Makeup and hairstyle

Makeup and hairstyle

Being a girl is a whole art. Of course, how could it be otherwise? After all, not only household and work responsibilities lie on women's shoulders, but also the main duty - to be flourishing and attractive. Our mood directly depends on how we feel. Noticed that in evening dress, with beautiful styling and makeup, we flourish? Beauty is not a sacrifice, it is just a definite effort. Get up early, make styling, beautiful make-up, smile to yourself and with the thought that you are irresistible and go about your business - this is the perfect daily routine.

Let's understand what are the types of hairstyles, makeup and how to combine it all correctly. First, let's understand, and with what it is more correct to begin the creation of the image: hairstyle or make up. Salon masters first do their hair and only then proceed to make-up. Do you know why this sequence?

It's simple: the fact is that when creating hairstyles masters use skins, varnishes, glitters. It all splashes and hits the face. Imagine, you have already done makeup, and the top has got varnish. In this case, you have to spend a holiday in the mask of a sticky and toxic substance. It is not only unpleasant, but also harmful to the skin. That is why the master first conjures over the hairstyle, and then, using micellar water or milk, cleanses the skin and completes your image.

If you are going at home, the principle remains the same: if you plan to apply a lacquer, then it is better to first do the hair to be able to wash before applying makeup.


Of course, the hairstyle of the hairstyle is different: one will take 2-3 hours for the master in the salon, and another can be done at home before going to work and at the same time looking beautiful and well-groomed. And another very important nuance is the type of face and haircut (including the presence or absence of bangs) from which the hairstyle will be created. The ideal option for every day is something simple, not very time consuming and, of course, beautiful.

Creating styling

Owners of long hair or hair of medium length more acutely feel the problem of styling. After all, four of a kind and shorter hair is already a full-fledged hairstyle, a maximum should be resorted to mousses or foams for styling and volume. A separate question with bangs is your haircut or not. Although everything is simple: if it is and it is long, then it becomes part of the styling, if they reach the eyes, it remains an independent element of the image.


It would seem more than a trivial hairstyle. But do not forget, we have prepared for you only the original options. In addition to the high horse tail and its low fellow, there are options and more interesting:

  • double tail with a scythe. Make a horizontal parting from ear to ear. Assemble the top of the tail. This should be done in such a way that the lower part can be screwed onto the base of the resulting tail. From the bottom of the hair braid braid. Wrap an oblique tail and decorate with a barrette or stealth;
  • tail with interesting weaving. Comb all the hair on one side. Assemble the tail and secure with a rubber band. Take the extreme thin strands and, having girded the tail, tie the strands together in a knot. Do the same with the rest of the strands before the end of the tail. Secure the tip of the resulting hairstyle with a rubber band or decorative hair clip;
  • twisted fishtail. Separate at the top two strands. Tie them together with a rubber band. Next, we braid a standard fishtail. At the tip we fix a thin rubber band. Now cut the upper gum (you can use a thin gum for money so that you can throw it away).We twist the fishtail and fix it in this position with an invisible or small decorative hair clip. The weave can be slightly stretched to give the hair pomp.


I understand that the images of the grandmother's bundle on the back of my head pop up in my head, but today this hairstyle has been finalized, and it is even in a wedding version.

  • careless bundle. Probably the fastest type of hairstyle, moreover, it is made quite simple, and therefore loved by girls. First collect the tail on the back of the head. Then wrap the hair around the base of the tail and lock it invisible. Optionally, you can fluff the bundle with your hands, creating the effect of slight negligence;
  • greek bunch. Tie your hair with a bandage. Then twist the strands in the direction of the forehead and hide the harnesses under the bandage in the back of the neck. All twisted strands together form a bundle. Fix the finished hair with hairpins and, if necessary, varnish. It looks very unusual and intricate, and the time spent up to 20 minutes.


And at the mention of this type of hair, everybody imagines a botany girl or grandmother on the bench. What to do, stereotypes densely seated in our heads. But we will try to convince you. See that you can collect interesting things on your head with the help of a braid:

  • spit "trio". First, comb the hair on one side (which one you like best), then divide the hair into three parts and weave about identical braids. And now weave three braids into one. At the end of tying gum and you are ready to go. If you want to add color, you can weave a colored ribbon or tie up the finished version with a bandage;
  • "Oblique" braid. This hairstyle is simple in performance, but it looks very original. Part on the diagonal and start weaving the spit from the right temple diagonally down, weaving strands all over your head. Braid the braid along the entire length of the hair, but the part of the braid that will freely fall is twisted with a bundle and secure with stealth or hairpins;
  • "Spit-harness" or differently "Rope braid". First, collect the high tail, tie it with a rubber band. Dividing the hair in half, twist the loose braids. Now, collect both strands into a hairstyle, weaving them together. Is done. You look well-groomed and elegant.


Here things are a bit more complicated, but if you follow our recommendations, then you will certainly get a gorgeous hairstyle. First, tell the secrets of how to make a bouffant at home and not to damage the hair. First, bouffant should not be done on wet or not quite clean hair. Secondly, you need to use a comb with rare teeth. Third, you need to start from the roots and move along the entire length of the hair with a small range to the tips. The fourth secret is to brush the hair at the end, but do not try to untangle the hair, your task is to gently put the pile on.

  • loose hair with a rim or tiara. Comb all hair back, without parting. Fix the hair with a rim, hair bandage or tiara if you have a more solemn occasion. The remaining hair nasheshite in the neck, starting from the hair roots;
  • bouffant with horse tail - hairstyle, a wand, everything is simple and unusual. First, comb all the hair back and divide it into three parts, add each one separately from the roots, when the desired volume is obtained, fasten strands or hairpieces on the back of the head, gather the rest in a tight horse tail. Tail, if desired, can be screwed on a large curling.

We have put your head in order, now it's up to the face. Varieties of makeup today represented a great many, but you need to clearly understand what would be appropriate for everyday life.

Types of makeup

In terms of its types, we can distinguish several main ones:

  • day makeup;
  • evening;
  • modest business;
  • wedding or makeup for a holiday;
  • fantasy;
  • age.

We will dwell on the day more, because it is used most often.A distinctive feature of daytime makeup is considered its lightness and unobtrusiveness. In the daytime makeup neutral colors predominate. Do not forget that in the daytime makeup should be done either on the eyes or on the lips. And still it is considered that the day make-up is a peculiar basis for an evening make-up. If in the evening you have an event, then after a working day it will be easier for you to correct the already applied make-up, add bright accents than to wash and re-makeup.

Applying make-up

In the makeup industry, too, has its own fashion, ideas and beautiful pictures of make-up faces dazzle on the Internet. We will help you to focus your attention on the main thing. Let's step by step how to make a beautiful makeup by yourself.

Let's stop for a start on the preparation of the skin. Before applying cosmetics to the skin, you need to clean the face, moisturize and wait until the applied agent is completely absorbed. This will ensure smooth application of cosmetics and good skin condition. And the last factor qualitatively affects not only makeup, but also health. If you have faded facial skin - this is the last call that it asks for proper moisturizing and care.

The success of daytime makeup is an even tone and complexion. If your skin is considered problematic, but first you need to put a corrector on such areas, masking redness and unevenness. Then apply a tonal foundation. It is important to choose the color of your skin, otherwise the contrast between the face, neck and decollete will be very noticeable. If necessary, after the tone you can use powder, but the main thing here is not to get carried away, a small amount will be enough.

Next, let's talk directly about the colors. Shadows should be neutral shades, pastels, emphasize them and make the look more expressive with the help of eyeliner and clear lines. Blush should also be a natural shade. Lipstick is desirable nude color and pearlescent shine is better to exclude, leave it in the evening.

The secrets of the masters

It would seem that everything is simple and clear, but for some reason the makeup made by a professional lasts much longer. We will open to you some secrets for your ideal image:

  • day makeup should be applied in daylight, sitting near the window. So you can see how bright the color you put, and whether all you shaded well and without abrupt transitions;
  • facial contours can and should be adjusted using color. Light shades make facial features visually wider and more, and dark shades are already smaller, this must be taken into account in order to maintain proportionality;
  • Your accuracy when applying makeup will affect the final result. If the tone and powder lay down a “mask” along the hairline and chin, then in daylight these flaws will stand out;
  • How much time an image takes you depends on experience and practice. Every day you will be more confident, and time will go less.


Many people mistakenly think that it is impossible to “get the hair done” for yourself and get an enthusiastic review. On the contrary: an eminent master does what he was taught by professionals. And you, with the help of your desire and practice, independently came to yourself renewed. We are confident that even at home you can create a chic image, not to mention the fact that it is especially pleasant to realize that you did it yourself. Strive for beauty and be different every day!

In the next video - an example of simple makeup and hair for every day.

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