Olimpik team USSR

Olimpik team USSR

Speaking of sportswear, it is impossible not to mention such an important and functional thing as an Olympic shirt. Fashion on this type of clothing put Olympiika team of the USSR 50s. For the second time, Olympiyki ascended to the wave of popularity in the 80-90s of the last century.

Speaking about it now, it is impossible not to ask the question: “USSR Olympic Games: retro or vintage?”. We should recall the main differences between these areas.

Retro style refers to the images of the past and the reproduction of these images or recognizable elements of them. The traditional is the division into ten-year periods, which allows us to speak about the averaged "fashion of the 20s, 30s" and other years. In this case, we should not forget that following the image in a retro style means not only the selection of clothes, but also the corresponding hairstyle and accessories. The image should be thought out to the smallest detail so as not to look ridiculous.

Vintage, though it is based on the same appeal to the images of the past, focuses on the other. The focus is not only popularity, but also the age of the thing - a true vintage can not be younger than twenty years. The exception is non-vintage - a direction that uses artificially aged things.

Proceeding from the above, the USSR shirt in its classical form relates more to vintage. Variations of the same Olympiks go for the retro-elements in the image.

The main types of Olympics of the USSR

  • Olimpiyka with coat of arms. As a rule, the coat of arms is located on the chest, and was embroidered with colored threads. In the center under the emblem or on the back was a large inscription "USSR", also embroidered.
  • With a sickle and a hammer. On the chest of the right or on the left is an embroidered sickle and hammer, and the inscription "USSR" is embroidered on the back.
  • Minimalistic modern variations, limited solely to the inscription "USSR" at the back.

Since these things have long been not so much an element of clothing as a part of culture and ideology, there are historically established colors of Olympics.

  • Red a bright olympic shirt of patriotic Soviet colors will single out its owner from the crowd. Also for athletes, red is the color of struggle and victory, which will serve as an additional incentive on the path of sporting achievements.
  • Blue the model visually creates a feeling of comfort and softness. Suitable for leisurely walks or rest after sports loads.
  • Black A shirt will emphasize originality and a sense of style. Models look elegant and comfortable.

What brands can you buy the USSR shirt in our time?

  • Adidas presents models of red and blue with classic brand white stripes and adidas emblem on the chest.
  • Company 2K produces olympic sweatshirts with a coat of arms in red and blue variations. Good quality at an average price.
  • Umbro designers are experimenting with the color of Olympics, the shape and arrangement of embroidery. Suitable for those who are looking to connect original moves with a classic base.
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