Wedding makeup for brunettes

Wedding makeup for brunettes

Wedding is a special day in the life of every woman. And on this day, everyone wants to be perfect. To do this, you need to think over all the elements of the image of the bride: hair, makeup, manicure, dress, accessories. Everything should be harmoniously selected, turning the girl into a real fairy princess. Not everyone knows what kind of wedding makeup for brunettes will look best on the bride.

How to create?

Wedding make-up - This is the completion of the full image of the bride. Therefore, it is worth remembering a few simple tips and recommendations on this issue.

General recommendations:

  1. Wedding makeup, of course, must be trusted to a competent makeup artist. Not only because the specialist has the necessary tools, cosmetics, experience and professional opinion, but also because the excitement of such a solemn day will not allow to focus on such a complex and important process. Therefore, on such a day, you should trust a professional and not worry about anything, allowing you to take care of yourself.
  2. Be sure to pre-test the makeup of the wedding makeup artist. At such a meeting you will be able to discuss those colors that you prefer, as well as listen to the advice and suggestions of a professional, after which you can choose the best option. Be sure to look at the wizard portfolio.

Consider that for such a meeting you should already have selected general color solutions for the image: colors of the dress, bouquet, accessories. After all, the best image is perfect in everything.

Check whether all the cosmetics from the master from the professional series and waterproof. Make a trial makeup, if possible, do not wash it as long as possible. So you make sure you are not allergic and check the money for durability. On the wedding day you will find a lot of trials: a photo session in the open air (under the rays of the sun and gusts of wind), vivid emotions. Useful recommendations:

  1. When choosing the right makeup color of bouquets and napkins on the table plays a not very important role. Naturally, the makeup is chosen exactly to your face. Selected shades should be combined with eyes and hair.
  2. Wedding makeup is usually something almost weightless, creating an innocent look. No aggression, bright and defiant images (except for stylized celebrations). The colors are mainly pastel: peach, light beige, lilac. These shades are very dark-haired young ladies. The most common eye makeup for brunettes is the application of light shadows in the inner corner of the eyes and under the eyebrow with an accent created by a dark shade in the outer corner. One more thing to remember when creating a make-up is correctly placed accents. Usually distinguish one thing: either lips or eyes.
  3. The face should be well prepared for applying foundation. For several days it is better to make a deep peeling of the skin in order to remove the horny particles and make it even and smooth. And do not forget about the foundation for make-up, which will allow cosmetics to hold on the face all day. To obtain a glow effect, you can apply a highlighter to the zones of the cheekbones, forehead and hump of the nose. Do not forget about the matting powder - so that the photo does not have unnecessary glare. The tone of the face should be perfectly even, free of defects.
  4. As for eyebrows, it is better to consult a specialist a few days before the event. It will give the desired shape and carry out coloring. Just do not do it on your wedding day, redness and too bright a shade of freshly painted eyebrows will not add to the image of chic.Remember that the paint for eyebrows of dark-haired girls should be two shades lighter than the hair itself.
  5. If your skin is prone to shine, do not forget to apply the powder. It is recommended to have matting napkins with you, which will help to remove unnecessary shine from the face.
  6. Selecting lipstick lip color, remember that on this day you will eat, drink and kiss your husband. Bright colors can leave marks and rub off the lips, creating a sloppy look. Therefore, either select some not very catchy colors, or use permanent lipstick of famous brands - for example, Chanel, Dior.

These are general make-up recommendations for such an important event in the life of every woman. Now it is worth considering the makeup for brunettes in accordance with the color of the skin and eyes. Thinking through the image of the bride, remember these combinations.

Brown-eyed girls

Most brunettes with brown eyes are dark-skinned girls. Owners of dark or tanned skin should choose the most natural and highlight the natural beauty of makeup. Such skin is already a rather bright accent, which will attract a lot of attention.

In no case do not pick up tonal foundations that can whiten the skin. In this case, your face will be very different from the zone of the neck, shoulders and neckline, which, as a rule, the bride is open. This will create a nasty contrast. Pick up tones that are close to the natural complexion - for example, golden brown. It is worth using a water-based tool.

For fair skin a light base with a moisturizing effect that is matched in tone with the face will suffice.

Makeup for the brown-eyed should only emphasize the beauty of dark and deep eyes. This means that for such a make up the maximum naturalness is important, which usually significantly complicates the process of creating a masterpiece. Makeup artists recommend using brown palette shadows, the main tone of which coincides with the color of the iris. Excellent on brown eyes will look fashionable and pink today. But they should not get carried away, because such shades can create the effect of swelling. It is better to combine, taking pink for a basis. Even as a base may be white, beige or honey shades. Usually they should be applied on the upper movable eyelid, in the inner corner and under the eyebrow.

A palette of brown, golden, emerald and violet shades is suitable as the main shade to be applied from the middle of the century and into the outer corner. Texture - matte. Black mascara, but not excluded the possibility of using color dye for eyelashes, if it is appropriate.

Lipstick can be used any.

As a rule, makeup for the brown-eyed is chosen natural and not very bright, so the emphasis can be placed on the lips. But still you should not pick up the bright red colors of the lipstick for the wedding, it is better to give preference to the delicate pink shine.

Brunette with blue eyes

Girls with such contrasting appearance are full of sensuality and tenderness. This is exactly what you need to keep when creating a wedding image. But at the same time, make up should make bright eyes brighter.

Great attention in this case should be paid to the skin. Usually, blue-eyed brunettes skin is light, sensitive, located to the appearance of irritation and acne. Try to visit a cosmetologist several times before the wedding, who will be able to solve visible problems with the skin.

The tonal tool needs to be selected to the face tone, preferably with a moisturizing effect. The ideal tone for porcelain skin wearers is ivory. Top light powder, consolidating and final makeup.

Blush is selected in a delicate pink hue, and lipstick should also be matched with them. Remember that the blush only emphasize the cheekbones, do not show everyone their presence.

Getting to eye makeup, you need to decide on the image. If you want to create a gentle image of a princess, then you should give preference to the following shades of the base color of the shadows:

  • baked milk;
  • champagne;
  • corporeal.

The main colors will be pink, purple, brown.

For those who want to create an image of a cold queen on this day, it is a good idea to use silver and pale blue colors of eyelid makeup.

Grey eyes

For brides with gray eyes and dark hair, shades of pink, yellow, silver and mint are suitable. These shades are well suited for the base. The main make-up of the eyelids can be made in blue, beige, golden and dark gray. Such combinations will make the image more vivid, because the gray color itself is not very expressive. Smoky eyes is also an excellent choice for such eyes.

On the lips of these girls can apply lipstick the color of cherry or plum.

Green eyes

Charming green-eyed young ladies come up with ideas of warm and juicy makeup. The combination of dark hair and green eyes - one of the most spectacular, and makeup for the wedding ceremony should certainly emphasize the "fabulous" girls.

In make-up, such girls need to focus on the eye color, which according to statistics is only 1% of the population. To do this, the skin must be perfectly smooth and matte. The peach shade of tonal means will perfectly cope with this. To a darker face can pick up a bronze tone.

A great solution is to frame your green eyes with black mascara and eyeliner. Shadows can be used beige, gray or silver (for the base layer, which remains in the inner century), emerald or plum (to cover the remaining part of the upper eyelid). Will look great lilac, chocolate, terracotta color shades.

Blush should be selected in the color of the brick, lipstick suitable lipstick coral, copper or even bronze tones.

The most important thing in any make-up is moderation, consistency and accuracy. Bright or discreet, make-up should correctly complete the beautiful image of the bride.

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