Baby hoodie

Baby hoodie

Warm sweaters with a hood and a large patch pocket on the front are called hoodie. This piece of clothing has become widespread. Warm and comfortable jacket suitable for both men and women.


The word "Hoodie" appeared relatively recently in our lexicon. This type of clothing was originally worn by American hip-hoppers. After Hoodie included famous designers in her shows, she became very popular among young people all over the world.

You can distinguish hoodies from sweatshirts or other sweaters by the following features:

  • Hoodie necessarily has a hood and a rack that covers the neck in front. Similar models of hoods can be seen on anorak jacket;
  • due to its presence, the large patch pocket on the front is also called “kangaroo”;
  • Most models do not have a front fastener, they are worn over the head. The only exceptions are warmed hoodie.

Most often the length of the hoodie reaches mid-thigh. Such models perfectly warm and hide figure flaws.

Popular prints and finishes

Hoodie for adults rarely has some bright decor, children's models are an exception. Most often, the main decoration is inlays of fur or plush, but there are also models with bright prints, embroidery and other decorative elements.

The presence of a hood, tight-fitting head, allows manufacturers of children's clothing to make hoodie into almost any animal.

With Mickey Mouse

The popular Disney hero is still the favorite of kids. Hoodie with Mickey Mouse are both girls and boys. There are models that will help the children to reincarnate in a funny little mouse. The hoods of such jackets are decorated with recognizable black ears.

With teddy bear

Teddy bears are the most popular children's toys. Soft warm hoody cause association with them. If the hood is decorated with bear ears, and the jacket itself continues this decor, then the similarity becomes complete.


In the past few years, boys enthusiastically play with dinosaur figures, watch cartoons about them and read books. Therefore, there were children's Hoodie, decorated with images of these fossil animals.


Interest in these exotic bears grew after the cartoon appeared on the screen with their participation. Black and white colors, soft materials with velor texture and a feeling of comfort made the hoody with a panda one of the most popular models for children.

With cats

the most popular print for hoody was a drawing with two cats. It can be made in any colors, but most often you can find a black image.


Hoodie for children can be a variety of colors. In the production of adult models, the dressing is done for convenience and comfort, and the colors and décor do not matter much. Children's clothing is made of bright fabrics, it is decorated with images of your favorite fairy tale or cartoon characters.

Since hoodies are associated with warmth and comfort, they are often decorated with ornaments that are traditional for Scandinavian sweaters. This decor can be made of different shades of red, blue and beige, with a slight addition of black.

Overview of brand new products

Since hoodie is a popular sports sweater, global manufacturers of sporting goods and clothing could not stand aside. Leading brands of the world offer hoodie for children.

The NIKE Therma-Fit product line is designed for children from birth. All things are made of high quality modern materials, providing comfort and safety of heat. When choosing colors was preferred military style.Hoodie for little fashionistas made in the form of black and pink camouflage.

Stylish images

If you want your child’s clothes to be beautiful, stylish, and also very comfortable and practical, then be sure to include hoodie in the children's wardrobe.

Baby for girls and boys

Warm sweaters must be like boys and girls. Models can be universal or have a color characteristic of one of the sexes.

The most suitable clothes for a set with hoodie are jeans. Also, boys can wear knit sports trousers. Girls can combine hoodie with leggings or puffy skirts.

For teenagers (boys and girls 10, 11, 12 years old)

At this age, children are trying to prove to the world that they have become adults. This is manifested in clothing. Teens try to copy the images of their parents, popular artists or singers.

Therefore, hoodie for children over 10 years old rarely has decor in the form of cute bears or bunnies. Girls try to look like adult girls, they wear hoodies with trendy jeans, and stylish sneakers or sneakers are chosen as shoes. Hoodie also goes well with short straight skirts, put on over leggings.

Teenage boys are already equal to men. They insist that their clothes contain characteristic male colors: black, blue, green, brown. Hoodie they prefer to wear with jeans or sweatpants. Shoes are also preferable to sports.

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