Paired hoodies

Paired hoodies


Paired hoodies come from hip-hop fashion as a means to express their ideals and preferences, thoughts and concepts. When two people side by side demonstrate the same thing, it is impossible not to draw attention to such originals.

To date, fashionable hoodies already belong to the classics.

For them, there remains the comfortable hood, zipper, fitted or loose silhouette.

In the trend appeared this season shortened to the waist styles with sleeves to the elbow.

The decor with which the swishshots are decorated gives them extra glamor in the disco style. Such a bold combination of several styles turned out to be a successful design solution in modern fashion and reached the peak of popularity.

Traditional colors are graphite, eggplant and plum. Embroidery and neon shades of patterns, brilliant rhinestones can be found as decoration. For drawing a print the thermotransfer press which is not changing the brightness is used.


For two lovers

Amazing pair of hoodies are issued for lovers who, although show their feelings without words, using clothes and accessories.

A beautiful print or sentence on a love theme begins on one sweatshirt, and its continuation is on the other.

This interesting find is always in demand among young people. Inscriptions express what exactly is happening between a boy and a girl at the moment of their relationship. And what could be more romantic than opening your soul mate to the whole world when one half of the heart is on his sweatshirt and the other half is on hers.

Helping to tell about themselves and funny characters, flowers and objects. Humor and good mood do not leave a couple reading the inscriptions on their sweatshirts, and the modern style of the models is no less pleasing than the drawings and inscriptions on them.

With last name

So-called nominal hoodies can contain an inscription in the form of a name or surname, number. As if you are a member of a sports team.

Personalized sweatshirt will be a good gift to a close relative, beloved girlfriend or boyfriend. A loving couple or family orders sweatshirts with last names or names that are combined with each other in color and style, representing a single whole.

How to wear

Of course, you need to wear a pair of hoodies, being together, so that the idea worked and there was an effect. They put them on rest in the company of friends, on walks around the city, on any events where the couple goes together. If the pictures are just the same, then the sweatshirt can be worn alone, although there are still two such original things around that look better.

Prints can be placed on the front of your sweatshirt and on the back. Sometimes the picture seems to be divided into two parts, forming puzzles.

Under a bright sweatshirt put on a shirt. Guys can boast of a white shirt. In any case, neutral tones are chosen for the top so that the sweatshirt dominates and stands out in the ensemble.

Harmoniously complement this set of fashionable clothes of a pair of shorts shortened to 7/8 jeans or trousers, shorts, and shoes in which you are comfortable. No more comfortable outfit than such a street ensemble.

Overview of interesting images

  • Black sweatshirts with the words "Tsar" and "Queen." Drawings in the form of a crown are located in the right shoulder, and prints in the form of gold crowns are hooded.
  • Gray hoodies with red lettering. On the male "She's mine" with an arrow to the right, on the female - "He's mine" with an arrow to the left. The inscriptions are located on the back, under the hood. Knitwear sviftoshoty, length to the waist.
  • Hoodie red, decorated with white inscriptions. Men's sweatshirt with large letters depicting "FBI" on the female inscription "Protected FBI". Sweatshirts semi-adjacent silhouette of knitwear.
  • White family wedding sweatshirts with “Just Married” lettering on the chest.Next to the status of the pair, two crimson doves are drawn, connecting the hearts.
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