Summer makeup

Summer makeup

Not only fashion and taste, but also seasons dictate the choice of cosmetics. Although the weather in the summer has lately been unstable, some stylist recommendations are relevant for both hot and rainy summer.

Makeup features for the summer

Summer is a time of freedom and naturalness. Makeup is aimed at creating an image of ease and simplicity. It is characterized by a warm and delicate gamut of matte shades, minimal use of decorative tools. Since the skin suffers from drying out and ultraviolet radiation in the heat, additional makeup features are moisturizing and sun protection.

Summer is associated with rest and freedom, but it brings with it unpleasant moments affecting the general condition of the skin. At this time of year, allergic reactions often occur, forcing either to completely abandon the usual makeup, or to confine ourselves to the minimum of necessary means. The skin secretes more sweat more quickly, it becomes greasy faster, and makeup should be applied with regular updates or adjustments. From the heat, the skin dries out and peels off if the pores are clogged and inflammation occurs in this place. To prevent these troubles, makeup for the summer should be well thought out.

First you need to prepare the skin: use cleansing masks with anti-inflammatory effect, decoctions of herbs (calendula, chamomile, train), apply scrub 1-2 times a week. Moisturizer should be applied in the morning and evening. Cosmetics used during the day, you need to choose a high SPF-factor.

If the skin of the lips dries out and cracks, make a mask for them. At home, helps butter, as well as honey, aloe. Make it a rule to use matting napkins during a hot day. They will eliminate the oily shine, remove the salts that are released along with the sweat, will allow to use the powder less often.

The aesthetics of summer makeup is the following principles:

  • matte smooth skin, without burdening layers of tonal tools and powder;
  • warm pastel gamma, prevalence of natural shades associated with summer: golden, bluish, peach, caramel;
  • using protective and moisturizing agents.

Cosmetics for the summer should be chosen, focusing on these features. It is advisable to abandon the foundation, if the skin condition allows it. It is better to use matting powder with absorbents, which eliminate the shine and keep on the skin for several hours.

Fashionable makeup spring-summer while maintaining the classical principles is distinguished by some bold decisions:

  • arrows on the centuries traditional (black, brown) and other tones, highlighting of the lower eyelid by liner;
  • coral, plum, bronze, peach, cream and chocolate eyeshadow;
  • as much as possible light and natural make-up in nude style;
  • cheeky makeup in metallic style (using glittering eyeshadow and lipstick shades of precious metals);
  • flashy red lips with a minimum number of shadows and mascara on the eyes;
  • flashing prominent parts of the face with shimmers and highlighters (strobe technique);
  • using shadows of one tone with rouge;
  • using rhinestone;
  • makeup smoky eyes;
  • laying eyebrow hairs up.

Summer is a great time to search for a new image, so choose something that will emphasize your individuality, and do not be afraid to experiment.

Means used

Products that you can use in summer must meet the following criteria:

  • water resistance;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • ability to moisturize and protect against UV light.

Since the pencil keeps better than the shadow, it can be used for soft makeup of the eyelids, well shading strokes. If it contains nylon, then it is for the better: this composition is more elastic, it rolls less.

Matte shadows are more resistant than shiny. If you do not have enough shine, choose a water-based shade that can last several hours on your eyelids.

Mascara should be waterproof, and it is better to choose blue or brown shades. It is desirable to abandon the liner completely: it spreads faster and gives the impression of carelessness.

In the evening, lipstick should be replaced with shine, and for daytime makeup you can use beeswax. If you prefer lipstick, then choose the one that provides a durable satin coating of natural color. If you keep the lipstick in the fridge a little, its durability increases.

Proper makeup is one that gives the impression of health and radiance. Foundation, if you can not do without it, should have a light and airy texture. Modern trends are welcomed by “2 in 1” products - a combination of moisturizing and toning agents.


Considering that in the summer fashionable women are more likely to experiment, well-known brands have prepared a collection of tools designed specifically for the desire to try the unknown.

  • You should pay attention to the motley liner Lancome's Grandiose Liner, which will allow you to draw the arrows of the current colors of this season - for example, fuchsia (hue "04 Fuschia Matt").
  • Do not miss the limited edition of the mini-collection. "Mademoiselle Dreams" by Chanel, including 2 varieties of lipstick. They are complemented with varnishes of the corresponding shades.
  • Chanel also released a new collection of 24 lip gloss with a smooth texture, smoothing effect. They visually enlarge the lips. These products have a nourishing and moisturizing composition and perfectly care for lips in the hot season.

Dior has launched a new line of cosmetics on the market. Care & Dare. The Dior collection consists of:

  • bronzing powder 2 shades;
  • 2 updated shadow palettes;
  • 3 stacks for eyes;
  • lipstick set "Addict Gel Lacquer Stick » 20 current shades that will help to put the last varnish finish on the lips.
  • Already sold new matte lipstick from MAC from the collection "Color Rocker Lipstick Collection Spring". These are 28 various colors (including blue, gray and even black).
  • New line of makeup "Terracotta" by Guerlain helps to give a person a healthy tanned look. The collection includes shining and matte bronzers. Terracotta Powder Collector, contours, bronzers and face highlighters Terracotta Powder Sun Trioself-tanning spray "Terracotta Sunless Body Selftan", foot lotion with toning effect "Terracotta Jolies Jambes Flawless Legs Lotion" 2 shades.

The manufacturer also presented its collection of cosmetics. Tom Ford. The series is called “Soleil Makeup Collection Summer” and consists of:

  • bronzator 3 types;
  • gel for tanning;
  • stick-bronzer with a brush;
  • double shadows;
  • tinted lip balm;
  • palettes for eyes and cheeks;
  • highlighter.

Given the trends of the current season, the German brand Babor released a series of summer masks and peels with an exotic aroma based on mono essential oils that increase skin elasticity.

How to choose cosmetics?

When choosing cosmetics, the basic rules are the same for any season:

  • quality;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • matching your skin type.

There are a number of requirements for summer cosmetics, namely:

  • fairly high SPF factor;
  • moisturizing and softening;
  • water resistance.

All reputable brands meet these requirements. Your task is to choose the most suitable product. If you want to look tanned, but are afraid of a long stay in the sun, you will come to the aid of bronzers. If you prefer to keep the radiance of light skin even in the midst of the heat, your make-up should be different in light pearl shades. To achieve this effect, use highlighters, concealers, light matting powder.

Even a mild summer can be a test for delicate skin. Take a walk with thermal water and matting wipes, which will allow the makeup to stay fresh, and the skin - do not dry out.

How to apply?

To understand how to do makeup in the heat, you need to know what problems you will face. You need to figure out how to avoid them.

  • Problem number 1 - the makeup spreading from a heat. Indeed, the question often arises as to how to properly make up, if the eyeliner crawls, the shadows fall off or roll, and the skin under the layer of makeup itches. The primer that is applied on the face first after you have cleansed and moisturized your skin will help to preserve the quality of the makeup.
  • Problem number 2 - skin that quickly begins to shine in the heat. At high temperature, the sebaceous glands work more intensively, an unnecessary oily sheen appears on the skin. Applying foundation cream layer by layer - not the way out. The third layer ruthlessly creeps, the skin under this cover breathes worse. The way out is to use water-based products that do not interfere with skin breathing, or use anti-gloss powder and matting wipes. This will help you feel more comfortable and will not disturb the beauty of the makeup.

The trends of modern makeup are such that priority is given to delicate matte shades. This applies to both the shadows and lipstick to the rouge. The actual image is a natural and healthy look, a soft and calm range of shades, cleanliness and even skin tone.. This summer is bright in fashion, so do not get carried away with acidic tones of clothing or screaming makeup. The bright face should be one thing - either lips or eyes.

If we are talking about evening make-up, then its contrast solution can be justified. Performed by an experienced hand, this make-up enlivens the even pale radiance of the face. In this regard, the colorful arrows look very impressive, allowing to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, “open” the look. It is better to apply them not with mascara, but with a soft eye pencil, blending or leaving the line clear. Brunettes can use makeup in purple, blondes in gray-blue or silver, and a warm gamut will highlight the merits of a brown-haired woman.

The color of the eyes dictates the saturation of the hue of the shadows: the lighter the iris, the lighter and more transparent the shadows should be.

Professional Tips

  • Professionals advise In summer, use natural light shades in make-up. Shadows with a creamy texture are preferred, and mascara is better to use not black, but brown (or even purple).
  • The fashion of this summer is paradoxical. Perhaps it was the lack of sunny days and the cold beginning of the summer season, but golden shadows and glitters are back in fashion. They should be combined with light transparent tonal means and lipstick of a natural shade.
  • Quite a controversial trend of the current season. - highlighting of the lower eyelid by eyeliner. Turquoise, silver, greenish arrows, drawn along the growth line of eyelashes, are very fashionable, but they need to be combined with delicate shades of shadows, tones and lipstick.
  • To create a memorable evening makeup make-up artists recommend using tones from bluish-plum to pink-purple - of course, considering the color of the eyes and combining bright shadows with a soft shade of lipstick.
  • Hot time for oily skin is a real challenge. Therefore, with the onset of dry hot weather, thoroughly clean the pores, make drying and anti-inflammatory masks. Very carefully you need to choose a tonal tool, it should not clog pores. Use a primer, water-based foundation, mask redness with a greenish corrector. The magic wand on hot days will be colorless powder "anti-gloss", which does not require multi-layer application during the day.
  • Homemade skin matting products are available anytherefore do not neglect herbal infusions (sage, chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort), make cucumber masks, as well as masks with beaten egg white.
  • The novelties of the summer season suggest that natural tanning is great. If you protect your skin from the scorching sun, but want to be in trend - use bronzator, which not only gives the skin a hint of a healthy tan, but also moisturize and protect it from ultraviolet radiation.
  • If you managed to tan naturally, use a moisturizer, give up the powder, maintain makeup in light golden tones, shading the glow of tanned skin.


The choice of cosmetics (including summer ones) is a delicate matter. A proven tool fits one and does not suit others. High-quality makeup products are quite expensive, the selection process must be conscious. It is unacceptable to buy something just because this product is actively advertised or liked by a friend.

To determine how much tonal cream, lipstick is right for you, you can use swatches. Swatch is a photo or video showing how a cosmetic is used. You can more easily understand how, say, a foundation or bronzer on a certain type of skin, a particular shade. In this way you will avoid disappointment and do not spend more effort than required. The only thing you can’t find out with the help of svotchey is whether a particular remedy causes irritation to you.

Work on your image and improve your skin - these are the tasks that confront us every summer. Knowing the features of summer makeup, you successfully solve both problems, finding a new image for yourself or updating your usual one.

How to make a summer makeup, see the following video.

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