Features makeup with lipstick in different colors

Features makeup with lipstick in different colors

The choice of shades of lipstick is so wide and varied that it is very easy to get confused from such an abundance. Therefore, it is very important to be able to navigate in shades and understand which of them will most successfully reveal the natural beauty of the exterior.

Dark shades

Dark shades of lipstick are ideal for creating a luxurious evening look. But when using it you should remember these important points:

  • The tone of the face should be perfectly even;
  • Careful drawing of all parts of the face is required;
  • Lips should be constantly maintained in good condition: moisturize with balms and oils, regularly exfoliate dead cells;
  • The emphasis in the make-up is on one part of the face. In our case it will be lips. Accordingly, make-up eyes will be more simple, easy, moderate, not attracting too much attention;
  • With a yellowish plaque on the teeth, it is better to refuse lipstick with an orange subtone;
  • On plump lips, lipstick of any texture looks equally good (matte, satin, glossy, shiny). But girls with thin lips should abandon the matte means;
  • Lipstick dark shades also visually somewhat hides the volume of the lips, so if you have them quite narrow, such means do not need to be painted;
  • A pencil needs to draw a contour necessarily - it will create a clear line and prevent ugly spreading;
  • In age make-up dark tones are undesirable, because they emphasize wrinkles and add extra years;
  • Make sure that the lipstick does not leave marks on the teeth;
  • A great idea would be to support bright lip makeup with nail polish or an accessory to match lipstick.

With dark burgundy lipstick you will have no equal at the solemn event, but for daytime it is better to pick something lighter.

Bordeaux is a somewhat specific color, which is not for everyone. The darker your skin, the more intense the shade you can afford. Such lipstick will easily create a femme fatale onion.

If you have a bright face, stop choosing light burgundy lipstick to create a softer make up.

Cherry lipstick onions are not suitable for everyone. Best of all, she will emphasize the beauty of brown-eyed beauties with dark hair and fair skin. But blondes with blue eyes can make up for her.

The cherry color does not yellow the teeth, but it thinns the lips and may age.

Violet lipstick is a rather non-standard solution in make-up. But do not be afraid of bold experiments. In addition, it has a nice bonus - it makes teeth visually whiter.

In general, purple lipstick is both dark and light-skinned girls. The main thing is that the skin is well-groomed and smooth. Look for purple or amethyst, if you have dark skin, and if you have light skin, like purple or aubergine.

Brown lipstick is considered almost the most universal for the variety of shades and the ability to choose for almost any color type.

For brunettes with olive skin is dark brown, and with a dark brown and gold - red-brown.

Girls with fairly pale skin should be prudent in the use of dark brown lipstick, because it can give the person an unhealthy look.

With wine lipstick you will look very luxurious and guaranteed to pay attention to the opposite sex.

Classic wine looks great on girls with ashen and platinum hair. Dark shades of wine interact well with black and chestnut. Fiery-red beauty is better to avoid such tones.

Plum lipstick goes to blondes and brunettes with tanned skin. But on redheads it is unlikely to look advantageous. Cherry-plum shade is more natural and will decorate almost any type of appearance.

Black lipstick is a very courageous decision, an opportunity to declare oneself, to be in the center of attention. Previously, she was considered the prerogative of only representatives of subcultures, but now time has changed, and more and more ordinary girls decide on a similar experiment.

Naturally, the image of a vamp lady created with its help will not be appropriate at any event. You also need to be prepared for the fact that black lipstick is quite whimsical to use and wear.

Marsala is the color of red velvet wine originally from sunny Sicily. This is a complex shade for a chic look.

The lipstick of Marsala color, being a universal shade, will harmoniously emphasize the beauty of any color type.

Bright options

Bright lipstick, as well as rich dark, also emphasizes lips, although it does not create such a dramatic image. It organically looks both in day time, and in evening make-up. Unlike deep shades of lipstick, it allows you to more intensively draw the eyes.

Pink palette, perhaps, is the most versatile option, because it can be found in a wide range of shades.

Brunettes are saturated and deep tones of pink, and blondes are lighter with a slight sheen. Brown-haired can be painted with any shade, but with a cold subtone.

Pearl pink lipstick is a true symbol of glamor. Excellent complement "smoky eyes" for the publication.

It is important to remember that bright pink lipstick does not tolerate warm shades in make-up (brown, beige, bronze), so give preference to cold (gray, white, silver, blue).

Lipstick fuchsia goes to all: blondes and brunettes, pale-skinned and dark. It is not too dark, so it will be appropriate even in daytime makeup. In addition, it refreshes the entire face and gives the teeth whiteness.

Coral is a complex shade of lipstick, so it is important to pick it up successfully.

With dark hair, you can buy a shade of darker. Light-skinned beauty with blond hair should look at the pink-coral lipstick, and with the dark - to the red-coral means. To emphasize the tan, choose a product with an orange subtone.

Lilac shades are suitable for gray-eyed or blue-eyed blondes with a pinkish skin tone. Brown-eyed and green-eyed beauties with warm skin and hair should refrain from them, preferring complex shades of purple.

Crimson lipstick is mainly found in cool shades. This must be borne in mind when choosing the appropriate tones, rouge and shadows.

Orange shades are quite capricious, because not everybody goes. Too bright or warm lipstick can make it look unnatural and even vulgar. In addition, with her better to abandon the bright shadows.

Of course, you shouldn’t paint with blue lipstick in the afternoon, but it is suitable for a party. Owners of light skin, it makes sense to look at the royal blue and azure shades, and dark - to sapphire and ultramarine.

There is one important nuance: blue lipstick can be painted only with perfect white teeth. Otherwise, it will give your teeth excessive yellowness.

Peach lipstick is an ideal option for summer make-up for girls of any color type. Looks very natural, emphasizes tan.

Golden lipstick visually whitens your teeth. This shade will decorate girls with skin of warm tone. But the light skin, it will give an unhealthy look. A similar emphasis on the lips can be supported by arrows to match.

Natural make up

This is a win-win option, timeless classics that never go out of style, despite the appearance of new trends in make-up every season.

Natural colors will create a flawless, lightweight, nude look. This makeup looks appropriate at any time of the day and at any event.

Natural shades give the face a fresh radiant look, making wrinkles less noticeable. And this means that they can be used without unnecessary fears in the age make-up. Matte textures will present extreme chic and luxury to the image, in addition, they are highly resistant.

  • Beige lipstick should be chosen to tone darker than the natural tone of the lips. They should not look too bright, not too pale, or merge with the face.
  • For tanned skin, choose warm beige, caramel, creamy shades, but not cold ones.
  • When light, pay attention to the translucent apricot tone. Girls with olive skin can be painted with any lipstick of the body range, and dark-skinned beauties - with coffee, brown and chocolate shades. Pale pink lipstick perfectly emphasizes the nobility of light skin of blue-eyed and gray-eyed blondes.
  • Prefer neutral tones of pink. Try this method of choosing the perfect shade: lightly bite your lips until a slight redness appears. Now you will definitely find the right lipstick in the store.

Ideas day and evening lip makeup

Hair color plays an important role in the selection of colors for a beautiful make-up.

Brunette to create a daytime look is needed low-key lipstick. But one should beware of the bright pastel range - it can make the face look impersonal and dull.

Cherry, crimson, ruby, pink, and brown lipstick - this is what suits brunettes in evening bow. There is one rule: the darker the skin and hair color, the more intense the shade of lipstick can be chosen.

Blondes, in order to emphasize the natural tenderness in the daytime make-up, must be painted with lipstick of pastel muted tones.

In evening bow, deeper and more saturated colors would be appropriate.

Blondes with a “warm” skin tone can be recommended light pink shades and beige for a day, and for evening light pink coral.

Blond beauty cold type is perfectly the whole range of pink: from beige-pink for the day to a deeper color for the evening.

Pale-skinned brown-haired girls need light pink or brown din in the afternoon and light scarlet in the evening. If the face has a pink undertone, pay attention to pink and light brown in the day’s make-up, and in the evening on dark pink and plum.

Dark brown-haired skin perfectly shaded cherry, wine, plum, dark red, burgundy.

In the daytime make-up of fair-haired girls gentle beige, pink and golden-pink shades will be appropriate, and in the evening - red and coral.

Now it will be quite easy to find a decent option for both the daytime look and the evening one, taking into account the peculiarities of your own appearance.

How to make makeup with dark lipstick, see the following video.

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