Men's Hoodie

Men's Hoodie

In the wardrobe of every modern man there is at least a couple of practical things that are perfect for everyday wear. The main distinguishing features of these things is their practicality, as well as decorative neutrality.

Which one of everyday things is so unique that it deserves special attention? Hoodie, of course. A simple-looking sweater made of soft cotton material has several distinctive advantages that are favorably estimated by men from all over the world.

What is hoody

In fact, the hoodie is a regular sweater of a free and elongated cut, with a hood and pockets, but without a zipper in front. Sometimes it can be complemented with a warm lining on artificial or natural fur, as well as flannels that help remove excess moisture. It is customary to wear it over the head, but those who do not know about it often compare hoody with an ordinary sweatshirt.

It is interesting that hoodie, like a light jacket with a hood - resistant called anorak, can have a pocket - a kangaroo and be tightened with lacing in the area of ​​the hood. Unusually popular this type of clothing became after the release of the movie "Rocky", where the hero Sylvestre Stallone wore a gray sweater of just such a cut. It would not be superfluous to note that they wore this type of clothing even earlier.


The prototype of men's hoodies - hoodie was known in the Middle Ages. Then an elongated cape with a hood was used as outerwear and was worn by guys over the tunic. In the 70s of the last century, this sweater became the main symbol of hip-hop and advanced youth, who quickly appreciated its practicality and convenience.

When at the American fashion show, Hoodie first showed the world to Claire McCardell, she finally fell in love with the stylish, extraordinary and now fashionable society. Twenty years later, this sweater was included in its collections by world-famous fashion designers - Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger.

How to choose

Today, choose a suitable men's sweatshirt is quite simple. Most fashion models are either distinguished by bright colors and decorated with original and stylish prints, or completely plain. The first category of Hoodie is mainly intended for very young fashionistas who seek to stand out from the crowd and somehow express themselves. The second category is more like serious and stylish guys who primarily appreciate the comfort and practicality of clothing.

Popular models

For the centuries-old history of the existence of a hoodie, the hoodie has practically not changed and in the classic version looks the same as it was two centuries ago. And although modern men usually do not follow fashion, preferring to be content with classics, designers still try to modify the traditional styles of jackets a little bit, making them more comfortable.


The hood is an integral part of the hoodie hoodie, because it inherited its name from him. Designers actively use this feature, using the hood, as the main source of modifications Hoodie. In the classic version of the jacket, the hood is covered in such a way that the neck is completely closed, and he himself finds it almost in his eyes. In a more modified version of the hood can be tightened with ropes and fully open the neck.

Trimmed with fur

These hoodies are perfect for the cold season. They can be a great alternative to the classic windbreaker or jacket, if they are long enough.The fur can be colored in the color of the jacket or advantageously contrasted against its background. Most often, the imitation of fur is a high-quality textile material of different lengths, which still significantly warms the model of the jacket. But there are instances of Hoodie on natural fur - rabbit, raccoon, etc.


Hoodie, which would be perfect for the winter period, are made not only on fur insulation, but also from warmer materials. It can be natural wool or cotton with fleece lining. In the process of sewing such sweatshirts, they take into account that they can be worn in winter for sports, so this clothing not only warms well, but also maintains a comfortable body temperature, without creating a greenhouse effect if the person sweats.


That is how you can call Hoodie models, which are complemented by warm linings. It is interesting that the upper surface of the hoodie can be sewn of ordinary cotton. Most of these jackets are quite long, so they can be worn in the offseason instead of jackets.

Without sleeves

Hoodie - vest - a rather original model of clothing in the men's wardrobe, which still enjoys extraordinary popularity. And all because it is ideal for sports. Such a hoodie model can be safely worn on a naked body in warm weather and complemented by a turtleneck to match a colder one.

With collar clamp

This model of hoody is very similar to the classic one and is good because in the cold period it can be worn without completing the look with a scarf. It is interesting that the size of the yoke in the male models of such jackets may be completely different, but most often small. When the hood is worn, the collar quickly turns from a yoke into a stand.

For snowboarding

Hoodies for snowboarding are distinguished by bright colors, an abundance of colorful prints and the most important thing is length. Male models of such jackets in the maximum version can reach almost to the knee, and in the minimum - to the mid-thigh. The free cut of the jacket allows the snowboarder to perform even the most dangerous pirouettes without fear.

On lightning

Such a model hoodie fit to the classic anorak sweater. Hoods with zippers are much better suited for active movements, because they do not have to shoot through the head, if it becomes hot. These blouses fit perfectly in a sporty and casual look.

With print

Hoodie print now enjoy great popularity, especially among young people. Most often, guys prefer to wear jackets with the image of their favorite musical groups and famous personalities, as well as their favorite movie characters.


Hoodie with a zipper, knitted by hand, most often worn by adult men. Young guys prefer to choose tight knitted sweaters, as they look more modern and youth.


But regarding the length of the sweatshirts - you can say hoody: it can be completely different. Immediately I would like to note that the shortest model Hoodie must cover the hips. Wearing such an option is usually in a warm off-season. For a colder period, other models are designed.


In a sweater, which in length reaches almost to the knee, it is convenient not only to ride a snowboard and engage in other types of vigorous activity, but also just to be outside for a long time in cold weather. It is interesting that such types of sweaters are especially fond of rappers and hip-hoppers, becoming a kind of personification of their free style.


Hoodie, which comes to the mid-thigh length, is called elongated. They are most often chosen by guys in the offseason, and not only because they are warm enough, but also because they are combined with many things of a warmed wardrobe.


Guys tend to choose more rigorous and low-key models of clothing, so this season designers have filled their collections with models hoody in black, brown and dark blue colors.But those men who like bright colors will also be able to find a suitable model for their sweaters. The most popular are now considered hoodie four colors.


It can be scarlet variants of sweatshirts with white prints or absolutely plain sweaters. Very unusual look models of sweatshirts in cherry and burgundy color. It is interesting that the first option is more suitable for the summer period, and the second - for the winter.


If you are to the classic shades, but do not want to look too mournful and trite, a gray sweatshirt - hoodie - this is what you need. This jacket looks good both in a single-color version and in combination with a white print.


It does not have to be the bright color of fuchsia, which most guys consider to be a girl. You can get a pale pink hoodie, coral or dark purple - and just to surprise others.


Hoodie classic white color perfectly fit into any image. Often, they are complemented by black prints, as well as patterns in the form of multi-colored stripes, but they can be absolutely monophonic.


Most often, men's models of hoodie are created from light natural materials: knitwear, cotton, wool, fleece, viscose. In general, the choice of material depends on the seasonal destination of the jacket.

What and how to wear

The most win-win combination with any model of hoodies; hoodie is her combination with sports clothing. These can be classic jeans or knit pants, as well as breeches, elongated shorts, as well as sneakers or sneakers.

Stylish images

An original watch and belt will help to make an image truly stylish. If desired, the image can be supplemented with a belt bag in a sporty style.

Brand news

But the real chic in your image can bring only models of clothes from one sports brand. Today, many sports brands delight consumers with quality models of hoodie. Let's talk about the fashionable news of this season.


The blue model hoodie from the Adidas Neo collection deserves special attention. The fit of the sweatshirt is fitted, and there are adjustable laces on the hood.


The KOBE MAMBULA HYPRELT FZ HOODIE sweatshirt model from Nike will definitely appeal to lovers of a conservative style. The jacket is distinguished by gray color and original striped inserts in the front part of the product.


From the collection of the Reebok brand, you can highlight the black sweatshirt Classics 80 SPECIAL EDITION with an original print in the form of three gold coins.

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