Makeup for a photo shoot

Makeup for a photo shoot

Professional makeup for a photo shoot - the key to success shooting. It eliminates the exhausting processing of photos by means of graphic editors and allows frames to be flawless. This make-up has a number of features.

Features make-up for photography

Regardless of the place of shooting, the chosen theme, image, clothing, accessories, makeup should be appropriate and attractive. Professional makeup is an art, a harmony of fantasy and naturalness. Experienced make-up artists call this a make-up for photos the one in which the accents are set skillfully - and at the same time the image is not without individuality.

Today, makeup for a photo shoot is chosen not only by women. It has long ago become the norm to order it for children's photo shoots - starting from pre-school (and even nursery) age. If girls react to such a phenomenon calmly, the male make-up for photo shoots causes a lot of conflicting opinions. However, it is radically different from the female and does not at all resemble the image of a musical idol. This is only a tool for obtaining attractive photos in which a man looks in the best light.

The features of the make-up for photography include:

  • Professional approach. This is not just a standard cosmetic procedure. Make-up is the work of a make-up artist who sees exactly where the correction is needed and in what volume. This is the flawlessness of every line and stroke.
  • Naturalness as the basis of the image. The success of the photo depends on the correct application of cosmetics. The makeup for the photo is quite saturated, but it does not create a feeling of congestion and the effect of the mask. The whole arsenal of cosmetics can be used, but the face should look natural.
  • No sculpture. The camera is able to capture the congestion of makeup, which at first glance seems beautiful and appropriate. From these photos often looks a completely different person.
  • Compliance with the intended image. The choice of cosmetics can not be random or universal. What is important is not a separate careful elaboration of shades (lipstick, eye shadow, powder), but the harmony of the color palette of makeup, clothes, hairstyle and chosen character.
  • A noble palette of shades of cosmetics. Acid and poisonous tones are unacceptable: even bright makeup does not need them. Such an emphasis will simplify the style and make the image tasteless. Even a catchy and creative make-up can be created with a decent range of colors without shouting about them.
  • Using the "right" cosmetics. Even if photography is rarely performed, cosmetics should be age-appropriate, skin type, and adapt to its tone. The best makeup products will be marked with HD, providing maximum naturalness with a dense layer of application.

The make-up for the photo shoot today is not just a stroke of the image. In its significance, it is comparable to a wedding makeup, when even small imperfections are unacceptable. It helps to cope with creating the right mood and contributes to the perfect conduct of the shooting.

Make-up depends on the chosen theme of photography. He might be:

• natural (natural);

• bright;

• unusual (face art);

• creative.

Each species is subject to a specific case. The “season” of the photo shoot also affects the color palette and the intensity of the application. For example, soft and warm tones make the image warm, so they will be appropriate in summer. Winter photography needs cold tones of the color palette.

Gender and age are also important:

  • female - is not limited in the choice of beauty artillery and can be both gentle and creative;
  • children - excludes tons of cosmetics, emphasizes the charm of age;
  • male - allows minimal intervention, focusing on clean skin.

One of the current rules of the photo shoot (street, studio) is the choice of cosmetics matte texture. Glare make-up can ruin the appearance, giving the person a mess. In this case, the beautiful makeup on the photo to capture will not work.

Popular Places

Today, the choice of places for a photo shoot is varied. Shooting can be carried out in nature, at home, in the studio and even on the beach. The choice depends on the imagination and capabilities of the photographer, as well as the wishes of the customer.

Nature photo sessions are one of the most popular options. Nothing will emphasize the beauty of the moment as the green foliage of trees, wild flowers, autumn park, colorful leaves, the beach or white snow. If the photographer is a professional in his field, the background of the photo will look as if it were shot in the best places in the world.

It is appropriate saturated makeup with pronounced facial features, so that they are not lost on the general background.

Home photography allows you to capture the best moments of a happy family life. This is not a minimalist style with everyday makeup, as it may seem: it is a whole world that can be demonstrated in emotions and feelings. This make-up allows for a whole arsenal of cosmetics - with an appropriate choice of shades in favor of naturalness.

Photo session in the studio - a kind of game. This is the case when the makeup may be different in degree of intensity. However, we must not forget that studio light can reduce the saturation of real makeup. If the shooting takes place in the studio, the intensity of the make-up should be greater. Daylight (natural) lighting is softer, so make-up can be more gentle and natural.


Hairstyle - an important point of shooting. Without it, the makeup will not look beautiful. A photo session is a special occasion, so just letting your hair loose is not an option. It is necessary to give them volume, twist unruly curls. Even the usual style of a business woman does not accept simplicity when shooting. Laying is required, whether it is a modest romantic or luxurious evening look.


The necessary clothes are selected taking into account the chosen theme and helps to better penetrate the atmosphere of photography. Thanks to her, the image becomes relevant and complete.

The choice of clothing should be treated thoroughly, otherwise the image does not match the theme, background and exposure.


The theme of photo shoots is very diverse. Experienced photographers can offer the most unusual ideas with costumes and interior that fit any preference.

The most relevant and interesting topics of shooting are:

• sea fantasies (the image of a mermaid, youngsters, captain, sirens);

• dark sketches (vampires, Halloween productions, ghosts);

• business shooting (great for portfolio);

• family holidays (at the Christmas tree, Christmas scenes, birthday, outdoor recreation);

• flower motifs (exposure with large and voluminous colors);

• image of amazon (style seductress, often on the beach);

• photo sessions in anticipation of the baby (gentle and touching moments);

• romantic and wedding productions (love stories in photos);

• first baby shooting babies (in usual or costumed clothes - christenings, an image of a flower, ballerina, kitten and others);

• model portfolioso (advantageous perspectives of models for the planned work);

• puppet images (children's shooting with enlarged interior items, large hairbrushes, mirrors, bows, in which the child plays the role of Barbie doll, Winx);

• sports performances in the gym or on the street (Demonstration of beauty and fit body).

A photo session can consist of two or three themes, and also be carried out in a specific agreed color range (blue, pink, gray). In this case, clothing, makeup and furnishings echo in color.

For pregnant

Waiting for a child is a special topic. If during this period does not appear allergic to cosmetics, you can afford the shadows, mascara and lipstick. Shades better choose natural. These are light, beige colors, chocolate, brown, gray and smoky. It is better to refuse black color of shadows: it will simplify an image and will add a shadow. Do not use red pigments: they will make the eyes sick, swollen and tearful.

In general, make-up will be more intense than everyday, but not as bright as evening:

• using a brown pencil, along the line of growth of eyelashes spend a thin line;

• over the line and throughout the century distribute the shadows on the tone darker than the natural color of the skin, performing feathering;

• starting from the center of the upper eyelid, Shadows accentuate the outer corner more brightly, smoothly connecting the shades;

• dark tone completes the shadow play: it is applied with a thin brush, emphasizing the outer corner and slightly shading it;

• if you want to enhance the effect of large eyes, You can use a black pencil, increasing the brightness of the outer corner;

• the inside corner gets rid of the red undertone using white shadows with obligatory shading;

the final touch will be mascara.

Amazon makeup

The image of a seductive beauty - a favorite theme of the fair sex. Since this style implies natural light, the work uses an ombra with soft feathering:

• after applying the base on the upper movable, as well as on the lower eyelid and the inner corner put light shadows and shade them;

• darker shadows are added to the lower eyelid, gently combining two tones;

a darker color accentuate the outer corner of the eye and add depth by drawing a fold over the upper eyelid with a shadow;

dark tone is combined with the other two, if necessary, fold the crease with a brush;

• the eyebrows slightly emphasize the shadow remaining on the tassel, without forgetting to comb them with a special brush;

• along the growth of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid draw a line with a pencil, not forgetting the outer corner, then lightly connect the line with the dark shadow;

It remains to make up the eyes with mascara: three layers on the upper lashes, one or two - on the lower;

• eyelashes are combed, eliminating stickiness.

To make the image more sensual, You can make-up lips pinkish or coral lipstick.

For family shooting

Mom's make-up should transfer not only external, but also internal beauty. It is a rested, healthy and happy look. It needs an emphasis on skin health.

If the age of the child (children) is small, it is enough to powder the skin. Girls can make-up eyelashes and slightly shade eyes with shades of natural shades.

Boys and men do not need an extra “decor”: crumbly powder is more than enough. Of course, if the skin needs adjustment, then you have to do it. Otherwise, the appearance of unkempt skin against the background of a beautiful mother will be evident.

Step-by-step guide and rules

If you can not use the services of a professional makeup artist, you can do everything at home. In this case, the basis is to take a step-by-step master class and strictly follow all the recommendations. Usually, the instruction of stylists is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to reject the principle “the more, the better.” Make-up instructions will delight the best result than if you try to experiment with a lesson professional.

The basic rules of makeup are:

• mandatory use of the database;

• even and clean tone of the face;

• no greasy;

• competent placement of accents;

• main focus - eyes;

• lack of rivalry of eyes, eyebrows and lips;

• applying tone not only on the face, but also on the decollete.


It is no secret that the success of makeup depends largely on the purity of the skin of the face. Never make-up will not look beautiful, if the tone of the face is inflamed, there are irritations on the skin, dark circles around the eyes or age spots.This interferes with the accent, and also forces the photographer to “clean up” the skin for a long time with a graphic editor.

It does not matter if the color or black and white frames are planned: the skin should be smooth, clean and beautiful. We need to take care of her health in advance. If necessary, treat problem areas of the face.

Make-up should not spoil anything: ordering a photo session, you need to remember not only about the health and beauty of the face. It is important that the view was rested. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take care of the sleep mode in advance, and also not to forget to put your nails in order: such trifles can instantly destroy the perfect picture.

In addition, before taking pictures you should not drink a lot of liquid so that your face does not seem swollen. Do not eat spicy foods, so as not to provoke acne. And do not be zealous with the use of scrubs: a strong irritation of the skin does not hide any makeup.

How to do it yourself?

Before applying makeup, you need to clean the skin, wash it with cold water: it will narrow the pores and slow down the production of sebum. Then you need a tonic. To equalize the tone of the face using a foundation of two shades: dark put the first layer, masking the overall background.

The light shade plays the role of a corrector and helps out if there is no concealer. With it, completely hide acne and dark circles around the eyes. Layers should not be overly dense, otherwise the cream will become clogged and wrinkles may appear in all the beauty on the photo, accentuating facial expressions.

Following the foundation, loose powder is applied on the face, not forgetting to make a smooth transition from the face to the decollete area. The shade of powder should be identical to the complexion.

So that the face in the photo does not seem pale, they apply a little blush and proceed to make up the eyes.

Eyes and eyebrows

Eyes - a mirror of the soul, this is the basis of makeup. They should stand out against the background of flawless skin. To make them the main focus, you need careful drawing. Makeup artists recommend to use the base before applying the shadows: so the cosmetics will not roll into the folds of the eyelids, and the makeup will be held long enough without needing to be corrected.

Makeup artists are advised not to use eyeliner: it adds a few years to age and changes the shape of the eyes, depriving them of their natural beauty. After working with the shadows along the growth of the eyelashes of the moving eyelid, draw a line with a black or brown pencil. This will give expressive look. If you want to make it open and increase the size of your eyes, you can mark the outer corner with a pencil, walk along the growth of eyelashes with white shadows, and then make up your eyelashes with mascara, not forgetting to twist them with a curling tool.

Eyebrows should be a little lighter than the eyes. Ideally, brunettes have a slightly lighter tone of their hair, and blondes have a tone two tone. The shape of the eyebrows emphasize with a pencil, then shade with a brush, removing a sharp line.


The main rule of emphasis is no rivalry. Lips must be sensual and natural. The oily shine and nacre are excluded: such cosmetics will create highlights in the photo.

If you want your lips to look plump, but natural, you can use an interesting technique: bright lipstick is applied to the center - and with a brush it stretches to the contours. This creates a visual relief and does not interrupt the emphasis on the eyes.

If the tone of the lips is uniform, it is advisable to circle the outlines with a pencil of a similar shade, otherwise the photo will not be even with the outlines.

How to do makeup for a photo shoot - in the next video.

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