Fashionable women's hoodies 2019

Fashionable women's hoodies 2019

Today, a sweatshirt is a constant attribute of everyday warm clothing, but just a few decades ago, everything was completely different. First introduced in 1925, these sweaters were exceptionally sporty and were made mostly in gray.

Five years later, they began to put logos of famous teams and the status of "sports" finally stuck with them. A little later, the noticeable advantages of sweatshirts were appreciated by representatives of hip-hop culture, but such sweaters became an integral part of street style only in the early 90s, thanks to the American youth.

And although the classic sweatshirt is considered unisex-style clothing, women's fashionable sweatshirts of this season are not exactly intended for men.

Features and benefits

Modern women's hoodies are incredibly practical and comfortable, but they are also created to make the young lady beautiful, regardless of the type of figure. These sweaters are tailored in such a way that girls with magnificent forms will not look bulky and shapeless in them, and very thin and fragile ladies will look stylish and seductive. In addition, such jackets retain heat without creating a greenhouse effect, which means that they can be worn in cool weather, and when it is freezing outside.

Sweatshirts are often supplemented with a deep hood on the insulation or fur, so that it can be safely used as a hat, if worn under a down jacket. Well, a variety of models will allow you to bring into your own style a riot of colors and style even in the most dull time of the year.

Popular models

Fashion systematically makes adjustments to traditional models of things and sweatshirts are no exception. The classic style of the sweatshirt can be fitted or unnecessarily loose, but the long sleeve is always the constant element of the garment of this type.

Some models of sweatshirts look quite sporty, as if paying tribute to the classics, but there are also those that are most adapted to the traditional casual style and more resemble stylish casual sweaters.

Fashionable designers never cease to amaze girls with original modifications even of such seemingly simple sweaters as hoodies. What's new they came up with this season?

On lightning

The jacket, more like a regular sports jacket today is considered a classic. It was with the model on the zipper - the lightning began the history of comfortable attire, which later acquired the usual name for us - sweatshirt. Such sweaters are traditionally complemented with deep sewn pockets or embroidered, better known as kangaroos.

Sweatshirts with a zipper fit perfectly into a sporty image, but thanks to neutral patterns and decorative elements in the form of embroidery and stasis can be safely used in everyday style. Lightning, by the way, can be both traditional and sewn obliquely.


The jacket, which is the modern prototype of the American club jacket, was originally intended exclusively for men. It was worn by pilots - bombers, but gradually it migrated to the wardrobe of ordinary citizens, from which beautiful women borrowed it.

The shortened length, elastic bands on the cuffs of the sleeves and the bottom bar, the collar is a stand that is often similar in texture to the cuffs - these are the main distinguishing features of a classic bomber. An integral element of such a jacket is a clasp, which can go in the form of a zipper, buttons and buttons. Such a sweatshirt will add some freedom to any casual look.


Such hoodies differ from traditional zippers in that they are always complemented by the logo of a certain sports brand.It can be Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok or any other label that is always associated with sports. Such a sweatshirt will no longer fit the definition of an ordinary style, but it will precisely emphasize the love of its owner for an active lifestyle. Usually such hoodies have a loose fit and can be both on the fastener and without. Perfectly combined with sweatpants, sneakers or sneakers.


And this is a more casual version of the sweatshirt, featuring a loose cut and elongation. A constant attribute of such a jacket is the hood, from which she borrowed its name (from the English. Hoodie). The main advantage of this type of sweatshirt is that it fits absolutely everything and perfectly complements any image. It can be combined with your favorite jeans and leggings, or you can just wear it like a mini dress. Coarse boots and a backpack perfectly harmonize with the hoody in the casual style, and having picked up a more shapeless bag and comfortable boots for such a sweater, you can safely go to the office, if that does not prohibit the dress code.

Large sizes

Such sweatshirts are usually meant for women with curvaceous shapes, but due to the fact that nowadays girls who do not differ in their completeness can especially choose the oversized style. The main advantage of large-sized sweatshirts is that they sit freely on ladies with outstanding body shapes, so the shortcomings and excesses are perfectly concealed.

Quite often, women in a position choose such sweaters, and all because the free cut does not exert excessive pressure on the stomach, and the girl can feel free even if her waist is too large. In addition, such hoodies perfectly warm the body and it is not necessary to wear several types of clothing at once.

With fur

A few years ago, sweatshirts gained such popularity that girls did not want to part with them until the most severe frosts. Fashion designers have decided that the traditional sweatshirt - hoodie can easily replace the jacket, if you insulate it with fur and did not regret it. Hoodies with fur have become a real megahit of this season. Such sweatshirts most often go on zippers in the form of zippers or buttons to keep warm as much as possible, and natural fur warms the body perfectly. The girls just have to choose a suitable color for themselves and you can shine in your favorite sweatshirt almost until winter.

With ears

The original solution for the direct representatives of the fair sex - sweatshirts with ears on the hood. Such sweaters are usually created in thematic style. So, to the hood of a sweatshirt with the image of a panda sew imitation of the ears of this cute black and white bear. There are also pink models of sweatshirts with long bunny ears, and black models of jackets with wolf ears, and sweatshirts with cartoony images and ears of cat, fox, tiger, mouse, and even the already iconic Pikachu. Interestingly, these models are not intended for children at all, so young ladies who want to return to the naive age for a while - take a moment.

No lightning

Sweatshirts of this type may resemble shortened sweaters, warmed tunics or dresses - it all depends on the length. The absence of lightning somewhat alienates this model from the classic concept of “sporty”. Sweatshirts of this type can be with or without pockets, as well as be decorated with drawings, inscriptions or be completely plain. Such jackets are suitable for almost all elements of a warm wardrobe and just fit perfectly into a casual look. Often this model can be insulated, but natural fur as a heater is used very rarely.

Warm and insulated

These types of sweatshirts are often called snowboarding. The model combines absolutely all the characteristics necessary for comfortable movement and heat preservation.The cut is always free, the laces on the hood are missing so that they do not interfere, the double hood and the high collar cover the neck and head from the wind, and the water-repellent outer material makes it possible not to get wet even with direct contact with the snow. And although such hoodies are made for professional snowboarders, girls often choose them for everyday wear. This contributes to the stylish design, which is so diverse this season.


The classic model of the sweatshirt without a zipper, a mandatory attribute of which are the nashivny pockets - kangaroos. Such sweaters can be long or short, but always have cuffs - elastic bands on the sleeves and the bottom bar. Under the neck of a classic sweatshirt there is a triangle formed by the intersection of the neck seams. Today it has lost its historical purpose and is more decorative in nature, but earlier this triangle made the collar elastic and absorbed sweat well, thanks to the lining of their cotton sewn into it, and this was incredibly important for athletes.

Modern sweatshirts can no longer be called solely sports, because in adapting to women's style they have acquired a completely different look.

With clasp

In addition to the above-mentioned sweatshirts with a solid zipper, there are also models with zippers on the neck. They attach them, first of all in order to make the hoodie easier to shoot through the head, but often they also play a decorative effect. So, large buttons can be an ornament sweatshirts, if they contrast with her shade. The same can be said about lightning, which is often sewn on the diagonally diagonal. Classic buttons can also be used as fasteners.


Sweatshirts with buttons look very original and are often used by girls as simple windbreakers. This is not strange, because often this type of sweatshirts go on the heater. Unusual look models of sweatshirts on the buttons, if the color of the zippers coincides in color with the sleeves, edging the hood, cuffs or bottom bar. Buttons can go in two rows, which makes the image more elegant. Sometimes sweatshirts are equipped with dough-buckles.

On the buttons

A variation of this type of sweatshirt is a classic bomber jacket. Outwardly, this fastener is practically no different from buttons. But the fact that it is much more convenient to fasten and unfasten this type of sweatshirt is an indisputable fact. It must be why the buttons are equipped with purely sports sweatshirts.

Actual colors

Trendy experts in this season are advised to choose eggplant, plum and graphite hoodies. If you are not a lover of the classics or this color scheme seems to you to be dull, you can opt for megapopular now bright colors - cherry, coral, terracotta. Brown gamma has remained popular since last season, so it is also recommended to choose it. If these colors are not to your liking, we offer a whole list of currently fashionable shades.

The black

The best option for everyday and sports image is not found. This color is combined with absolutely all elements of clothing and is non-marking. If you don’t want to stand out from the crowd, appreciate practicality and comfort, a black sweatshirt is just what you need.


If you are not afraid of the need for frequent washing or you just love the bright colors, a classic white sweatshirt may be the best option. If desired, you can choose a darker shades of the light range. Beige, antique white, almond and biscuit tones are now at the peak of popularity.


A traditional sweatshirt will not blend in with a gray mass if you combine it correctly with other elements of your wardrobe.A cropped model of this color sweatshirt can be worn over a blue or checkered shirt, combined with a white trousers or skirt — a blue-and-red pencil. Such a sweatshirt with burgundy and pink narrow pants, as well as blue and menthol clothes will look harmoniously.


It will be great if this year's megapopular robe and the most sought-after color of the season blend together. A red sweatshirt will make your look unforgettable exactly, because only young ladies who are not afraid to be in the spotlight can choose such a model. The most harmonious image will look if you combine red with yellow, beige, black, white and brown.


Hoodies acid shades just like extraordinary personalities. This season is especially popular are bright pink, green, menthol and yellow shades. The category of bright can be attributed, and sweatshirts with prints in the form of fruits, cartoons, animals, flower fields and other beauties of nature.


According to experts, blue things like to wear calm and melancholic people. A sweatshirt of this color will make your image restrained and even trivial, but it will be the perfect fit for almost all elements of the wardrobe. Most often, a blue sweatshirt is combined with ordinary jeans.


Sweatshirt of this color will give your look tenderness, romance and light naivety. Pink color perfectly harmonizes with all shades of blue, gray and white so do not be afraid to experiment.


Blue color is good because it has a rich color palette, so if you decide to purchase a hoodie of this shade, you will choose from which. Cornflower-blue, azure, heavenly, protective blue and sea are the most popular shades of this season. Yes, and make a stylish combination with a hoodie of this shade will be easy. It goes well with gray, white, blue, burgundy and menthol colors.


Khaki sweatshirt is suitable for self-sufficient and self-confident ladies. Camouflage pattern can combine three, four, or even five shades at once, which gives girls the opportunity to experiment with their own way.


Psychologists say that conservative and enterprising people, as well as those who seek to emphasize their confidence and solidity, choose the hue of bordeaux. If you have a burgundy sweatshirt, feel free to combine it with things of orange, green, blue, yellow, silver and purple.


According to psychologists, this color is chosen by extraordinary individuals striving for freedom. To make your originality well perceived by others, combine a sweatshirt of this shade with things of gray, black, turquoise, pink, blue and green tones.

Prints and drawings

Models of women's sweatshirts this season are usually decorated with appliqués, stripes, animal paintings, inscriptions and other decorative elements. Unusual print options are now considered especially fashionable. So, at the shows of the latest collections you can find sweatshirts with the image of huge eyes, dolls, clenching fists and inscriptions like “the camera loves me”. But four variants of sweatshirts especially fell in love with modern girls.

With inscriptions

Self-confidence is now in fashion, so girls most often choose hoodies with laudatory slogans, like “I'm the best”, “different”, and also more reserved - “beauty requires,” “you are in my thoughts”. Models with the logos of well-known brands Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Anteater, and so on are also considered popular.

With Mickey Mouse

No one could have imagined that the favorite cartoon childhood hero would return to the girls as an adult in the form of a print on a sweatshirt, but this is true. The drawing of a famous mouse can decorate both the central part of the jacket and the hood. In the second case, cute ears are often sewn to the hoodie.

With ice cream

Sweatshirts with a sweet print are extremely popular and diverse. Ice cream on sweatshirts can be depicted in different forms and be in a single copy, and in the plural. What would you like - on a stick, in a glass, in balls or slightly melted? In the fashionable range has everything.

With the image

Portraits of famous personalities, photos of cities, animals, and even scenes from famous movies and cartoons - all this can now be found on the women's sweatshirts in the form of a print. A good way to tell the public about your tastes and preferences.


But the unequivocal answer to the question, what is the length of sweatshirts now the most popular there. This practical wardrobe element has become so much part of the life of modern girls that the designers decided to diversify the fashion collections of women's sweatshirts as much as possible this season.


Girls can choose this model only if they want to emphasize the thin waistline. If the figure leaves much to be desired, this model is contraindicated. Sweatshirts of the shortened look reach the length of the thigh and can serve as a classic windbreaker or jacket. Despite the fact that the classic model of the sweatshirt always comes with long sleeves, with this type of sweaters this rule may not be respected.


This model of sweatshirts can reach mid-thigh and is well suited for the cold period. The versatility of the model allows you to combine it with almost all the elements of warm clothing, so in terms of practicality and comfort, this is an ideal option.


Model hoodies - dresses suitable for girls who value practicality, but at the same time want to remain feminine. Sweatshirts of this style in length reach almost to the knee and are distinguished by a loose cut. Elastic band, sewn to the hem of the dress, allows you to emphasize all the advantages of the figure, but for girls with excessively curvaceous forms and ugly legs it is better to refuse such a jacket.


Due to the fact that the sweatshirts were originally intended for sports, they were made only from natural materials. Do not change this tradition today. What material is the most popular sweatshirt?


It has long been known that fleece is a material that combines several types of synthetic fibers at once, but it is these fibers that have unique heating properties that are not available even to the highest quality natural fiber. And all because this material consists of airbags that retain heat even under the influence of moisture. This means that a fleece sweatshirt is ideal for sports and active walks. True, such things are always quite expensive, but you can look for an alternative.


Cotton hoodies, though inferior to fleece in "warmth", are just as pleasant to the body, and they are cheaper. They feel comfortable in windless and not too cold weather, and in addition - they are absolutely hypoallergenic. Leaving a special sweatshirt from such material does not require, simply wash them in the washing machine. In appearance, cotton sweatshirts are not inferior to the fleece alternative.

How much is

Depending on the store and brand, the price of fleece sweatshirts can vary from 15 to 155 dollars. The lower limit of the cost of cotton sweatshirts reaches $ 11, but if cotton is combined with fleece, the price of the sweatshirt increases significantly and can reach up to 190 - 230 dollars

What to wear

When selecting the perfect combination with a sweatshirt, you should take into account the fact that this is a sporty type of clothing, so even if your favorite jacket is complemented with cute prints, rhinestones and embroidery, you should not forget about it. Shorter models can be combined with skirts and shorts, but the elongated ones still look better with pants and leggings. Shoes should always be athletic.

Fashionable Images

Combine a cropped sweatshirt with denim shorts to make your look truly fashionable. It is desirable that the sweatshirt in this case was tucked. The sleeves must be tucked to the elbow, so that the image looks harmonious.

Look with a long sweatshirt model you can diversify with uggs or leggings that repeat the print of the jacket. Not bad combined elongated models and lacquered shoes.

Brand news

Well-known sports brands do not cease to replenish their collections with convenient and practical things for lovers of an active lifestyle. Season autumn - winter 2016 - 2017 is rich in novelties in the category of sweatshirts for women.


A new snow-white sweatshirt - Hoodie from the Adidas Z.N.E collection will definitely appeal to lovers of active training. Tight knitwear, stand-up collar and cuffs with finger slots provide maximum protection against the cold, and cutting-edge cut allows you to feel comfortable and stylish in any situation.


Gently-pink Naketano Reorder Vi Candy Muschi Melange sweatshirt will add a bit of originality to your casual style. Double laces on the neck, leather inlays with the brand name, stitched pockets are the distinguishing features of this model.


A distinctive feature of the new sweatshirt from Puma x Careaux Crew Sweat is the graphic design in the form of a golden abstraction, which contrasts against the overall background of the sweatshirts. Such model of a jacket is presented in white and black color.

Pull and bear

This season, the Pull and Bear brand has pleased women with a brand-new gray sweatshirt with an original lettering, which in English sounds like "my thoughts in Los Angeles." The sweatshirt is short and has a round neckline, so it can be worn over an elongated shirt, creating a rather creative image.


A new sweatshirt by Nike Rally Br Crew Exploded will add some bright colors to your everyday sporty look. The name of the brand can be seen from afar, because the print occupies almost the entire front part of the model. Golden - lemon shade contrasts favorably on the overall white background of the sweatshirt, making it memorable. Classic hoodies cut - cuffs on the sleeves and the bottom plate, as well as the round neckline. This model is still in blue and black.

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