Eye shape makeup

Eye shape makeup

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Often the emphasis in the makeup falls on them, but it is not always appropriate. Current trends in make-up pushed eyes behind the background, freeing up space for lips and especially eyebrows, but agree that no make-up can do without working on eyelids and eyelashes. Makeup in the shape of the eyes allows you to emphasize the "mirror" of any soul and visually correct its flaws.

How to determine the shape and position?

Take a mirror and sit down. It will take several minutes to assess the shape, the features of the eyes and to find the perfect makeup for the correction of appearance.

  • Estimate the distance between the eyes (their inner corners). If it is less than the width of one eye, there is a place to be a close-seated type, if more, it is widely-seated. If the distance between the corners roughly coincides with the width of the eye, proceed to the next step.
  • Assess the eyes in terms of the depth of their landing. Deep-set as if buried in the sockets and slightly shaded eyelid, which, by the way, small and dark. Large bulging eyes have a wide eyelid, are like bulging and visible from the very first sight. If this item is not about you, we recommend that you proceed to the next step and determine the eye section.
  • Compare them with the lips. Medium in size resemble the shape and size of the mouth (may be slightly smaller), have an oval shape. To determine the slanting (narrow) eyes will succeed every girl or man at a glance - they have a small width and a hanging eyelid. Makeup Mongoloid eyes is significantly different from the sunken or spaced. Now let's talk about the shape of the eyes, because it is no less important to consider it when performing a make-up.
  • Mono-shaped form - the most common among Europeans. It is distinguished by the absence of a noticeable fold in the upper eyelid and a rather wide-open look (appreciate the shape in a well-lit room and at a right angle, that is, not from above or below, but look in the mirror straight ahead). Once again, open your eyes wide and see if the fold is visible on the upper eyelid. If it is visible, then you have a “hood” - it is usually lightened with shadows and raised with the help of shadows.
  • Evaluate the corners of your eyes and whether they are lowered or raised. To do this, it is enough to hold an invisible parallel or take a pencil (any other thin long object) and bring it to the middle of the pupil. If the corners turned out to be higher than the parallel, then the corners of your eyes are raised and “smile”, if lower, then they are lowered (and “sad”). It happens that one corner is elevated (external, for example), the second is lowered, then we are talking about asymmetrical eyes and the need to correct them with a simple technique in makeup.
  • The main two eye shapes are round and almond-shaped. Look at your pupil - if you see the protein above and below it, then your eyes are round, if the protein is clearly visible only from the left and right side, then you are dealing with the most common almond-shaped form. The shape of swollen, deep, far-set eyes, asymmetrical, slanting and others can be corrected with the help of makeup. It will not be possible to change it to 100%, and it is beneficial to emphasize - quite real.

How to change the shape?

This can be done visually with the help of cosmetics - the shortest and most affordable way to transform the eyes. There are two main forms of eyes - round and almond-shaped, but even each of them looks differently depending on the shape and size of the face and the rest of its parts. The ideal form of almonds is elegantly elongated with raised corners, and each technique in the makeup of the eye tends to create it.

The arrows will help to visually change the shape of the eyes - black, brown, gray - select the shade of the decorative means to the natural color of the eyes and their size.

  1. For the correction of small eyes Start drawing the arrow from the middle of the century - first a thin line is drawn, which gradually expands and goes up. Replace the coal-black eyeliner with a brown, green, blue one, choose mascara on the contrary, darker and with a glossy finish.
  2. To make wider and bigger eyes of Asian type, use contrasting colors. Preliminarily draw a line with a dark (gray, brown) pencil over the fold of the upper eyelid - look in front of you and simply repeat the outline by lightly pressing the pencil. From the outer corner, draw a small line up with a liner or pencil and connect it with the first one. So you create a new "open" form. The moving eyelid cover with light shadows, lower - dark. Do not forget about the liner, you can begin to draw the arrow as from the inner corner (with a wide or medium eye setting) or from the middle of the century (if it is narrow).
  3. To adjust bulging eyes, shadows should be postponed and use liner or liner instead. Remove the neat thin arrow and do not affect the lower eyelid.

Makeup allows you to bring the natural shape of the eye to the perfect almond-shaped, so the right shadow will transform any look.

Correction with the help of visage

Small eyes

For small eyes It is recommended to use light shades with a mother-of-pearl finish or liquid shades with glossy - they will give a visual volume. On the inner corners, apply a drop of white or light pearl shadows and blend them to the center of the eyelids. Apply the shadows to the outer corner darker and blend them to the temples and to the center, create a light haze and a smooth transition from the light shade of the shadows to the darker. You can use eyeliner - start to lead a line from about the middle of the century and draw a clear upward arrow, increasing its width gradually.

It is necessary to exclude dark matte textures on the whole moving eyelid - they will make the eyes even smaller.

What exactly you should not do is to circle them with a black outline and especially to draw kayal - this technique will make them tiny. To make small eyes more expressive, paint only the upper lashes with dark mascara and do not paint the lower ones.

"Heavy" eyelid

With the problem of "heavy" century even young girls of Asian appearance or more mature persons face, and at any age she can be solved with the help of a correct make-up. The technique of darkening the outer corner will allow you to adjust the hanging eyelid - put dark shadows on it, blending them up and darken the top fold - look in front of you in the mirror and draw a thin line above the fold, blend all the lines well. All strokes with pencil or shadows should be directed upwards - this will visually lift the swollen eyelid. Makeup artists advise to further lengthen the eyebrows and do not lower their tips down.

"Down" corners

They give fatigue to the overall expression of the face and drooping lookdespite the high spirits. When creating makeup, it is important to bring the eyeliner line or shadows up to the temples - this will visually lift the “lowered” outer corners. Put shadows with this sequence: light - in the outer corners, dark - on the outer, something between - in the middle. The ideal choice for girls with “sad” eyes will be the arrows, while they can be clearly bred or feather like Marilyn Monroe.

Round eyes

It is necessary to visually extend the corners of the line liner or by using dark shadows that will extend beyond the outer corner. In a word - choose arrows or shade a pencil, shadows to the temples and do not forget about darkening the outer corner. Paint over the upper eyelashes well and twist them up - they will visually create an almond shape.

Deep set

To save the "recessed" eyes will allow simple technique: apply light shadows or concealer with mother-of-pearl finish on the movable eyelid and blend cosmetics a bit beyond its natural limits. Select the inner corner with a light, almost white pencil and output the arrow to the temple. The emphasis on the lips will help to get rid of sunken eyes - let them become the “face of the face”.

Do not forget about the eyebrows and draw a natural broad line.


Big bulging eyes also need correction. Exclusively mother-of-pearl shadows on the mobile eyelid will make the eyes even more voluminous, so give preference to matte textures with dark pigment. Draw a line of eyebrows a little further beyond the outer corner of the eye. Underline it appropriately with a white pencil or a small amount of light shadows.

Wide set

You need to visually bring your eyes closer to each other. and observe the main rule - to lighten the outer corner and darken the inner one. This is the case when the eyeliner line can start at the very base of the eye - the inner corner and even go beyond it by 1-2 mm. Pigment shading starts from the inner corner and is shaded until the middle of the century, light shades are superimposed on the outer corner, and their borders are shaded with a brush. To visually bring together the eyes, it is necessary to arrange your eyebrows - draw a couple of extra strokes at their base.

Close set

The bright owner of this form - the famous Hollywood diva Sarah Jessica Parker. If you pay attention to her makeup, you can see that her inner corners of the eyes are always highlighted with bright shadows with a pearl finish. In the case of closely set eyes, you can completely darken the upper eyelid with a glossy finish shadow or select a matte texture depending on the size of the eyes. All lines need to lead to the temples, the shadows, the liner pull up a natural line without fanaticism - this will visually lift the view. Another important tip is to start the liner line and arrows approximately from the middle of the century.


Correction of oblique eyes is reduced to minimal use of cosmetics in this area. - focus on the lips and thoroughly work out the edge. Emphasize the eyes themselves with light bright shadows and choose a mascara with a natural twisting effect, work on the outer corners and twist a little cilia in them.

How to choose make up?

In the make-up firmly established techniques that allow step-by-step and visual adjustment of the eyes and add emphasis to the holistic look.

  • An important role is played by eye color. - for nut colors, choose golden, bronze and any brown shades of shadows and eyeliners, for olive colors - lilac and purple (the last two - for cold skin tone) or universal colors - green, brown. For blue eyes, choose classic contrasting shades - gray, dark blue and unusual colors - orange, pink, for gray ones - mauve, cold turquoise and blue, light gray and brown.
  • Color type Summer accepts shades of color of the sea and sky - blue, blue, lilac and gray, including brown, white, silver pigmento. The main rule is that they are found in nature. Spring is all warm tones from beige and brown to green, winter is cold pink (even on the eyelids), gray, blue, autumn is red, brown pigments and black.
  • Making Fox Eyes involves the removal of a long arrow almost to the temples. This technique is suitable for Asians and the fair sex with small on the nature of the eyes (including wide and narrow set). With the help of it, the effect of a lowered inner corner and a raised outer one is achieved, therefore for its natural embodiment it is worth striving for this.

Makeup Artist Tips

  • In pursuit of the perfect arrow use advice: to find your shape, close your eye and continue the natural line of the eye.To make the line clear, glue a piece of scotch at the outer corner and draw a pencil or liner over it;
  • Practically in any make-up a darkened outer corner of the eye and a small arrow are used - this is the way out, if you have not yet managed to determine your type of makeup;
  • To make the look openand eyes wide, put a white dot with a pencil or shadows on the inner corner. This technique is not suitable for those who have far-set eyes;
  • If the eyes are big, paint the eyelashes at the very base, if small - do not try to impose a little on the roots of hairs, start applying mascara, slightly retreating from the roots;
  • Thin line eyeliner, held from the middle of the moving century, will transform any eye makeup and adjust their shape;
  • Increase Shadow Resistance or the corrector will help the use of a special primer and its application to the unprepared mobile eyelid;
  • To make the look bright, draw a line of kayal on the mucous in white or solid pencil; and then you can “sculpt” any direction and style, it is important to prepare the base - the ideal form.

How to determine the shape of the eye and make its correction - see the next video.

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