Fashionable hoodies for men and women

Fashionable hoodies for men and women

Perhaps it is difficult to find a modern man who does not like sweatshirts. This jacket came into our everyday life from sports life. She immediately fell in love with both men and women due to its unpretentious design and versatility. A comfortable stylish sweatshirt is able to bring in colors and new touches to any wardrobe. Today we look at what kind of sweatshirts are and what is more advantageous to wear.

What it is

The sweatshirt is a free cut, an elongated sweater with sleeves, which, as a rule, is worn out. She can be on a yoke or without. Fashionable spectacular sweatshirt can help out at any time, because thanks to her it is very easy to get hastily when time is short. A spacious comfortable jacket does not hamper the freedom of movement and it looks appropriate in cafes, in movies and in school and even for a walk. This is a very common version of clothing among young people.

Features and benefits

Practical jacket is great for both warm and cool weather. HDespite frequent changes in fashion trends, the style of the sweatshirt remains practically unchanged and always relevant. Design ideas in the product of models have no boundaries, so this type of clothing is chosen by both Hollywood stars and ordinary people. In order to wear a beautiful sweatshirt, you do not need to have a special occasion. Sweatshirt combines perfectly with the things of sports subjects, casual style.

A bit of history

The simple name of this jacket has a very interesting and even surprising origin. The consonance with the surname of the great writer is not accidental here, that is exactly what the followers and admirers of the works and worldview of Leo Tolstoy called it. Of course, the modern sweatshirt is completely different from its prototype, which was originally called the sweatshirt. Other fashion researchers believe that the sweatshirt came into everyday life from sports style. In any case, a sweatshirt is an ingenious invention.

What is the difference

Sweatshirt is a type of sweater, which has its own characteristics. First of all, it is characterized by ease of fit and loose style. It occurs in the female and male versions, so putting on the male model, you will not surprise anyone. Often sweatshirts have pockets and a hood. Consider below what are sweatshirts and how they combine the features of other types of sweaters.


We are accustomed to counting a sweater as a sweater. This clothing is found in both men's and women's wardrobe. It goes well with jeans, trousers, sweaters and many other clothes. A sweater is accompanied by a collar, a long sleeve is a mandatory component of a sweater. Few people know that the name of the sweater comes from the English "sweater", which means "to sweat."


It looks very similar to a sweater jumper, the main difference is the absence of the neck, instead we see a round neckline. This allows you to wear a jumper not only in the cold season. It can be knitted or knitted, sometimes it can have clasps. Initially, the jumper was related exclusively to the sporting type of clothing, today we can easily wear this type of sweater in everyday life. The name of the jacket comes from the "jumper", i.e. "jumper"


The main difference from a jumper is a V-shaped neckline. A pullover, like a sweater, is worn only over the head. Initially, it was presented only in the men's wardrobe, but thanks to Coco Chanel, now women can also wear a pullover. Today, pullovers are made from a variety of materials, the most common being viscose, wool, acrylic, polyester or cotton.Pullover implies a more restrained style than a loose sweatshirt.

How to choose

Every fashionista or fashionista in the wardrobe must have a hoody. The basic rule is the size, because even the most beautiful and fashionable sweatshirt will lose its beauty, if it is not for you in size. The main thing in choosing a sweatshirt is not to overplay with color and freedom of cut, which can turn a figure into a baggy one. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the product, which will extend the life of the sweatshirt. Trust your fashionable intuition and taste, then a sweatshirt will delight you for a long time.

Also, when choosing, take into account the features of your figure, since a loose sweatshirt can correct the figure not quite in the winning direction. Sweatshirt implies freedom of action, when you try to put your hands up, your hands and stomach should not be bare. Absolutely symmetrical to each other sleeves, the correct seams and beauty of the style you like say that the sweatshirt is chosen correctly. The reputation of the brand is not the last thing, because a well-established company produces better and better quality. Also worth considering and what you will wear it.

Types of models

A classic sweatshirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and a bomber jacket are the main types of hoodies we are used to, but there are many others. Modern fashion is democratic, so a seemingly ordinary sweatshirt goes beyond the horizons of familiar perception. We will try to destroy the myth that sweatshirts add extra volume to the figure, and also that their direct purpose is not only sporting. Long, short, with a hood and without, with pockets and without them, given the diverse types of sweatshirts, you can choose any. Lately sweatshirts have appeared that are rigorously styled.

Sweatshirt dress

The sweatshirt in the form of a dress looks bright and spectacular. A sweatshirt dress can resemble a dress and a hoodie at the same time. As a rule, this is an elongated model of an ordinary sweatshirt or an unusual dress with elements of hoodies. This new thing will be a great addition to the wardrobe of active and vibrant girls who live life to the fullest. And the different colors in which modern designers present this type of dress will help to use the dress in a variety of styles.

Kangaroo Sweatshirt

This name got a sweatshirt thanks to a simple pocket on the stomach. A great option for sporty or casual style. It is popular among women, men and children. It is found in a variety of color and design solutions. A very convenient and stylish way to warm your hands when it's a little cold.


This is an elongated version with a hood. Something like a coat or cardigan, so it can easily be replaced. Hood is not only a way to shelter from the wind, but also an important element of style accessories. Often presented in the unisex style, so the same popularity among boys and girls. This is a bright trend of street fashion.


This is a short jacket with a zipper, as a rule, accompanied by a waist elastic and pockets. It happens completely different styles. For men, as a rule, this is a sporty version with a striped elastic of several colors. For women, fashionable horizons are much wider, so we can see a variety of bombers, for example, in a flower or another print. Bombers are very comfortable to wear on a cool summer evening or on a warm spring day.

On fur

Sweatshirt plus fur is an excellent solution in both male and female versions. A practical solution for a beginning fall and warm spring in a casual style. Fur can be in the form of edging or in the form of insulated lining. Fur is a special style of street fashion. So feel free to buy such a hoodie, you will definitely be the center of attention.

For pregnant

If a woman is pregnant, this does not mean that she ceases to be fashionable.A sweatshirt for pregnant women is a cozy and convenient way to spend a beautiful time waiting for a baby. The modern fashion industry offers many beautiful options that are in fashion not inferior to the beauty of ordinary sweatshirts. Maternity sweatshirt is the right choice for comfort. Pay attention to sweatshirts with a print of babies and other attributes of newborns.


The comfort, freedom of movement and beautiful design of insulated sweatshirts conquers from the very first fitting. Modern warm sweatshirts once again prove that the onset of cold weather is not a reason to abandon your favorite sports items that we used to wear in the warm season. You will be surprised by the design variety of models available. Insulated sweatshirt - a legend of urban youth style. Many insulated hoodies can easily replace the jackets and windbreakers in terms of functionality.


Sport in the modern world keeps pace with the times, and therefore with fashion. The sporty sweatshirt is one of the most familiar options with which we usually associate this type of clothing. A new collection of branded sports sweatshirts will allow athletes and sports style lovers to always remain at the height of fashion. Fashionable comfortable models of sports sweatshirts perfectly decorate training and competition. Sports sweatshirts are available for both summer and winter season.


Hoodie sweatshirt is a casual option for everyday wear. Fits perfectly in home and street looks for both sexes. A practical and comfortable men's sweatshirt will look stylish with jeans and sweatpants. Women can combine a hoodie-hoodie with leggings, leggings and many other trousers. This sweatshirt can hide some figure flaws.

Without sleeves

Easy and stylish option in the form of a sleeveless sweatshirt is a trendy way to go for a walk or a picnic. Outwardly, such a sweatshirt resembles a light sports jacket. Despite the absence of sleeves, such a model can be very functional, so often such a thing is accompanied by comfortable pockets and a hood. The design and color of this hoody can be very diverse. By the way, it is very convenient to cut off the sleeves of a tired hoody.


Sport is an integral part of our life. Therefore, hockey themes, embodied in a sweatshirt - this is a fashion trend of recent seasons. This is a great outfit for fans and just stylish and attention-grabbing clothing. Such hoodies are always bright and catchy. Perhaps this is the best outfit to go to a hockey game.

For nursing mothers

Designers with their resourcefulness do not get tired to please young mummies. They invented sweatshirts for nursing mothers with the most different styles of such sweatshirts. Some have a little secret in the form of a zipper on the chest. In the design of the other castle is hidden, so they look like the usual. In such a jacket it is convenient to feed the baby without removing the jacket.


Themed sweatshirt with the symbolism and style of Assassin is very popular among young people who are fascinated by history or simultaneous games. There are male and female models of this hoody. Different styles are offered. An indispensable attribute of this jacket is a special hood. It is not known whether protective magic works in such a hoodie, but from the cold it will cover 100%!

With headphones

Sweatshirt with headphones is a great know-how of our time. Now you can play sports without fear that the headphones will fall out or be lost. Only sport, comfort and music! Such a hoodie can be washed, it will not lose its stereo functions. The designers took care of the outside of such a hoody, so you will also be fashionable!

Actual colors

Here, the full scope of designers' imagination has no limits. If earlier bright colors were fashionable, now sweatshirts are presented in various shades.Even the latest fashion, which is sometimes difficult to remember or argue, is reflected in the beautiful cozy sweatshirts. Therefore, fashionable shades of 2016-2017 in the form of charming names (shark skin, dusty cedar or reckless, and many others) look very interesting in the form of sweatshirts. At the height of fashion, there are invariably popular bright colors, for example, blue, red.


The angelic-colored sweatshirt always looks cute on both men and women. Available with and without print. Always in fashion and not in competition. Always look amazing due to impeccable color. White color is always fashionable, so a snow-white sweatshirt will be relevant in your wardrobe.


This color is very rich in shades. Melange gray is also actively involved in the creation of sweatshirts. This is one of the most popular hits among sweatshirts, as many brands claim. Gray is the king of casual style, so you can combine this sweatshirt with casual wear. A gray sweatshirt in a military style and even in a glamorous style will look great.


Camouflage sweatshirt is very popular among young people. Such a design always looks courageous, bright and stylish. Girls also adore this coloring, they look cute and even sexy in such sweatshirts. Brutal camouflage is often included in the collections of world brands, so wear this model boldly. Perfect for tourism, recreation, hunting and fishing.


Such a hoodie will never go out of fashion, no matter what style it is. Absolutely girlish color in the form of a hoody is a sporty tenderness and romantic style at the same time. Perhaps it is very difficult to find a girl who refuses pink sweatshirts. Diversify any children's and girl's wardrobe. Pink sweatshirt is fashionable among girls around the world.


The red sweatshirt is a constant trend of sports fashion, so bright red is always present in all collections of world-famous sweatshirts. Bright and even flashy red is a great canvas for creating stylish and fashionable models. It occupies fashionable positions in the men's and women's wardrobe all the time. Looks great on brunettes and brunettes. It is difficult to make a fashionable mistake by choosing a red sweatshirt.


Blue color is very rich in different shades and combinations. This color is both casual and bright at the same time. An ideal choice for sports and everyday style. Suitable for both boys and girls. For many years, blue took the leading positions in sports fashion, this trend has not disappeared today.


Many people call this color mysterious and mystical. Bright and pleasant color is absolutely everything, but this color is more popular with girls. A purple sweatshirt is a great answer to your daily routine. It is believed that the purple color improves mood, so if you are bored, just put on a purple sweatshirt. The followers of the works of L. N. Tolstovgo were the purple sweatshirt that was the most popular.


The original choice in the form of a green sweatshirt will delight you and others. Depending on the choice of shade, sweatshirt can be saturated or muted color. In the style of modern casual, this sweatshirt will look very appropriate. Green sweatshirts with various prints and designs look very interesting. A green sweatshirt will look great with jeans and go with many things.

Drawings and prints

For designers, even a seemingly ordinary sweatshirt can be a canvas for their indefatigable creative ideas, which is proved by modern bright sweatshirts. Stars, presidents, cartoon characters - this list can be just endless. Prints and drawings are chips of sweatshirts, which conquer with their uniqueness and originality. It's amazing how a fabric pattern or a simple print can change the look of a simple-fitting sweatshirt. Let's get acquainted with the most original sweatshirts, which have gained popularity among the whole world.

Pikachu with ears

A yellow sweatshirt with ears turns its master into the most real Pikachu! Thanks to an interesting decision, the hero Pikachu is not a thing of the past. Funny positive design does not leave anyone indifferent. The target audience of this model is teenagers and children. Rich yellow color with the ears in the embodiment of the sweatshirt will be a great decision to go to a children's holiday.

With the number and surname

Modern fashion knows no bounds! Therefore, a sweatshirt with personal data is a great way to meet. Modesty is not in fashion today, so this magical and beautiful sweatshirt can turn your destiny! Multi-colored or monochrome numbers on any background will look stunning. Give such a sweatshirt to your best friend, believe that he will never forget such a gift.

With embroidery

Sweatshirt with embroidery is the current trend of modern times. This unusual sweatshirt can be a real work of art. It will be difficult for you to refuse originality and good taste if you wear such a jacket. Flowers, ethnic ornaments and any other patterns can be used as embroidery. Embroidery is one of the most fashionable trends in modern clothes.

Suicide squad

The sensational fantasy has a continuation on the hoodie-hoodie prints. If you are so fond of the characters of the film and do not want to part with them, then this jacket will be for you the most real find. This unusual jacket will emphasize that you are “in the subject line” and, for example, have something to talk about. There is a 3D version of such hoodies. In this sweatshirt, you will definitely be original and interesting to others.


Ninja sweatshirt is another unusual way to keep warm in cool weather. The originality of the style hoodies is that it covers the head and partly face. You can also buy cozy sweatshirts with the character of the 90s can please both children and adults. This sweatshirt is popular with young people all over the world. Therefore, buying such a hoodie, you will definitely fall into the trend.

With Mickey Mouse

The image of Mickey Mouse on a hoodie has been pleasing for so many generations, by the way, Mickey Mouse is already 88 years old. The presence of a hoodie is a great way to improve the mood of yourself and others. A great choice for kids and teens. A white background remains invariably fashionable for cute Mickey Mouse, although it looks no less impressive on red and blue. Minnie Mouse's girlfriend is also in the subject, so sometimes they often meet together in sweatshirts.


The space theme on a sweatshirt is a great way to express yourself. And the space theme is so spatial that it can be jackets with the image of galactic stars, humorous inscriptions like: “My mother-in-law Cosmos” or “Jeanne Cosmos” It can also be animated images of rockets or Yuri Gagarin himself. Such hoodies are very popular among young people.

With logo

A sweatshirt with a logo is a common way of expressing corporate policy or hidden advertising. Such hoodies are often used in winning promotions or as uniforms. Often, eminent brands also “mark” their products with their famous brand logo. Many ladies will agree that wearing Coco Chanel painting on the chest or Versace logo is very cool.


A great way not to part with childhood - is to buy a hoodie with the image of an anime. Popularity around the world characters can brightly decorate the most boring day. This unusual sweatshirt is perfect for teenagers and young people. Such hoodies will give you not only warmth, but also a peculiar sense of style. A variety of drawings and characters will pleasantly surprise you.


For lovers of unusual things, designers have prepared unusual hoodies with a three-dimensional image. On your sweatshirt, leaves may fall, girls smile, or wash kittens. The market for such models is saturated with both male and female models. These sweatshirts are made of high quality materials, so washing does not affect the properties and appearance of the jacket. This is an unforgettable gift for friends and a great thing for personal use.


The best football club of the 20th century on a sweater is the most powerful fashionable and stylish attire of real football fans. Walking in a similar sweatshirt can be in everyday life. Let out such form and for girls, and for young people. If you go to a match, you can easily decorate your outfit with a scarf. What does such a hoodie for fans mean - here you can without comments.


The ageless hockey club CSKA each year offers its themed legendary hoodies to the mass audience. Fans of all ages can be fashionable in such dynamic and beautiful outfits. Bright, spectacular, imbued with strength of mind and power for our team, such hoodies will definitely find their owners. Modern designers have prepared hoodies with the inscription CSKA even for the youngest fans. So the whole family can go hockey in a stylish way.


Bravely, defiantly, spectacularly and even memorably looks like a Marlboro sweatshirt. It looks brutal on men, and erotic on women. There are two most popular options - red with white or blue with white options. This is not a cigarette advertisement at all, it’s just a vintage theme. Designers often love to play with fashion trends and images of the past.


In the most general terms, hoodies are divided into long and short. For ladies, of course, fashion designers have come up with short, slightly opening belly and long, similar to dresses. For women, fashion designers even came up with hoodies dresses, the length of which reaches the ankle. In men, everything is much easier, so they can choose from the average length of the usual to a little elongated.


For women, long hoodies are a great and beautiful opportunity to warm up on a cold day. This outfit can be decorated with jeans, leggings and other types of pants. Long sweatshirt can be with different design of the bottom. There are options when on the sides of the hoodie decorate seductive cuts, but there is a rubber band. Comfort, style and warmth in a long sweatshirt are provided for you.


Super long sweatshirt is another way to emphasize your femininity. An elongated sweatshirt will easily pass for the dress, if necessary. Recently, sweatshirts with an asymmetrical hem came into fashion. They always look original and charming. Choose your favorite color and style that suits you best, then this sweatshirt will certainly become your favorite.

Fabrics and technology

Modern technologies allow to produce high-quality fabrics that allow you to wear hoodies with comfort at any time of the year. Unpretentious in the care, lightweight, durable modern sweatshirt - it's just a brilliant invention. Therefore, a hoodie is often associated with comfort and coziness. Such a jacket can be made of cotton, fleece, interlock, tricotta and even velor. Each material guarantees a pleasant touch on the skin and high quality.

What to wear

The sweatshirt's commitment to sporting style is already blurring with time. Appearance and convenience of sweatshirts conquers all. However, many mods often make the mistake of wearing a sweatshirt outside the gym. Modern women of fashion manage to combine a hoodie with strict things, and they are amazingly successful. Our photo gallery will tell you what to wear with it any hoodie.

How to fold

In order for your favorite hoodie to be always ready for you to wear, it must always be in perfect condition. For this, it must be properly maintained. Option 1 is to store the sweatshirt folded inward, as shown in the figure. Usually in this position, the hoodies are folded in packages. 2 way is to fold the sweatshirt with a roller, with such storage you will not have to iron it. This is a very convenient way of transportation.

Overview of brand new products

Among the many diverse models of sweatshirts that offer modern brands. TOlsovskie original brand - it is always the actual style and high quality. We have made a selection of current brands that represent interesting models of hoodies for men and women.


Bbet sweatshirts are a variety of men's sweatshirts. The brand represents both sports sweatshirts, bombers, and strict jumpers. Sports themes Bbet - a combination of bright colors and numbers. Choose Bbet hoodies, then you definitely can not go wrong in quality and style.


A successful British brand is unique sweatshirts. Brand specialization is clothing for martial arts and boxing. Therefore, this brand sweatshirts are not like many others. This brand received a personal vocation of Mohammed Ali, Jonathan Okey, Ryan Rhodes and many others.


The inimitable brand Bench, which in Russian means "shop", is a great choice of sweatshirts for young people. Funny and simple Bench hoodies conquer sports young people and girls with a sense of humor. This brand is considered a modern classic of street style youth.

Tommy hilfiger

There is a version that this American brand presented hoodies to the world. Tommy Hilfiger is an exclusively men's brand, so these designers probably know what an ideal men's sweatshirt should be. Excellent long-term reputation and fame throughout the world - this is another proof.

Stylish images

Although the stylists of the whole world refer to the sweatshirt as a sports style, modern women of fashion work wonders with her. It is fashionable to break the rules and patterns, so a sweatshirt can be a highlight of the image. In any case, the sweatshirt on both women's and men's shoulders sweatshirt creates a free casual image. Let's see what images can be built with the help of hoodies.


In the men's wardrobe a stylish new sweatshirt will never be superfluous. She can easily combine with a cap, sneakers, sneakers, T-shirts and jeans. This is a classic use case that is available to everyone. We advise young people to try using a sweatshirt to create images in the direction of street chic. To do this, you can try on a hoodie with a hat, scarf, tank top, coat and even a jacket.


In female looks, a sweatshirt gets more fantasy, so it can be used in many styles. Properly thoughtful negligence involving sweatshirts always looks romantic and stylish. Trendy jeans, a bright T-shirt and a sweatshirt are a classic method. Cropped sweatshirts without any extra sporting elements can be very effectively combined with casual skirts. A variety of styles and colors are able to create numerous images, the center of which can be almost any sweatshirt.

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