Blue makeup

Blue makeup

Many of the fair sex are afraid to paint their eyes, using blue shades, considering that this is a bad form. Some even think that such make-ups are causing and completely abandon them. But with all this, a well-chosen shade of blue and properly created makeup will look great. How not to overdo it with color, it is advantageous to emphasize the eyes and choose the right shade of lipstick, we will tell in this article, and also share expert advice and unusual ideas.


Blue color in makeup can be used in various ways. If you give free rein to your imagination, you can create a magnificent festive make up that will be appropriate at any party. Do not be afraid of experiments and the fact that you will look ridiculous. Beautiful makeup can be obtained with the help of well-placed accents of blue.

This color has many shades that will easily make the eyes more expressive and attractive. This is a blue-turquoise tone, cornflower blue, heavenly, azure, sapphire and many others. With their help, you can create a moderate day make up, and a luxurious evening. Of course, this color cannot be called universal, but it suits almost everyone, the main thing is to find the right shade for you.

Makeup using delicate blue shades will be a great solution to complement the spring or warm summer look. Blue lashes look very extraordinary and beautiful, which are especially loved by young girls.

With the help of blue you can make makeup in a variety of techniques. In addition, you will cope with this task at home. Of course, if you need to make up in the blue range, for example, for the prom, then it is better to give preference to a professional makeup artist. It will help emphasize all the advantages of your face and skillfully hide all the flaws.


To date, there are quite a lot of different types of makeup. Next we look at the basic ones that can be done using blue and its shades.

Eye makeup

  • Color "smoky eyes" will be a great solution for evening make-up. To make it perfect, try to very smoothly shade the shades of blue that you will use.
  • Dark blue eye makeup and elegant black arrows. Such a make-up would be appropriate for a dinner party or a date.
  • Gentle make up with a slight blue accent will be a great solution to complement the everyday look. It will successfully look with an airy blue dress or a strict suit of this shade.
  • A black-blue or gray-blue make-up with smooth transitions and a shaded black pencil on the lower eyelids will look very elegant at the graduation party. It can be supplemented with shiny French arrows or accents with silver pigment.
  • If you are looking for something unusual, but at the same time light and natural, we recommend to look at the pink-blue and white-blue eye makeup. Such make-ups will equally well complement the day and evening look. If you choose something for the day, it is better to make the makeup less intense.
  • Double white and blue arrows will also be a great solution for creating exceptional makeup.


No less interesting look and makeup with blue eyelashes. Most often they are not used for everyday images, but for going to the party will be just right. Colored mascaras always make the eyes expressive and attractive, so do not be afraid to experiment with them.

  • Blue or black arrows on the eyes can be supplemented with blue bright eyelashes.
  • It looks very unusual when the upper lashes are colored blue and the lower ones, for example, white or black. Do not be afraid to make different combinations, especially if you want to create a bright and memorable make up. Do not forget, using colored mascara, to stain the outer side of the eyelashes.
  • Blue eyelashes are often complemented by bright lipstick. Most often, this image is appropriate for photography.

Professional makeup artists do not recommend combining blue mascara with blue eyes, often all merges, but sometimes for photography this rule is still broken.


A very bold step would be to use blue lipstick on your lips. When using a lipstick of this shade, minimize eye makeup. It is better to focus on one thing: either on the eyes or on the lips. Ladies with dark or tanned skin are best suited rich colors of blue, but light-skinned girls are better to prefer azure options.

Cosmetics manufacturers

To date, many very different cosmetic companies produce unusual decorative tools to create special make-ups.

  • If you want to make contrasting blue lips, then we recommend to look for lipsticks of this color near NYX or Urban Decay.
  • You can find blue mascaras from the luxury brands Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel and YSL, as well as from professional NYX or Make Up For Ever.
  • Azure eyeliner is waiting for you at the brands Armani, YSL and Maybelline, and dark blue pencils for Make Up For Ever and Revlon, waterproof pencils of this color are in MAC, D & G, Chanel and Clarins.
  • Blue shades of various textures (matte, liquid and with a shimmer) can be found in Armani, Dior, Pupa, L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline, NARS, Bobbi Brown and many other brands.

Master Classes

To get the perfect makeup using blue, we recommend that you pay attention to the following step-by-step guide and some nuances for creating such a make-up.

  • Apply the base under the makeup to the prepared and moisturized face cream. Hide all irregularities, redness and especially bruises under the eyes with an equalizer. This is very important, because blue or azure shadows can look unprofitable if you do not correct the dark bags under your eyes.
  • Next, apply a foundation to match your face. If necessary, secure it with powder. Apply your chosen blush. Pale pink and cream variants are best suited to the blue shade of the shadows, but it all depends on the image as a whole.
  • Apply the base of the eye shadow. Distribute the main (nude, cream or any other light) shade up to the eyebrows. An excellent solution would be a combination of black, gray and brown shades that can be applied to the outer corners of the eyes and shade them up to the middle of the moving eyelid. The middle should be complemented with a selected shade of blue, it can be shiny or dull. Lower the eyelids with a black pencil and blend. To complete eye makeup should be using classic French black arrows.
  • Do not forget to perfect eyebrows.
  • Eyelashes can be painted as you like., but in such a makeup emphasis is better to make the length and separation.
  • Neutral lip color, for example, cream or pale pink. A combination of rouge and lipstick in one color will look good.

To give your eyes expressiveness and make them wide open, move the inner lower eyelids with a white waterproof pencil.

If you decide to create a dark blue makeup, then pay attention to the following steps:

  • As in the previous make-up version, apply a base on the prepared face, correct imperfections, distribute the foundation and fix all the powder.
  • Refresh your cheeks with blush or highlight your cheekbones with a bronzer.
  • Apply a dark brown or chocolate shade just above the fold of the upper eyelid along the entire length. Blend with a brush.
  • With the help of creamy black shadows, preferably matte or shadows in a stick, cover the entire movable eyelid, leaving the middle.Blend, lightly touching the brown.
  • Distribute the dark blue shade of the shadows on the mobile eyelid, blend, barely touching the black shade.
  • With the help of brown shadows, lower the eyelid, blend. Also completely circle the eye with a black pencil, it is also recommended to bring the inner lower eyelid.
  • Paint the eyelashes with black mascara, paying particular attention to their separation.
  • Lipstick, choose from a natural range.

If you still have not decided what makeup you choose, then pay attention to the star images, because their makeup artists always know how to properly highlight the merits and hide flaws.

American actress Diana Agron has made a luxurious makeup with blue shadows under her satin dress to the floor.

Eva Longoria also often chooses dark blue meiks to enter the red carpet.

If you are looking for the azure "Smokey ice", then look at the model Megan Fox. In her make-up everything is moderate. Ideally highlighted eyes, natural blush on the cheeks and lipstick natural shade.

How to make blue "smoky eyes" you can learn from the following video:

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