Makeup Lessons for Beginners

Makeup Lessons for Beginners

Not every girl is able to pay for the services of a personal makeup artist and apply to him on a daily basis. Most ladies try to solve a similar question on their own and apply makeup on their own. Makeup for beginners is no different complexity and is available to every girl who wants to look attractive.

What it is?

Make-up is the art of change and shape correction along with the complexion. Actions are made by decorative cosmetic products. Make-up makes it possible to eliminate minor defects, allows you to look younger, highlight the advantages of each woman and demonstrate individual qualities. Women's psychology is to support and emphasize its natural beauty. This is due to the fact that each well-groomed lady gains confidence.

By the performance of the makeup is divided into two types:

  • Complicated. The main goal is the adjustment of forms;
  • Simple. This type of makeup is carried out on the face, which has the correct shape along with perfect proportions. It emphasizes expressiveness and individual traits.

When working with makeup, you should follow the sequence and some rules with which you can create any makeup, even at home.

Benefits and features

In applying makeup has its own advantages and features that every girl should become familiar with. The advantages include the following points:

  • With makeup You can hide any imperfection in your appearance, as well as highlight the dignity. Having mastered the basics of this art, you will always feel its irresistible and attractive;
  • Using the advice of makeup artists, you can look different every day. The use of decorative cosmetics makes it possible to experiment with images, selecting the most attractive;
  • Using makeupyou stop biting your nails, rub your eyes and bite your lips;
  • Make-up gives confidence highlights from the crowd. Every girl knows that it is enough to powder her nose in the morning to feel stunning all day long;
  • Modern preparations for applying makeup possess useful properties. With their help, you can take care of your skin, protecting it from the negative effects of the external environment.

Many representatives of the male report that due to the make-up, a woman acquires a zest. Applying cosmetics is an optional procedure, but without it, the image becomes "fresh".

Each girl should decide whether to use cosmetics. You can choose full naturalness or master the lessons of visage.

Application techniques

Perfect makeup can make every girl at home. To create it, you should use the instructions that are described in this article. Make-up is performed step by step and without haste.

Step by step instructions for applying makeup:

  • In the first step You will need to choose the right tone. Properly chosen tonalka must blend with the natural skin color. It should be distributed evenly, avoiding stains and stains. Apply the product to the face with the help of a sponge;
  • Remember that that applying a tone in parts leads to rolling. Your skin will look unnatural in any light, different in color from the skin on the neck. These properties suggest that the tonal base is applied incorrectly and a different shade should be chosen;
  • If you can not make the right choice of tonal basisFor beginners, there is a great alternative in the form of a matte primer. It is able to hide the enlarged pores and gives the derma well-groomed, smoothing its surface;
  • The next stage is in eyebrow correction. This procedure can be easily done by yourself, having studied the rules to give the eyebrows the desired shape. You should not make the line saturated, it will only lead to the deterioration of the entire makeup. Extend your eyebrows to the ideal with a small amount of shadows and competent shading;
  • Shadows are drawn on the brush and are located on the brow area. It should be combed up, keeping hair growth. Use for this purpose a special brush;
  • Beautiful makeup depends entirely on the shadows. This component of cosmetics is very noticeable, and, based on the selected color, you can make your image geeky or natural. Before you use the shadows, you need to put a base. Then a light shade is applied on the entire eyelid and shaded with a brush;
  • Now you should bring your eyes with the help of dark shadows. You can apply a black or lighter palette to a beveled type brush, using it for a mobile age. As an alternative, you can use a pencil by drawing an arrow and muffling the shade with the help of feathering;
  • The next step is to dye the eyelashes. The procedure should be performed from the center of the eyelids, distributing mascara from root to tip;
  • The last step is to apply gloss or lipstick. There are no difficulties in this, so every newcomer will cope with the task. If you wish, you can use the lip contour, which is similar to a natural shade.

With these actions, you can gradually create high-quality makeup. This technique can be used for selfies, for work, walking with friends and any other event.

How to choose cosmetics?

If you decide to independently address the issue of make-up, you will need to choose the right cosmetics. This step refers to the responsible event, which determines the quality of the entire makeup as a whole.

Tonal basis

The tonal tool should be chosen based on the type of your skin. It should be borne in mind that you only need a tonal basis if you have problem skin and need to hide its defects. For the dermis, which does not need a specific masking, the usual concealer or corrector will do. If on your face there is no strong reddening or non-uniform sites, it is possible to use only powder. It will dry the redness and return the skin to its normal state.

For normal or combined skin type, you should choose a foundation with moisturizing properties. For oily dermis suitable tonalka from a series of BB. This is a matting series in which there is a slight moisturizing effect.

For eyebrows

Cosmetic eyebrow series should be selected with full responsibilitybecause this element of makeup requires special attention and skills in applying. To learn how to paint eyebrows, you will need a lot of time along with master classes from masters.

Beginners should opt for a palette of two shades: brown and brownish-gray. Additionally, you may need a white tint. It is impossible to imagine filling eyebrows without a quality brush. You can purchase a set of several brushes or make a purchase separately.

Choose soft enough products with natural nap.


To keep the shadows better, you need to acquire a basic base for nonex Due to this component, the shadows look more saturated, bright, not prone to shedding and rolling.

When you begin to select the shadows, make them a test in the store. Make sure that the cosmetics have a good pigment and easily transferred to the fingers.High-quality shadows should cast a rich tint.

If the shadows are badly imprinted on the fingers, study another brand. Based on your eye color, activities, and mood you should choose a color palette. A palette with black shadows is very popular, a brown scale for natural makeup, a turquoise hue for a youth party.

Shadows with similar properties are easy to apply and feather. They provide a smooth transition of colors. Performing makeup with such shadows will have a high level of resilience over the long term.


Choose pencils with high levels of durability.and. If you do not have excess finance, you can make a choice from the budget line. Such a pencil should have a bright and rich color, creamy texture, which is easily shaded.


Makeup artists recommend beginners to buy mascara from famous brands.. It is of good quality and can withstand even the longest events. Such tools are not prone to flaking, do not float and do not spoil the image of poor resistance.


When choosing a lipstick or gloss should take into account qualities such as durability, moisturizing, pleasant smell. Color cosmetics should be combined with your image, without making it too pathetic or, on the contrary, pale.

Having a set of this cosmetics in your arsenal, you can create make-up from scratch and think about your image for any occasion.

Professional Tips

Makeup artists' lessons for beginners are based on the fact that beginners can master the basic skills, learn the purpose of each type of cosmetics. This section contains the theory by which you will be able to create high-quality makeup with your own hands.

The initial stages are always concluded in working with the face. You will need to learn how to work with it. Even for teapots will not be difficult to start painting. You will need to buy a tonal foundation that is suitable for your skin type, primer, powder of light shades.

It is necessary to follow the procedure and apply the tonal framework with a special brush or sponge. Movement is carried out from the center to the periphery. If you work at home, use a primer for the eye area, covering your eyelids and powder.

Face sculpting is enclosed in darkening or lightening of some areas of the face. If you start from professional makeup, step by step this procedure looks like this: zone of cheekbones, cheeks, under eyes, back of nose, center of forehead, center of chin, nostrils. The skin above the upper lip should have a clarification of 2 shades. Zones such as the corners of the jaw, nasal wings, forehead line along the growth of the hair, the area of ​​the temples and cheekbones are obscured.

To learn the basics of chiaroscuro correction, you should study its location clearly with explanations.

With the help of blush you can refresh the tone of the face. If you master this course, you can correctly emphasize facial features using make-up. High-quality makeup will help give your face a symmetrical shape. Makeup artists recommend using the following tips:

  • Blush dry type applied with a fluffy brush. Extra particles are eliminated by tapping the palm of your hand;
  • Exercise short and soft strokes;
  • for stretching the broad face should be applied blush strictly vertically. Shading is not necessary. Keep a line from the center of the pupils to the dimples;
  • To "tighten" slack cheeks, you need to impose blush slightly above the level of the cheekbones;
  • Soften the angles of the devil help bronzer, applied in a circular motion on the center of the cheeks;
  • Well hide the fullness of the face competent application of blush under the zygomatic bone. It should lead a brush diagonally - from the fossa to the temples;
  • For a narrow face should be applied clearly horizontally on the level of the cheekbones.

To create a high-quality makeup, you should learn how to make eye makeup. For each form has its own technique.

If you are the owner of narrow eyes, makeup artists recommend using the following tips:

  • Draw arrows. They should be located below the third part of the inner corners. Expand the contour line, which is located in the middle of the century, rounding its shape. Make sure that the lower arrow does not connect with the upper one. When you study the makeup course for beginners, use dark shadows only on the outer and inner corners of the eyelids. The middle should be light. This method will allow you to make up correctly;
  • For round eyes You should draw a long arrow that will protrude beyond the outer side of the eyelid by 2/3. Eyeliner should start from the line of the eye. Bend the upper line of the liner along with the bottom up. Both lines must not intersect;
  • For close set eyes should be resorted to darkening only on the outer corners. Matt light shades can be applied to the inner zone;
  • For those girls which have a wide distance between the eyes, you need to apply a dark pigment on the inner corners, and the outer part needs to be lightened. You cannot draw a contour beyond the boundary of the upper eyelid;
  • If you have small eyes, That makeup is to use light shadows over the entire surface of the eyelid. Don't forget to work on a crease with a darker pigment. Podbrovnuyu arc highlight white tone.

Applying lipstick is not difficult. Make up the lips can every girl. If you need, the contour correction is made with a pencil. Make a choice that blends in color with lipstick or lips. It should not be noticeable. The contour is also slightly shaded.

Cosmetics should be applied from the center to the edges. Perform the procedure with a special brush. After the lipstick has been applied, you should use a tissue to remove excess.

By applying a transparent gloss over lipstick, you can make the lips visually fuller.


Every girl can learn to do make-up for beginners. You only need to determine the type of dermis, as well as the shape of the face. Having studied the advice of make-up artists, you can begin to navigate and realize how the combination of colors with each other is made.

  • Very popular make-up in the style of "Smokey ice", the imposition of which is not difficult even for a beginner. Before you begin, you should level the skin tone, apply a small amount of powder on the eyelids.
  • Start make up you need with the arrows. They are applied using a cosmetic pencil. If you wish, you can use a flat-type brush, or stroke the eye contour with the help of shadows. Keep in mind that this technique eliminates the use of liquid liner, because you need to get clear and strict contours.
  • Next, raise the line of the outer corner.heading towards the temples area. Give the line a thickness that is much thicker compared to the inside corner. The contour should be carefully shaded. A thinner contour is drawn on the lower eyelid, which should also be shaded.
  • Buy shadows, shades of which are close to each other and form a smooth transition. Choose a color palette so that it looks harmoniously with a pencil. A darker shadow pigment should be placed on moving eyelids, using several layers to create an effect of sufficient thickness. Carry out the application, starting from the outer corner, moving to the inner. You can create a contour with the help of shadows, and in the area of ​​the eye sockets to highlight the arc.
  • Apply shadows to the lower eyelids in the outer corners. The movement should be carried out towards the inside of the corner, reducing the intensity of shades. Light pigment is applied from the age-old folds towards the eyebrows.All transitions with borders must be shaded.

"Smoky eyes" implies a heavy application of mascara on the upper and lower eyelids. Special attention should be paid to the outer corners.

The described makeup technique is not considered the only one. This option is more popular, but in order to master its subtleties, you should try out different techniques of such makeup. For example, the main shade is replaced by a thicker pencil line. It is shaded on the upper eyelid up. This manipulation can be done with the fingers. Shadows are also distributed by fingers.

Some makeup artists initially use an intermediate shade in the middle of the upper eyelid. Then a black tone is applied along the lash line and under the fold with the outer corner of the eye. All lines are carefully shaded.

  • For beginners will be relevant ideas of natural makeup. This technique also consists of leveling the tone of the face, emphasizing the beauty and freshness of the skin. For such an image, you should use a small amount of concealer, tonal framework and powder of natural shades, as well as natural shades of shadows.
  • Light beige shades are superimposed under the eyebrow., and light tone is used as a base under the shadows. The edges of the shadows should be shaded. Darker shades are located at the outer edge of the eyelid and displayed on the border of the moving eyelid.
  • If you decide to do natural makeup, You will need a pencil in brown, gray or green. Using the arrow will need to highlight the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes. Cilia need to stain without lumps. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes.
  • When choosing a lipstick Give preference to natural shades to highlight the natural beauty of your lips.

Fashion trends

The trends of the world of fashion this year for girls are democratic, because they combine different types of popular make-ups that met at the very peak of fashion tops. This year, fashion brings a visual demonstration of change in ages and generations.

Modern designers who know the art of make-up, provide complete freedom in choice and recommend using a variety of techniques that make up the classical side of cosmetology. Makeup artists recommend not to be afraid to be bold in creative ideas and use different directions of fashionable make up.

The basic number of key features of the makeup include:

  • Health and well-groomed skinas well as a slight glow;
  • Closeness to natural tones in the make-up on the Nyud technique;
  • Monochrome makeup;
  • Popular technology "Smoky eyes" with black shadows;
  • Use of arrows along with a circular eyeliner to create a cat-eye effect;
  • Graphic Makeupwhich is considered the main component of evening images;
  • Festive Makeup Technique in metallic style.

Studying the fashion trends of the world of cosmetology, you can always be up to date and look cool and attractive.

This video will teach you to make a simple and effective beauty-makeup.

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