T-shirt: the 90's back in fashion

T-shirt: the 90's back in fashion

Popular in the past Olympian, now back in fashion. They are part of a sporty and casual style and fit perfectly in both men's and women's wardrobe.

A bit of history

For the first time Olympiads came into vogue in the early fifties. Then they were part of the tracksuits of the participants of the Olympic team of the Soviet Union. The classic olympic shirt fastened with a short zipper reaching to the middle of the chest.

But the most popular Olympians acquired in the 80s of the last century. Then, due to the popularity of the Olympic team, fans of sports fashion began to wear olympic shirts in everyday life. Oliverka combines the advantages of a jacket with a zipper and sweatshirt. Due to its practicality, this piece of clothing came into use. Soviet women of fashion and dandies wore olympic sweaters in combination with things in any style.

Due to the increasing popularity of classic Olympics, designers paid attention to them and began to gradually engage in their modernization. First, the buckle was lengthened, which made the shirt more practical. Secondly, there were models with functional hoods. And, finally, the number of colors used has increased. In addition to the classic blue models with white zipper, other, brighter ones appeared.

More attention was paid to female models Olympiiek. The fitting form began to emphasize the beauty of the female figure, and draping was located above the breast. Over time, in addition to a more feminine cut, female Olympian types began to be decorated with embroidery, fur and lace inserts and other details.

In the 90s the popularity of Olympics spread abroad. First of all, sports fans loved them. Taking advantage of this demand, various global brands took up the production of Olympics. Both then and now, overseas brands of foreign brands are more popular with us.

What is it (+ features)

To date, the Olympimage still retains some features that were inherent in the very first models. This piece of clothing is sewn from high-quality knitwear in bright colors. The base, fastened with a zipper, is complemented by a neat stand-up collar, made of corrugated fabric. And long sleeves end with cuffs with elastic.

Women's olympic shirts have a more fitted silhouette. Often, the originality of the image gives a slightly understated shoulder line. Sometimes the sleeves are complemented by openings for the thumbs, which allow you to play sports with pleasure and without feeling discomfort.

Some models of Olympics include a hood, which is regulated with the help of ties. The classic clasp can be replaced with comfortable buttons, or simply supplemented with them.

Integral decorative elements are two convenient pockets. Usually, these are patch pockets, but they can be cut-through, or just imitation of a pocket.

In addition to pockets, the shirt is sometimes decorated with reflective details. They are also functional details, as they help to play sports even in the dark. Branded olympic strips are always decorated with a branded patch, badge or inscription, which are located along the sleeve, on the front or back of the olympic stripe. You can emphasize the contours of the product with the help of subtle white strips.

How to choose

In order for the olympic shirt to fit in well with your style, you need to find the right model. The model you choose should be your size.Make sure that she sits on you well, not emphasizing the shortcomings. In addition, a prerequisite is a feeling of comfort. Since olympic shirts are first and foremost sportswear, they should not hinder your movements.

Another important point is that the Olympic shirt should be of high quality in order to serve you as long as possible. Choose models from high-quality and preferably natural material. This fabric is pleasant to the touch and longer worn. Naturally, the fabric should be free of any defects, and the seams should be of sufficient quality. Pay attention to the accessories, which are recommended to check before you buy a product.



Soviet Olympic Games is one of the most common options, which is popular among all those who live on the territory of the former USSR. Such vintage olympic worn by athletes of the Soviet Union, speaking at competitions. The models were made of blue knitwear with white edges on the cuffs and a white zipper.


In the wake of universal patriotism, olympic stripes with the inscription "Russia" are now becoming popular. This variant of outerwear will suit both guys and girls. Particularly interesting are the models made in the colors of the national flag and decorated with this kind of patriotic inscription.


Oliverka can be supplemented with a comfortable and functional hood. The hood is usually sewn and not removable, and is made of the same material as the base of the shirt. Adjustable hoods complement the hood.

For football fans

You can not ignore the fan and things that are now very popular. For fans of sports teams, they create stylish olympic stripes decorated with symbols of their favorite team, or made in the appropriate colors. Regardless of whether you are a fan of domestic teams, for example, Spartak, CSKA, Liverpool, Chelsea, or foreign, for example Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Juventus, Dortmund or Real, you can always find a olympic shirt with appropriate symbols.


In addition to the Olympics, performed in colors associated with your favorite football team or country, there are simple monophonic olympic stripes.


One of the most popular options is simple black olympic shirt. Such models exist in every sports collection. The black olympic shirt perfectly combines not only with sports items, but also with casual outfits.


A lighter and fresher version is a blue shirt. A pleasant heavenly shade is suitable for guys and girls with a light color type.


Another popular version of the color is Ovens of all shades of green. Both light tones and more saturated and deep ones are popular. This season in trend is emerald and light green, therefore we recommend to take a closer look at olympic sweatshirts in such shades.


The bright red olympic shirt also does not lose relevance since the inception of the popularity of this item of clothing. Red shirt is often part of a tracksuit.


Closest to the classic version of the blue shirt. Rich blue color is a great alternative to black models that seem too boring to many.


And if you do not have enough brightness in the image, then think about buying a bright yellow olympic shirt. It looks attractive, and any image can be made more original.


Not very practical, but stylish option - white sweatshirt. Such models are popular among girls, because, despite the sporty appearance, white olympics are able to give an image of lightness and tenderness.


These girls will love the cute pink shirt. Additional attractiveness in the female eyes of such a thing will give the original decor.


When sewing materials using different materials.As already mentioned, the advantage is to give products made of natural wool or cotton. A cheaper alternative to such things can be called synthetic materials such as polyester or elasta.

Warm fleece olympic shirt will save you from cold and wind. It is soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, fleece retains heat for a long time, which definitely can be classified as an advantage. And in the offseason, you should pay attention to the sweatshirts, sewn from water-repellent material.

What to wear

Olimpic women fit perfectly in sportswear, combining with shorts, sweatpants and matching shoes. But, in addition to such obvious combinations, the shirt is also included in simpler everyday looks. So, for example, a shirt can be worn with a shirt, t-shirt or sweatshirt. This top looks good with simple jeans. Bows of this type are suitable for both men and women.

Girls can also experiment, combining a shirt with feminine things. For example, with a pleated skirt, denim sundress or a simple cotton dress.

Brand news

If you want to replenish your wardrobe with stylish olympic sweatshirts, then you should follow the updates of your favorite brands. Quality sports items can be found in collections from Puma, Superstar and Adidas. Among the young people are popular Olympiads from Fred Perry and Sergio Tacchini. And the original design decision is often found in the collections of the sports company Ellesse.

Stylish images


Women's bow on the basis of the Olympiika does not have to be sporty. A striking example is the image of a classic blue and white olympic shirt, draped over a black lace top. The bow is complemented by a no less feminine black skirt than the top itself. Despite the fact that things are taken from different styles, the image is quite harmonious and certainly original.


But men prefer time-tested options. An example of this is a combination of navy blue sweatshirt with white stripes on the sleeves and gray cotton trousers. This bow in the style of casual suits all lovers of simplicity and comfort.


Children and adolescents also like the Olympiika. Young women of fashion can try a combination of black and white olympic sweatshirts with monotonous fitting jeans. With such a basic bow is very difficult to make a mistake, because it goes to almost every girl.

Olimpiks are another proof that the new is well forgotten old. Their return to fashion will undoubtedly please many fans of sports style. Look at this subject and you, because stylish olympic shirt is quite capable of reviving any wardrobe, making it more vivid.

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