Hoodies Hoodie

Hoodies Hoodie

Sweatshirt knows many manifestations in modern fashionable clothes. One of the great choices of sweatshirts is hoodies that are loved by today's youth. Hoodie has long overstepped the boundaries of sports fashion, therefore, very often they act in everyday and even in glamorous style. The popularity of this jacket is increasingly gaining momentum, appearing in the most unexpected variations. And today, our trendy conversation will go about this wonderful sweater.

What's the Difference

Despite the close “related” ties with the sweatshirt, the hoodies and the sweatshirt have some differences characteristic only of each type of sweaters. Hoodie is a versatile type of clothing in both men's and women's wardrobe. The main difference is the presence of a hood, which elevates any hoody to the hoody grade. The sweatshirt can be called any bit spacious sweater of a free cut. The material can be the same as in the creation of hoodie, and sweatshirts.


Sweatshirt appeared much earlier hoody, so her style is much simpler and more relaxed. Any sweatshirt can also have pockets that are located on the sides, and the hood on the sweatshirt is the most simple or missing. The consonance with the name of Leo Tolstoy in the title is not at all accidental; the initially spacious and simple sweater “came into vogue” thanks to the followers of the worldview of the great writer.


Hoodie is different from traditional sweatshirts by the presence of the obligatory element - the hood, which is a rack. Hence the simple name, because in English, “hood” means a hood. Another difference is the presence of kangaroo type pockets, which, as a rule, accompany the hoodie. But this is an optional condition, so you can often find hoody and without pockets.


Of course, the modern sweatshirt is not much like a hoodie, but there are still similarities and differences. This is an intermediate option between a sweater and a sweatshirt in the manner of overseas. Sweatshirt always remains on the crest of fashion due to the ease of style and pleasant material to the body. In such a sweater it is pleasant to take walks around the city, you can look at a cafe and even go to the movies. No one can accuse you of being dressed "inappropriate".


Everyone knows fashion designer “transformations”, when the same thing can start playing in a new way. It's amazing how one detail can change the purpose of a light and stylish sweatshirt with the name hoodie. Let's take a deeper look at the varieties of modern hoodie models.

With hood

Hoodie and hood are inseparable. It can act as warmed, and light, even decorative. In modern fashion models are often found, the hood of which differ in color and material from the main fabric hoodie. Very popular models, the hood of which can act as a volume collar.

With headphones

Hoodie with integrated headphones is a terrific option for morning runs or walks. Advanced gadget, embodied in the design of your favorite sweaters - what could be cooler? By the way, from the point of view of security, this option is more advanced, since you hear the player and everything that happens around.

With fur

The magnificent trend of our time - hood hoodie with a light or fluffy fur edging. Such models easily act as windbreakers and light jackets. Stylish women of fashion should definitely pay attention to the stylish hoodie-dresses with a hood with fur trim. Another variant of such a product is hoody on a fur coat, in such a model you will not freeze.


Hoodies for snowboarding are fashionable and comfortable models for your favorite sport. Universal models are created for both men and women. Bright equipment in the form of hoodie is a great attribute for the conquerors of mountains and snow.

On lightning

Hoodie is a piece of sportswear, and zipper is a quick buckle, so they blend beautifully with hoodie. Magnificent models with a lightning of a contrasting or one-color variant will perfectly complement the sports wardrobe of a guy and a girl.


Hoodie in the long version will perfectly warm in windy weather. The latest fashion trends allow you to wear hoodie girls instead of dresses. In cooler weather, jeggings or leggings are suitable for a city walk, stylish owners of beautiful legs can add leggings or colorful stockings to the image.

With a high collar

Hoodie + collar is an unusual combination, but still possible. When we don’t wear a hood, we don’t use a hood, a stand-up collar takes effect, which will elegantly protect against wind. Hoodie with a high collar is a very interesting designer combination game of the incongruous.

With ears

Hoodie with ears is a fun youth version in the image of a certain animal. Modern design ideas have gone so far that in order to enter the image you do not need to wait for the masquerade. Enough to put on a charming hoodie with ears and you are already in the image. Hoodie fabric is selected by coloring under the skin of the animal, and eyes are located on the hood.


Modern Hoodie made from a variety of materials. Fleece, wool, footer, synthetic and cotton are an excellent base. Depending on the seasonal destination of clothing, warm and light options are sewn. For the winter season, designers represent hoodie with a layer of insulation, and for the light version, breathable and moisture-removing fabrics are used. High-tech materials in bright colors represent a stylish design and indispensable comfort.

Color and finish

Charming models hoody like bright colors. Even the usual gray color in the embodiment hoody with a delicate fur trim and print appear in a bright embodiment. Decorating the original print gives hoodie a highlight. The relaxed image in colorful shades involuntarily draws attention to itself. Designers also prepared black, brown, cool gray or melange models for those who like neutral and modest colors.

Brand news

Hoodie hoodie has long gone beyond the sports genre, so many brands, even far from sports, create stunning hoody models for a variety of occasions. Many global brands present their own vision of Hoodie in unusual versions. Our portal about fashion advises to give preference to time-tested brands.

The brand of “fruit” philosophy Fruit of the loom offers both original hoodie models and everyday options for both men and women and children. Long history, funny name and always up-to-date logo have fascinated buyers all over the world, therefore, the Hoodie Fruit of the loom is in a sense even a fashionable pride.


Rave reviews and fashionable bows with the participation of Hoodie - another convincing argument to expand your wardrobe with the help of Hoodie, because the experience of buyers who have acquired this brand-name thing does not doubt their choice. After reading the numerous reviews on the item of clothing hoody, we can conclude that this practical thing should be in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman or fashion-maker.

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