Makeup for brown eyes and dark hair

Makeup for brown eyes and dark hair

Make-up artists of the whole world go crazy with brown-eyed clients, whose beauty lies in their languid eyes, and luck - in the bright appearance of brown-haired women, for whom nature has already created daily makeup. Makeup for brown eyes and dark hair is simple and allows you to use almost the whole range of shades of shadows and mascara, and this is the most important advantage of brunettes.

Features and benefits

You can learn make-up by the images of overseas film stars - Jessica Alba, Monica Bellucci, Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley, Penelope Cruz and Catherine Zeta Jones. If you look at the make-up of each of them, you can note that color cosmetics emphasizes the natural beauty of celebrity, which, in turn, have different shades of hair and eyes.

Dark hair and brown eyes - the basis of a bright and memorable appearance of a woman who does not require the use of a kilogram of "plaster". For young girls, only mascara for eyebrows and a few drops of blush can be useful for creating everyday make-up; for mature women - additionally corrector and lipstick.

What advantages does a girl with dark eyes and hair have in terms of makeup - let's talk right now:

  • A truly attractive and feminine image requires well-groomed beauty, so make-up artists do not recommend young girls to get involved in decorative cosmetics, just tidy up their eyebrows and create an even skin tone - brunettes' eyelashes and eyebrows often have a dark color from nature and do not require additional staining;
  • For swarthy beauties, the creation of tone is not the primary task, but rather the last. They can add a little blush and emphasize the cilia;
  • For brown-eyed eastern-style brunettes, cosmetics with a “winter” character are traditionally prescribed - cold shadows, cold lipstick and “frosty” pink blush, but make-up artists from the whole world use a warm palette - all shades of brown from light beige to almost black;
  • Brown eyes differ from each other, and this allows the use of a separate color scheme for girls with olive eyes, brown-yellow, dark brown;
  • Hair color in the creation of makeup plays a secondary role, because it is so easy to change, which is not exactly what you do with your eyes.

How to choose cosmetics?

Brown-eyed ladies are all shades of brown, gray, black, green and purple - if we talk about eye makeup and eyebrows. What should be excluded: blue, blue and red on the eyes.

When choosing shadows, stop on palettes. for the color type "winter" with cool shades or choose a brown range - brown-eyed brunettes have amazing appearance and they are literally “all-to-face”. Avoid the blue and blue shades in the classic technique of applying to the entire eyelid - they will, at best, send you to the 90s, at worst - to the washroom to the washbasin.

For carrot-green or olive eyes all shades of green (including “dirty” olive) and brown, golden. For the classic clean brown eyes (not too dark), there are additional peach, nut, plum, purple and pink colors, so instead of shadows you can easily use suitable blush and apply them to the eyelid.

"Black eyes It is excellently combined with any brown shades of shade, silver, metallic, calm violet and lilac, and yellowish shades with mustard, green, yellow shades such that in their color resemble honey.

If we talk about liner, then pick up its shade by the rules of the shadows.

Black and brown pigments remain the classic. Prefer high-quality cosmetics for eyebrows: mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, pencil - choose a product shade as close as possible to a natural hair shade (if they are not colored at least at the roots).

Mascara - black, brown, green or dark blue. Brown-eyed brunettes are pearly shadows, so feel free to "wear" them at any convenient (read evening) case. If we talk about brighter "screaming" shades of shadows, then choose yellow, orange, pink, sometimes blue and blue. Do not put blue and blue shadows on the whole moving eyelid (as our grandmothers did), but make a smoke over the fold of the upper eyelid, generously painting its moving part with black eyeliner.

Kinds of make up: which one is suitable?


Any brunette with dark eyes can do without makeup at all - nature especially took care of women of eastern appearance and most of the Russian brown-eyed beauties. Casual makeup usually consists of creating a tone, correcting the shape of the eyebrows and applying mascara plus contour pencil for lips or hygienic lipstick.

Everyday makeup is the best way to emphasize natural beauty and not go beyond:

  1. Apply to the pre-moistened face a light foundation (in winter) or a fluid (it is ideal for summer) and blend it well.
  2. Adjust the shape of the eyebrow and brush the hair up with a brush. If jyb is naturally thick and bushy, it is enough to fix them with a transparent gel, if not, additionally paint them with a soft pencil or shadows.
  3. In makeup, it will be enough to make eye lashes with black or brown mascara. You can impose a shade of 2-3 tones brighter than the natural color of the eyes and shade them well.
  4. A couple of drops of pink or peach blush - and a light make-up is ready. A gentle image is suitable for both work and for publication.


Often, festive makeup requires a large supply of cosmetics and time, but the owners of brown eyes and dark hair are definitely not affected. To create a bright image, it is enough to make arrows thicker and apply two layers of ink instead of one. So, create a make-up for a special occasion:

  1. Emphasize the natural shape of the eyebrows with a thin pencil, you can slightly extend its natural line - this will visually widen the eyes.
  2. Apply eye primer to the entire moving part and powder lightly. Paint over the upper eyelid mucosa with a black pencil, draw an upside down V on the outer corner and draw a line over the upper eyelid (with a pigment brush or pencil) that repeats its contour. Blend dark pencil and apply brown shadows on the outer corner of the eyelid, moving to the center.
  3. A black or dark brown eyeliner will make your eyes bright - draw a rich arrow over the shadows and fix the result with mascara - 2-3 layers will be enough.
  4. To make the image festive, the matte finish of the shadows can be replaced with mother-of-pearl or choose a creamy texture of the shadows - it gives a more dense coating and a rich shade.

Makeup Oriental Beauty - Another holiday option or even everyday. His technique is reduced to the creation of a "cat's-eye" with the help of an eyeliner of the upper and lower eyelids of rich black color. Depending on the shape and size of the eye, the technique changes, but it tends to create an almond-shaped shape.

When creating a gentle makeup for light or dark skin, choose shades that are 1-2 tones different from natural ones - the color of eyebrows and hair, the iris of the eyes. In daylight, saturated eyebrows, as well as the eyes as a whole, are useless, and for the evening, do not be afraid to take shades “stronger” - 2-4 tones darker.

How to apply?

Brown-eyed brunettes especially goes "Smoky Ice" - a kind of dark haze on dark eyes.The distinction of the modern "Smoky ice" is the ability to use any shades (except black, as it was before). Step by step do it like this:

  1. The foundation is the perfect skin. Use a light foundation + concealer + masking pencil: it is important to hide all local skin imperfections and even out the overall shade.
  2. Circle the outline of the upper and lower eyelids with a dark pencil - black, brown, gray, depending on what color is the "Smoky ice". Create almond-shaped eyes with a pencil, bringing the contour beyond the natural limit.
  3. On top of the pencil, apply the darkest shadows from the palette (you know that several shades of shadows from one palette will be useful to create the "Smokey"). In the center, apply the main shade - brown, gold, bronze or any other - it will be an accent.
  4. Fluffy brush blend the shadows, turning the lines into a smooth transition of colors.
  5. Again emphasize the eyeliner using a dark pencil or liner - lead a line from about the middle of the lower eyelid to the outer corner, gradually making the line wider. Repeat the same with the upper movable.
  6. Apply 2-3 layers of mascara, lifting and twisting hairs.
  7. If your eyes are large, you can draw a line with a black pencil.

Smoky Ice is a universal technique that is suitable for narrow or wide-open eyes, for any shade of it - black, green-brown, for light-skinned and dark-skinned.

Nyud-style makeup implies a delicate and natural look in a palette of shades as close as possible to flesh and pinkish. You can create "makeup without makeup" like this:

  • Moisturize and apply light tonal fluid;
  • Brush your eyebrows with a special brush and fix them with a transparent gel;
  • Apply a little pink or peach blush on apples of cheeks and upper eyelid - they will give a freshness to the image;
  • On the protruding parts of the face - nose, cheekbones, chin, dimple above the upper lip, apply a little highlighter for freshness;
  • Cover lips with nude lipstick or simple balm.

The most natural and at the same time beautiful image is ready. For dark-haired beauties, it is suitable, and especially for girls with long and black eyelashes from nature.

Makeup artists secrets

  • Brown-eyed and dark-haired ladies especially goes oriental makeup. Makeup artists advise to use a black pigment-rich eyeliner and apply it directly along the contour of the upper eyelashes - this will make the look even more languid;
  • For any incision and eye shape, use the following eye shadow technique.: in the inner corners - light pigment, on the outer - dark. Begin to shade the light areas by the middle of the century, as well as the dark ones - towards the center. Exceptions are far-set eyes, then light shadows and dark shadows are placed in the outer corners.
  • If your skin is “cold” porcelain - you are very lucky. Use shades of sea and fuchsia even in front of your eyes and combine them with the tone of clothes or accessories.
  • Not all make-up artists welcome orange and yellow shades in the make-up of brunettes, exactly like blue-blue.. If you choose one of them, use the creamy texture of the shadows and apply it on the mobile eyelid and beyond, creating an informal “puppet” image with false eyelashes and use nude lipstick.
  • Use brown mascara separately in everyday life. choose ultrablack for publishing.
  • Brown eye makeup should be done carefullyBecause all the attention of others will be focused on them and this requires the perfect application of cosmetics and timely adjustment.
  • If the eyes are light brown, it makes sense to try shades of honey or caramel hue. - they are ideally combined and will suit both for a business image, and for a festive or evening.
  • Burning brunettes especially metal shades - gold, bronze, silver. Girls with a yellowish hair tone, alas, this trend is not always.

Creating a day makeup for brunette with brown eyes, see the following video.

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