemian Chic palette contains a fairly rich selection of matte shadows. It can even be taken with you, it is equipped with a large mirror, two variants of blush and 24 variants of shadows, including beige, brown, gray, natural scales. It will make a beautiful casual look.
  • L'Oreal's Color Riche is a palette of four shades, perfectly suited to the iris of a gray-blue tone.. Shadows of lilac and blue undertones will help to make gray eyes deeper, more saturated, with a bluish tint.
  • The Urban Decay brand presents two palette options for creating a festive look for gray-eyed girls. Each of the products contains twelve shades with a slight shimmer. Thanks to a rich assortment of neutral tones, it is suitable for creating an evening look and make-up for the bride.
  • The brand of professional cosmetics MAC offers the excellent quality of its products, capable of creating bright and contrasting images. Professional tools provide durability of makeup, comfortable texture and hypoallergenic.In addition, on the company's website there are master classes on the use of the company's products, which will help you choose the means for your desired look.

Experts advise gray-eyed ladies to pay attention to pearl and satin cosmetic products. They will help to give an open and sparkling look.

Each gray-eyed beauty in the range of cosmetics should have a palette of silver shades. It may require more than one option, but several. After all, the gray scale is universal for this color of the iris. She allows each lady to emphasize the benefits of their eyes.

  1. Fair girls Brown nude shades are also suitable for creating a casual look.
  2. Ash-haired It is better to pay attention to the beige and gold options.
  3. Blondes fit pastel gamma. It is not necessary to choose bright catchy shadows with very light hair, they will make the image too provocative, especially in the daytime. Owners of golden hair can be allowed bright colors of purple or wine, but they should be used very sparingly. Blondes can use bolder tones with rich hair color, and with soft light shades it is better to prefer nude make-up.
  4. Brunettes need to pick up the means to tone the skin.
  • Cold porcelain skin will go well with warm shades of shadows. This will help to highlight the color of the iris. And the shadows and mascara is better to choose in shades of gold and brown.
  • Ladies having Oriental type with dark skin, can afford the use of dark brown. In make-up, you can even use a black or very dark color, but in small quantities in the outer corner of the eye.
  • Dark brown hair It is better to pay attention to the delicate colors of coral, peach and dark roses. Bright shades are permissible in exceptional cases and only with proper selection to clothes.

If, when choosing a type of makeup, you cannot understand which option you like more, give up the “smoky eyes” palm. This make-up perfectly emphasizes the eyes and is suitable for an oval, triangular and round face.

How to apply?

In addition to the correct choice, make-up must be able to properly apply. Consider several options that are suitable for gray-eyed beauties step by step.

The first option is suitable for fair-haired or fair-haired ladies.

  1. At the beginning of any makeup the epidermis needs to be cleaned with the usual means, apply a moisturizer or base makeup. Use foundation or BB-means and powder in order to even out the tone of the face and make the surface perfect and beautiful.
  2. Eyelids can also be covered with foundation or a special concealer to provide a longer lasting makeup.
  3. Light shadows, white, light beige or light silver applied to the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Brown tones put on a fixed eyelid closer to the outer corner of the eyes. For daytime make-up, you can use dark beige shadows. And for red-haired girls, you can use reddish shades.
  5. Final touch you need underline eyes with pencil or eyeliner black or dark gray. Arrows should be quite thin and neat.
  6. Complete makeup with bulk mascara and eyebrow shaping using a pencil, gel or special shadows.

In the next video, let's take a step-by-step day makeup.

Festive makeup should be different from the usual, not only saturation, but also the use of special cosmetics. Means should be of high quality and proven, so as not to fail at a crucial moment. In addition, they must have increased resistance in order to withstand unchanged for a long time, and possibly changes in weather conditions from cold and high humidity to heat and sun.

  1. To create a festive make up, preliminary cleaning of the epidermis and its preparation are obligatory.. You must use a moisturizer or base makeup. Be sure to align the tone with concealer and foundation. Complete the foundation using powder.
  2. The inner surface of the lower eyelid to bring a white pencil for narrow eyes, and for wide ones, you can make it black.
  3. ATabout the inner corner you need to put light silver or shimmering white shadows.
  4. In the center of the moving century you need to put a light accent of turquoise.
  5. Blue or gray is applied along the line of the mobile eyelid with fixed from inside to outside corner. It needs to be shaded.
  6. The colors on the eyelid surface should form a soft gradient. - from white to turquoise, then dark blue or gray. And you need to finish with turquoise and silver in the direction of the eyebrow.
  7. Let eyesusing a pencil or eyeliner in black. It is possible to bring both upper and lower eyelids. But do not make the line too thick so as not to make the eyes smaller.
  8. Use mascara with the effect of volume and elongation. For special cases, you can use the tool with the effect of false eyelashes, or stick artificial beams in the outer corner to make your eyes more expressive.

Next - a wedding makeup for the bride with gray eyes.

Secrets of professional makeup artists

Professionals in their field share their secrets to create a beautiful visage that emphasizes the tenderness and beauty of gray eyes.

  • Tired and painful too light shades of green, sky, orange or rose can give the appearance of gray eyes.
  • Neutral shades will make beautiful daily image.
  • For evening makeup It is better to use shades of stones. In special cases, you can arrange it with unusual arrows, use the style of "cat's-eye", smoky design or use the extended eyelashes.
  • Black and gray make up fits under office style, if not make it too dark and flashy. At the same time, with proper design and use of mother-of-pearl and brilliant cosmetics will make it the perfect option for an evening look.
  • Natural A feature of gray iris is the ability to slightly change the shade. depending on the lighting and environment. This fact is skillfully used by makeup artists. For giving of a gentle blue subtone shades of warm shades of sand, caramel and bronze are used. And metal shadows will give a sharp reflection of steel.
  • To give the blue iris, you can cover the cilia of the lower eyelid with blue mascara or draw with a pencil of the same color. And if you make a light refreshing touch in green tones in the upper eyelid, your eyes will play in a similar shade.
  • Ladies with a cold color type in make-up it is better to use warm beige and brown shades to highlight the eyes against the background of the skin.
  • Makeup in pink and gray colors suitable for blondes and fair-haired.
  • Coral, peach and dark pink eye decoration suitable for brown-haired women with gray eyes.
  • For small eyes no need to use eyeliner too actively, it is better to draw a white line on the inner side of the lower eyelid

These lessons will help you create the perfect makeup that will only emphasize your beauty and personality.

Be sure to focus on your color type when choosing a make-up, the natural color of hair and skin is important. Depending on the case, you can choose the color and intensity of the visage. For everyday life suitable for use of inconspicuous natural shades. Gray-eyed beauties can only manage in a daily manner with eyeliner and mascara. For a festive event You can afford the choice of juicy shades, different options for liner and carcass colors. Bright ideas will bring new colors and a great mood to the festive image.

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