How to apply the shadow correctly?

How to apply the shadow correctly?

Make-up is a very important part of any fashionable female image. With it, you can complete the image and skillfully place accents in it. It is believed that the eyes - a mirror of the soul, and therefore most often it is the makeup of the eyes that pay the most attention. Many women try to highlight their makeup with the help of shadows - and thereby diversify their fashionable image. To make-up the eye was beautiful and perfectly complement the image, you need to know how to apply the shadow correctly.

Eye makeup features

Eye makeup is a very long and painstaking process. It must be done correctly and carefully, taking into account all the important rules. The main feature of this makeup is that it can be used to visually change the face, adjust the shape of the eyes, transforming them.

  • Eyes can be made visually larger or smaller.. Often makeup artists use different shades of shadows in order to increase the eyes.
  • Also, if you have pretty deep-set eyesYou can also easily adjust this. With the help of such cosmetics you can achieve many visual effects - for example, change the location of the eyes on the face. Correctly make up your eyes, you can arrange them visually or, on the contrary, narrow them.
  • Another makeup feature with shadows is that With the help of the correct application technique, you can hide such an age problem as the hanging eyelid. It can be hidden, and the face will look younger, and the skin around the eyes - taut.
  • Makeup Feature With Shadows is that they need to be applied to a special base. This is a very important rule. It must be observed in order that the cosmetics do not roll down on the eyelids. This is especially true for eye makeup in hot weather.

Make-up shadows can transform your appearance and dramatically change the appearance. Therefore, it is important to follow all the recommendations of makeup artists and the basic rules for applying shadows.

Kinds of make-up

With the help of shadows you can make all kinds of eye makeup.

A very unusual kind of make-up is permanent makeup. This tattoo feathering, which is performed by a specialist in the salon or clinic. Its feature is durability. A special needle under the skin is injected pigments that stain it. Your makeup will look like the most ordinary, but you do not have to refresh it every day. You save yourself from unnecessary trouble. But this makeup is not very popular, because not all women can decide on such a procedure. That is why many of them use the usual cosmetic shadows, they can be used to create a variety of types of makeup.

You can purchase shadow pencil. Such tools are very convenient to apply, they create a feeling of wet makeup. You can also make a very light makeup, using friable eyeshadow. They are very good on the skin, while not at all rolling, even if you do not put a special base for them. They are great for any kind of makeup. Such products are universal, but they need to be applied with a special brush so as not to scatter under the eyes.

The most popular eye shadow makeup is smoky eyes make-up.. This interesting make-up is a combination of light and dark shades, ranging from milky to black (with a predominance of tones of the latter). Such a make-up includes this particular color scheme, and all shades smoothly transform into each other. As a rule, it is a rather dark kind of makeup, which is most often used to create a stylish evening look. It is perfect for a party or other special occasion.

Some people prefer to do monochrome eyelid makeup using eye shadows. Often it ends with thin arrows along the eyelid. This make-up is quite simple and versatile. Some people prefer to paint only the upper eyelid, but all makeup artists recommend painting the lower one as well, since this is an integral part of eye makeup with shadows. If you are doing a light daytime make-up, you can apply this makeup only on the upper eyelid.

Among the types of makeup shadows highlight make-up with featheringwhich is a neat distribution of colors and a softening of the borders between different shades. You can also highlight the usual makeup without feathering, which is more vivid and catchy. As a rule, make-up artists do not recommend painting the eyelids without feathering, since such makeup does not look harmonious and is only suitable for creating a daring image.

How to choose cosmetics?

The choice of eye shadow will depend only on your desire.

You can buy baked shadows that have a fairly dense structure. They are very high quality compressed and are exposed to different temperatures when created. That is why they, as a rule, are nacreous. They are very convenient and easy to apply, they have a texture, due to which they do not roll on the eyelids. The baked texture can make application very simple and fast.

The most common type of shadow, which is most often preferred by women - powdery shadows.. As a rule, these are tri-colored shadows, but you can also use a two-color palette. Usually palettes with two or three shades of shadows are distinguished by the fact that tones from one set come in one color range. They must be used together, gently blurring the lines between them. There are palettes for day makeup, as well as for evening make-up. Some sets have contrasting colors, but it is assumed that these shades will be used together - to create a bright image.

Many manufacturers produce palettes with 10, 12 or more shades. This is a very versatile kit that you can use to create any kind of eye makeup. Powder shadows can be both matte and shiny.. It is best to give preference to the shadows with a slight metallic sheen, since they are best placed on the eyelids. Some girls choose liquid shadows, which can be presented in a round jar or in a tube with a special brush.

The peculiarity of such cosmetics is that before applying it, it is imperative to impose a base for the shadows. Otherwise, they very quickly roll down, in your eyelids will appear gaps in the field of folds. Such kind of shadows well lays down only on dry opaque base. They should be chosen only if you plan to buy a tool that will act as a basis for them. As a rule, these types of shadows are presented in a variety of bright colors, and all shades are very beautiful and rich.

This cosmetics is perfect for any special occasion.

How to apply?

Shadows are the kind of cosmetics that must be properly applied in order to achieve the desired result. It is best to use step-by-step instructions, gradually applying different shades of shadows for ever. To learn how to beautifully highlight the eyes shadows, you need to read the instructions for the use of such cosmetics.

The simplest application method, which novices can use, is to darken the upper eyelid near the crease. In this case, the inner and main parts of the century are lightened, the look becomes more open, and the eyes are expressive. Beginners will be enough and a couple of tones of this type of cosmetics, but to create a brighter professional makeup you need to use three colors. A palette of three shades is ideal for creating evening makeup.

To make the perfect makeup shadows, you need to adhere to a certain scheme..

  • First, it is necessary to apply the base matte agent to the eyelids. Its role can perform a foundation with a dense texture, as well as powder. The base is designed to level the surface of the eyelids and save them from shine.
  • Then it is necessary to start the application - from the outer corner of the upper eyelid. (from the line that separates the mobile and fixed parts of it). The eye should be half open. For this you need to use only the best brushes. This type of makeup is applied with special brushes or sponges - along the entire fold. Note that this will be the darkest part of your makeup (except for the arrows, if you plan to draw them).
  • After that, it is necessary to switch to using a lighter shade of shadows, which need to cover the middle part of the century. It is better if it will be light mother-of-pearl shade of a basic shade. In addition, it is important to use cosmetics that suit you the type of appearance. This color should form the basis of your eye makeup. In addition, it should be combined with the shadows that you put on the line between the moving part of the century and the top. Try to choose a color that is brighter than the first by 1 or 2 tones.
  • Then you need to take the lightest shadows that are in your palette.. They need to handle the angular part of the eye, which is in contact with the nose. It is also necessary to put them under the eyebrow to make the look more open. Instead of light shadows, you can use the highlighter. Shadows with glitter are best applied to the upper part of the eyelid, and dark shadows are recommended to paint the line along the fold or the line along the eyelid.
  • The next step is to bring harmony into your image.. To do this, you need to gently shade the shadows, making the transitions smooth and softening the line. This creates a light gradient effect that looks very feminine and romantic. You can stretch the shadows up or to the side - depending on the shape of the eyes (especially if you want to adjust their shape). Some women first apply eyeliner, but this is wrong, because it is better to paint the eyelids with a pencil over the shadows. The line can be thin and clear, and maybe wider, with feathering. You can emphasize the hair color and shade of the eye, causing a line of the same color along the eyelid. This option is perfect for brunettes and brown-haired women.
  • Having shaded a line along the eyelid drawn in eyeliner, you can create a smoky effect or smoky eyes. This makeup is very fashionable and relevant, it is perfect for creating an evening look. To make the eyes wider, and the look more expressive, you also need to make up the lower eyelid. Its outer part should also be darker (compared to the inner one). The line along the lower eyelid should be very thin.

Try not to use very bright shades, otherwise you can get the effect of fatigue or the appearance of circles under the eyes. It is necessary to choose lighter and lighter shades.

  • After that, you can proceed to applying mascara, and then - to paint the lips. It is important to observe the following rule: if you brightly highlighted the eyes with shadows, it is better to make up your lips with a light shade. All makeup artists recommend to emphasize either the eyes or the lips.

Makeup artists secrets

Makeup artists use important rules by which they create real masterpieces themselves.

All the masters recommend applying shadows on the matting base, because in this way eye makeup lasts longer, and the makeup lies smoother and does not roll down during the day. In addition, this base allows you to accurately convey the shadow cast of the shadows. Makeup artists recommend using only high-quality shadows of famous brands, since such tools do not crumble and do not form lumps.

Another rule that must be observed is that the shadows must be shaded. So you can drastically change the makeup and improve it. Makeup artists believe that feathering is the main step in the process of applying shadows; they do not recommend it to be neglected. A very interesting secret that make-up artists share: if you are not sure whether any types of eye shadows are combined, you can purchase a cosmetics palette in which all colors will definitely be combined. As a rule, they are presented in a palette of two to four colors. Makeup artists prohibit the use when creating makeup more than 4 different colors of the shadows. Otherwise, you can spoil the makeup, making it very catchy and vulgar.

So, the shadows need to be shaded, and all borders and transitions between different colors should be made soft and smooth. This makeup will look restrained and harmonious.

All make-up artists are unanimous in saying that to create day make-up perfect fit compact powder shadowsbecause they have a very light texture. For such makeup are perfect and friable shadows.

If you want to create evening look, then for make-up it is better to use tYeni-pencil or cream-shadowbecause they have a softer texture and more pronounced shades. They fit well on the eyelids and allow you to make a bright focus on the eyes.

Another secret that make-up artists share is that they do not use liquid eyelin when creating makeup with shadows.. As a rule, they replace it with eyeliner, since it is much more convenient to apply it on shades with colored eyelids. In addition, it can be easily shaded, creating a haze effect. So you can hide the swollen eyelids.

All experts recommend to pick up the shadows in accordance with the type of appearance, as well as to choose them for a particular occasion (and you need to decide whether specific shades will be appropriate). Makeup artists advise Do not resort to bright makeup shadows in the daytime, and also not to use "poisonous" shades. Otherwise, you can create a painful appearance and add pallor to the face. For an evening out they recommend picking up shiny glitters.

Common mistakes

Women who do makeup for the first time or in haste, often make mistakes when creating a make-up with the help of shadows.

  • One of the most common such errors is that they not enough shade the shadows. So ladies spoil the make-up, making it more vulgar. It is necessary to smooth the transitions between shades, bring the make-up to the ideal. To do this, you need to use a special applicator - sponge, which usually comes bundled with shadows (or a special brush).
  • The next mistake when applying shadows is that women do not know the measures. They impose a lot on the eyelids, and their makeup becomes not elegant and natural, but vulgar and catchy. This rule can be violated only if you are going to any thematic party. Not only the thickness of such a coating, but also its area will depend on the number of shadows. Try not to put a shadow to the eyebrows. It is better to leave a small gap between the eyes and eyebrows, because otherwise the makeup will be damaged.
  • The next mistake is that women leave a very clear and precise transition between different shades of shadows. They use contrasting colors, not focusing on the combination rules. To properly apply the shadow, some women use special schemes. But this way you can not improve the makeup, and spoil it, because all transitions must be smoothed out in order to get the perfect make-up. This error is also due to the fact that women shade shadows very poorly. All colors should smoothly change from one to another. They must be combined.
  • The next mistake many women make is use of very dark shades of shadows on the fixed part of the eyelid. They put on the part of the eyelids above the folds the same shade as on the moving part, thereby spoiling the makeup. So they create the effect of painful eyes. Applying too dark shadows on the upper part of the eyelid, you can create and the effect of sunken eyes. In no case should such an error be made, the shadows should become lighter in the direction from the moving part of the eyelid to the eyebrows. Eyebrows are best to use bright pearly shades of shadows.
  • The next common mistake is that females too high in the lower eyelid. Obviously, it has a much smaller size, so it should not be given too much attention. Otherwise, you can select dark circles under the eyes, if not, create an effect. It is necessary to bring the lower eyelid very thinly, and gently blend the shadows.
  • Another mistake that makeup artists criticize is a large number of bright shadows on the inside of the century. The main rule when applying shadows is their clarification to the inner corner of the eye. But many women put on this part very bright shadows in large quantities, thereby spoiling the shape of their eyes. Therefore, to create an elegant make-up, try to apply as few shadows as possible on the inside of the century.
  • Some women also make the mistake of color mismatch. They use eye color shadows. Thus, the eyes are not emphasized - they are lost in such a make-up. It is best to highlight the eye color with contrasting shades that will help make the look more expressive.
  • Another common mistake that, as a rule, when creating eye make-up is admitted by young beauties - use a large number of bright and incompatible shades. This make-up is not suitable for day and evening images. It seems that you put on a retro party. Try to observe harmony in a combination of shades and use no more than four different colors, which should complement each other. Then your appearance will be just perfect! You will not go unnoticed and conquer all the sophistication of your image.

Learning to apply shadows correctly - in the next video.

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