Men's Hoodies

Men's Hoodies

Among all the elements of the wardrobe, the leading positions are often occupied by sports types of clothing. Men's hoodies with a hood are popular with men of different ages. This they owe to the ease of operation, stylish appearance and positive properties, which gave them manufacturers.

Features and benefits

Sweatshirt is one of the types of knitted sportswear with a buckle on the front of the product and sleeves. Hoodies can have a hood, pockets, zipper, lettering or prints. Sweatshirts models are diverse. Combines their property of the material to stretch in the width of the product.

Popular models

A wide range of sweatshirts allows you to choose a model that meets various requirements, ranging from style and size, to finishing.

Large insulated

Due to the narrow size range of most manufacturers, large-sized men find it difficult to find clothes, especially warmed options. Large sizes for sweatshirts range from size 3XL to 8XL. A large selection of such sweatshirts can be found in online stores. Some major manufacturers of sportswear also began to include large size in their collections, although the choice is still narrow.


Recently popular action game Assassini Creed. Fans can feel like one of her heroes in a sweatshirt with the logo of the game. Sweatshirt can decorate the image of the character. Its cut resembles a hero's cape. Things associated with characteristic heroes give young people confidence in themselves, help them to stand out and serve as a good gift for a game participant.

On lightning

Sweatshirts with a zipper is a more practical version of clothing than their counterparts without zippers. It can be worn without fastening. This will create a combination with a beautiful T-shirt with prints or a multi-layered image.

No lightning

Sports products without a zipper include hoodie and sweatshirts. The sweatshirt is different from hoodies and other types of sports jerseys with a small V-shaped detail under the neck. Otherwise, its details can be repeated in other types of sweaters. He may have a hood, various pockets, prints.


Hoodie - knit sweater without buckles, with a hood and the possible presence of decorative elements. It can be pockets, including kangaroos, embroidery, lettering.

Without sleeves

The number of sweaters without sleeves include sweatshirt, hoodie and vest. Sweatshirt and hoodies without sleeves are also distinguished by the presence of a buckle on the front side of the product. Vest - knitted product with a V-shaped neckline, with or without clasp.


Sports sweatshirts are sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and hoodies. They can be made from both natural and synthetic fabrics. Sweatshirts made of natural fabrics are convenient to use in everyday life, they are warm and warm during walks. Products made of synthetic materials are used for sports. Often they have perforated areas for better breathability.

On fur

Fur in the new season is one of the popular trends. It is used for finishing various types of clothing. Sports products are no exception. Fur can be used as a heater on the inside of products, on the collar and cuffs, as well as in the form of applications on the front.


The Italian brand Kappa is recognizable worldwide, thanks to its sponsorship of world-famous football teams.This trademark can be recognized by the emblem, seated back to each other, men and women.

The range includes sports jumpers and sweaters. For their models, Kappa uses the traditional color palette: gray, blue, black, as well as turquoise, red, yellow. Sleeves can be vtachnye or raglan, contrasting or in tone jacket. All models, with or without a hood, are equipped with elastic cuffs and the bottom edge of the product. Logos and inscriptions are used as decorations.

With inscriptions

Most manufacturers decorate hoodies with inscriptions on the front of the product, back or sleeves. The inscriptions may contain the name of the company, the collection, the date or place of the sporting events held and many other options. Recently, it is fashionable to place the name of the brand in large print. Hoodies with inscriptions look interesting, stylish, attract more attention, therefore, are popular with the younger generation.


Winter versions of sweatshirts can be made of warm footer with a pile, Polar, fleece, fur. Such models usually have a hood, elastic cuffs, laces on the hood or the bottom of the product. They are great for winter sports, warm during walks or in the car.

Actual colors

Fashion trends often dictate unusual colors for men's clothing. Manufacturers include them in their collections, but the main colors of sweatshirts are traditional colors: neutral, blue and red.

The black

Stylish and practical black color can be found in any collection of sportswear. Black sweatshirts often have contrasting details: laces, lettering, interior trim. They may be white or red. Popular combination of black with gray. These are models with contrasting sleeves or pockets.

Sweatshirts in black are a few percent warmer than light in daylight due to absorption of light radiation. In addition, they are preferred by rock music lovers, since the black color supports their ideology.


In the assortment of white sweatshirts, monophonic models and models with black inscriptions and logos prevail. Less common logos are red and blue. White color is also in demand, as well as black. Most manufacturers will always find in the collection at least a pair of such sweatshirts.


Gray is one of the most popular colors in sportswear. It accounts for a third of the sweatshirt market. In one model, its light and dark tint is often used. Gray color is harmoniously combined with any colors. Therefore, it is often he who makes up the tandem with red, green or burgundy color.


The red color of sweatshirts is distinguished by the property of attracting attention It is used for personal or commercial interests. Red sweatshirts with white details are very popular. In general, red sweatshirts rank fifth in the demand list after sweatshirts in gray, blue, white and black.


Blue color, unlike red, allows you to remain inconspicuous. It is less popular than gray. It is chosen by sports people, calm and good-natured. Companies often buy them for their employees, because the blue color is considered corporate.


The standard length of any sports sweater is just below the trouser belt. It does not interfere with movements and is used most often. Recently, elongated and long models of jackets are becoming more and more relevant.


Long patterns reach mid-thigh. Sports sweaters of this length have a free or straight cut, often equipped with pockets and a hood. These include the modern look of the mantle and sweaters for everyday style.


Elongated models of sweatshirts cover the buttocks, but do not descend below this mark, so as not to hinder active movements. This length can be any sports jacket.Her main task is to warm up during walks or outdoor activities, therefore natural materials prevail in the composition of elongated sweatshirts.


The main materials for the sweatshirts are cotton and polyester in different percentages. The warmer the sweatshirt, the more cotton in it. Polyester - less easily soiled material. In the 100% ratio, it is often used on sportswear that requires good ventilation. But polyester can also be warm. This includes fleece.

From fleece

Fleece - synthetic knitted material from polyester. It is soft, light, breathes well, is easy to wash and dries quickly. This material is of average wear resistance, does not cause allergic reactions. However, fleece quickly collects dust and becomes electrified.

What to wear

Any sweatshirt can be worn with sports pants or jeans. With it you can make a stylish multi-layer set by adding a T-shirt, jeans and a jacket. With a t-shirt without a print, you can combine a sweatshirt with a pattern and vice versa.

Brand news

One of the most popular brands that produce quality sportswear are Adidas, Nike and Puma. They provide a wide selection of knitwear for everyday wear and sports, including sweatshirts of various styles.


In the range of Adidas, you can choose a long sleeve, hoodie, sweatshirt or a shirt. For sports fit products with perforations that promote good ventilation. For convenience, are corrugated cuffs, raglan sleeves. Warm models are equipped with non-breathable inserts, volumetric hoods with lining and drawstring.

The collection is dominated by traditional colors: black, blue, light and dark shades of gray. In addition, they are diluted with white, muted burgundy, red, blue, yellow and purple. Brand-specific three white stripes adorn the chest emblem, sleeves or cuffs. On some models, the brand name is placed in large letters on the chest.

The latest global trends Adidas expresses in the collection characteristic prints. In the new collection there are prints in the spirit of the 90s, animals and vintage prints, color blocks and stripes.


Nike produces sweatshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies with or without sleeves. For its products, the manufacturer also uses perforations, elastic cuffs, drawstring hoods, a kangaroo pocket, and holes in the cuffs that do not allow hoodies or hoodies to move.

The color scheme is designed in black, gray, white, blue, burgundy and green. You can also buy a sweatshirt in pink. All products contain the logo of the company, some of them - the name in large letters.


The Puma collection includes hoodies, sweatshirts and olympic shirts. Each product has its own specifics. One brand creates inspired by the victory of teams at the world championships, others - sports. In the latest collection you can buy sweatshirts with the logos of BMW, Ferrari, Arsenal football club, Red Bull and others.

The assortment of black, gray sweatshirts, various variants of blue, red and green. Along with the logos of the listed companies and the Puma brand logo, the manufacturer uses bright contrasting stripes, prints and inscriptions.

Stylish and cool models

On sale you can find the original models of sweatshirts. For example, there are sweatshirts with a drawstring in the hood. The special technology of headphones allows you to wash such a hoodie in a washing machine. Demand are sweatshirts with cool prints. This could be the logo of a popular game, a superhero, a funny image or a sweatshirt in the form of a small animal.

The fantasy of the makers of sweatshirts is limitless. On the hoodie you can see the image of the Staffordshire Terrier, glowing in the dark, or emoticons. Sweatshirts are attracted by amusing inscriptions and beautiful trim, for example, fur.

Producer countries

Among the well-known manufacturers of high-quality clothing, Finnish, Norwegian and Japanese brands cannot be ignored.

Finland is a country with harsh winters. Clothing that they produce is different heat-shielding properties and convenience. Famous brands include Finn Flare and Luhta.

Designers are experimenting with materials, seeking to obtain the most practical options. Some Finnish manufacturers use only natural fabrics, so the price of their products is high. Such clothes serve for many years. Often Finnish clothing is replete with bright original combinations and prints. This designers compensate for the restraint and severity of the climate.

Norway is also characterized by a cold climate, which affects the heat-shielding properties of products. Designers are influenced by the Scandinavian traditions, introducing ethnic elements in the form of various patterns. These are winter ornaments (snowflakes, deer), rhombuses, a cage and a strip.

One of the most popular Norwegian sportswear brands is Helly Hansen. The products of this company are made of environmentally friendly, high-quality materials. It is stylish, warm and belongs to the average price segment.

Japanese designers create clothing that is based on European and Japanese traditions, reflecting their synthesis. It is characterized by simplicity, versatility, free cut, asymmetry, brightness of colors. However, sportswear of the largest manufacturers has a largely European character and aims to combine practical properties.

Asics is the best Japanese manufacturer of sportswear and footwear. Asics clothing was created with regard to anatomical features, which allows it to be functional, comfortable. It protects in all weather conditions and is designed for various sports. Another advantage is the affordable price.

When choosing a sweatshirt, like any other clothes, you need to take into account the features of the figure, the color type of the exterior, the purpose and features of the climate. A wide range provides the opportunity to choose the best option. Since sweatshirts do not go out of fashion and can serve for many years, the quality of the goods is of paramount importance.

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