Wedding makeup for mom brides or groomsmen

Wedding makeup for mom brides or groomsmen

A wedding celebration is one of the most important and exciting moments in the life of every family. The focus is on not only the newlyweds, but also the parents of the newlyweds. People say: “If you look at your mother, you will recognize the bride in the future.” Mothers at their children's weddings should have the appearance to complement the impeccability of the newlyweds. In the wedding image of the mother, absolutely everything is important: make-up, hairstyle, style of dress. During this event, mothers have the most controversial feelings, so the makeup on the wedding for the mother is of paramount importance - he must skillfully hide sad emotions, possible fatigue and advantageously highlight the feeling of joy.

When preparing for the wedding, the bride’s mother should preferably discuss with her daughter all the nuances of her image. The bride is the main heroine of the celebration, she will tell you how she sees the ideal image of the mother. Masters of wedding makeup consider the optimal choice of a general make-up artist by mother and daughterwhich, taking into account the age and position of women, will endure one style, while emphasizing the closeness of kinship relations.

Mother groom should discuss their image with his son. Even if he is not able to suggest anything, he will be pleased that his mother is ready to listen to his opinion.


Due to the fact that with age, the skin is modified, acquiring dryness and unhealthy appearance, it is desirable to prepare it for such a crucial event, paying attention to skin nutrition (especially in winter) and moisturizing (in summer). Good help for this will be age nourishing creams and masks.

With your own hands, mothers are unlikely to do quality makeup for themselves: the excitement that is natural at this time will not allow make-up lines to lie flat and neat. It is better to resort to professional help.

Makeup moms have to endure the emotional splashes of this day, when tears of joy and sadness are ready to spoil the makeup artist's every second effort.

Recommendations for the perfect image of mom:

  • the color scale of cosmetics should be chosen in accordance with the color of hair, skin, eyes, clothes; preference is better to give a restrained classic tones;
  • You should pay attention to the seasonal features of makeup: in hot weather, apply a minimal amount of cosmetics, preventing them from spreading;
  • it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of the tonal framework, the best option is tonal mousse;
  • eyeliner and shadows of dark tones are used only for the outer corners of the eyes;
  • apply mascara of classic black color, painting only upper eyelashes;
  • make up must be water resistant;
  • It is important not to forget to pay attention to the eyebrows.

According to the traditional laws of classic makeup, the emphasis is on either the lips or the eyes. In no case, the makeup of the mother should not be fancifully bright, since on such a background the bride can look gray and inconspicuous.

Combinations of shades of gray and lipstick of delicate pastel shades are considered to be win-win; make up eyes without applying shadows only with the help of eyeliner and mascara combined with bright red lipstick; bright maroon lipstick is recommended to be used with shades of pastel-beige tones.

It is undesirable to use pearl decorative means of violet and lilac flowers.

What to look for?

If you still have to do makeup yourself, you need to start with leveling the complexion, as age-related changes may lead to the appearance of unwanted pigmentation of the skin, wrinkles. If the tinting cream does not hide dark spots, then they can be applied under the foundation corrector. The main thing is not to overdo it.Particularly carefully studied the area near the eyes and near the corners of the lips. When choosing a foundation you should prefer warm tones, as cold shades emphasize wrinkles even more. It is necessary to be very careful when distributing the foundation over the face and apply it in a well-lit room.

When makeup eyes enough to give the eye openness and clarity. It is important to hide the flaws: lift the lowered corners of the eyes and hanging eyelids, remove wrinkles, give the eyes a beautiful shape. It is recommended to use natural rather than color tones. It is desirable that they were in the same color palette, for example, from light beige to dark brown. In order to raise the corners of the eyes, it is necessary to apply dark shadows on the outer corners and to shade them towards the eyebrows, to apply light shadows on the surface of the inner eyelid. To make a smooth transition between colors with a dense brush, make a feather on the border of colors. Pencil is also desirable to shade. To do this, draw arrows with a pencil, and then brush it with a brush with shadows. This will make the eyes mysterious and expressive. To visually lift the hanging eyelid, you need a soft brown pencil to draw a line where there should be a fold, and then shade it with a movement from the bottom up. The density of ink application depends on the preferences of women.

Be sure to pay due attention to eyebrows. If they are very bright and rare, you can resort to tattoo. It is permissible to dye your eyebrows in black color only for burning brunettes. Better fit dark brown or gray-black shade. When dyeing the eyebrows with a pencil, it is necessary to move the lines that look like hairs from the outer part of the eyebrow to the edge. Then lightly shade eyebrow brush.

When lip makeup should pay special attention to the contours. Pencil for the contour should be from the same color palette as lipstick, but darker by 1-2 tones. It is preferable to choose colors close to natural.

The most important thing in makeup is that the woman herself should like her, she should feel natural. Makeup mothers newlyweds should be rejuvenating and calmly festive.

Combination with outfit

It is very important that the makeup is harmoniously combined with the outfit. If the mother's dress is short, just above the knee, then make-up is made as natural as possible with the least amount of decorative cosmetics. This gives the image freshness and youthfulness.

With a long dress, you can add a small amount of glitter, tonal basis and be sure to make eye liner and lips.

Elegant retro dress will look advantageous in combination with a delicate complexion, clearly arched arrows and fluffy eyelashes.

Wedding - an event that is remembered for a lifetime. To prepare for it should be with full responsibility. Little things in this celebration does not happen. Of course, that the main bride and groom at the wedding, but also parents should be on top. Makeup mothers newlyweds - one of the important components of this colorful event.

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