Men's hoodies

Men's hoodies

The basic wardrobe of a man includes some of the most popular things. These products are indispensable and can be combined with anything. This important list, of course, includes a hoody.

Features and benefits

Sweatshirt is a versatile and incredibly practical thing. Many choose her for the fact that she is unthinkably comfortable. The number of styles is so diverse that absolutely every man will find his optimal model.

This item of clothing can be combined with most of the wardrobe. Sweatshirt is ideal not only for athletes, but also for those who lead a normal life.

A bit of history

Many argue that this popular thing originated in Russia. Supposedly our famous writer Leo Tolstoy wore wide shirts without tucking them in his trousers. In honor of him and called a hoodie.

However, there is an opinion that this detail of the wardrobe came to us from Western subcultures. There free sweaters preferred dancers of a certain specificity. They were into hip-hop and break dancing.

How to choose

First of all, you need to understand why you need these clothes. If you play sports, then the most comfortable option will be with a hood and a lock. Stylish young people who decide to stand out in everyday life, like the bomber. We will understand all the most popular styles and models, and you will understand that it is more suitable for you.

In order to determine the size, you need to know a few basic parameters. You need to measure chest circumference, sleeve length and know your height. Remembering these options, it will be easier to navigate in the store.

When fitting, pay attention to how the clothes sit on the shoulders, because for many men they are very wide. Let the thing be a little freer, but it will not hinder your movements.

Varieties of models


This is the most famous sweatshirt with a hood. It happens with a lock, but most often decorated with pockets. The first models of hoodie appeared in the 70s, and in the 90s they became one of the most popular elements of designer shows. There are a lot of variations of this style, so a young person can get both a sports model and a simpler, more casual one.


Sports hoodies prefer to decorate with a zipper, since such a thing is more convenient to remove or unfasten, if it becomes hot. The hood is also a necessary element, especially in rainy weather. Models for training pull cotton, as this material absorbs moisture better and dries faster.

On lightning

The lock does not have to be located along the entire length. In some styles, lightning can only occupy the area from the throat to the chest. Many men wear these models unbuttoned, wearing a shirt under them to focus on the collar. Sweatshirts of this plan should not have a hood in principle. Very often they are considered everyday and worn with classic things.


It has another name - aviator. Bomber was born thanks to the pilots who wore these jackets. Previously, they were very massive, warm, and always with a stand-up collar. Nowadays, this thing is a hoodie with a rubber band on the cuffs and neck. Often decorated with various pockets, but should not have a hood.

Bombers are made of leather, cotton, nylon and many other fabrics. They can be very warm or weightless, resembling a windbreaker. They are considered a stylish element of men's wardrobe and are suitable for every day. This jacket can be combined with classic clothing and shoes.


Warm sweatshirts can be any style. They are distinguished by the density of the material or the addition of a special lining.For winter sports, completely fleece sweatshirts, consisting of several layers, are sewn. They have the presence of a high gate, lightning or buttons.

For everyday life, designers came up with models of wool. They are also warm and cozy, but everything else is considered very stylish and original.

On fur

This style looks quite massive and replaces a jacket for most young people. The fur serves as a lining, and they even make the inside of the hood.

The sweatshirt on the fur is considered to be very warm, therefore it is worn during the cold season. It is always present zipper and pockets. There is no definite material from which such a model is sewn. However, perhaps the most popular are cotton and wool.

Mantle Hoody

This is the subject of street style, which stands out among others. The elongated sweatshirt has a hood and has no zippers. The classical mantle is distinguished by its asymmetric length, resembling wedges.

The thing has a simple cut and monophonic coloring. Sometimes it is insulated, but it is much more often sewn of thin knitwear or cotton.

With fleece

In such sweatshirts, warm material is used on the inside of the jacket. It is incredibly pleasant to the body and warms its owner well. Most often used fleece or artificial fur. The second option is used less frequently, because they do not like him because he climbs.

This style refers to sports models. Most of all likes to be used by athletes during training in the air.

With zipper on the side

The original and exclusive style hoodies, which recently found a lot of their fans. Such a thing is rarely decorated with a hood and pockets. Is more casual, stylish option. The main part of the models is sewn with a high, stand-up collar.


These are short sleeve options. They can be with a hood or a high collar. However, they are distinguished by a decor in the form of an asymmetric zipper with buttons located on the top side of the sweatshirt. The product has a gum at the bottom and the length of the sleeves ¼. You can wear this thing on top of a jumper or jersey, or you can as a separate unit.

This style is suitable for sports in hot time. For everyday wear, it looks specific and not very fashionable.


Buttons are most often decorated with bombers or fur hoodies. They may have a hood, but it will be much more effective without it.

This model belongs to a daily form of clothes. It is combined with many wardrobe items and looks very stylish.

Buttons are the most interesting, not familiar buttons. In our time, they are more relevant and more convenient.

With yoke

Hoodies have a high, but soft collar, forming folds. It does not fit the neck, so it hangs slightly. Very often, laces are slipped into it, which hang loosely on the chest. This model has no zippers and buttons. Her main focus is on the gate.

I would like to note that the presented style is not very popular this season. It is quite specific, so at this time, mods bypass it.


It is distinguished from other models by the absence of a zipper, hood and pockets. The classic sweatshirt is made of thick cotton and is often decorated with various prints. This product has elastic bands on the cuffs, bottom and neck.

Initially, the thing was created for sports, since it absorbed sweat well, and it was comfortable to train in it. However, now it is much more common in everyday fashion.

Actual colors


In men and women is considered the most popular color for sweatshirts. It is practical and goes well with a lot of things of any color.

The black

The basic shade, which is very fond of men. It adds a touch of rigor to its owner. Plump young people will appreciate the fact that visually corrects the silhouette. Non-marking, but quickly fading color.


This figure is used in military uniform. That is why many associate with courage, a clear position and a strong character. This season is very fashionable and in everyday life. The style of "military" got its location from a large number of men.


Pretty ambiguous shade for young people. The stereotype that pink is a feminine color gradually disappears. The main thing is that a sweatshirt in such a shade is not tight, otherwise it will look rather strange.


Dark, but at the same time, dull shade. Very practical and looks good with many contrasting things.


Associated with strength, leadership. Red sweatshirt looks very bright and gives a self-confident man. The main thing is that the rest of the things in the kit should be a bit muffled.


Purely male shade, which is very practical. It has a lot in common with most colors. Dark blue is suitable for everyday life and workouts. Cornflower tone looks festive and fresh.


The dazzling shade that many men prefer. It gets dirty pretty quickly, but insanely refreshes its owner. It attracts attention and combines with a huge number of things from the wardrobe.

Drawings and prints

With inscriptions

This item will decorate any hoody. It does not attract much attention, but leaves a good accent. This season is considered one of the most popular prints. Foreign inscriptions with meaning, located in the center of the jumper, are most appreciated. The main thing is that you understand the meaning of these phrases.


Fans of your favorite team will be delighted. There are a lot of variations, but all the sweatshirts have a red color. The most popular pattern of the famous logo. It can be located in the center or on the chest.

The style of a favorite product can be any, but more often they are sports models. Incredibly popular completely red sweatshirts with a cube, in the center of which a large letter "C".


Men who care for this club are simply obliged to have a similar sweatshirt in their arsenal. Most often they consist of two shades - blue and red. The print in the form of a shield with laurels and a ball is in great demand. The inscription in Latin letters “CSKA” looks a little simpler.

A sporty sweatshirt with or without a zipper is a great way to decorate with this pattern.

With a skull

It resembles a Gothic theme, but has long been worn by those who are not members of any communities or sects. The skull can be located in the center of the sweatshirt or be the background of the whole thing.

This drawing is very seriously interpreted. He can be evil or even decorated with flowers, a crown. In any case, the skull is considered more youthful print.


Printed on the entire material of the product. Looks realistic and original. Designers love to use trendy images, animals, or even food. For example, now it is very often possible to meet a person in a hoodie with a 3D burger.

Similar prints are much more often decorated with sweatshirts and sports options.

3D drawings are not in demand from the adult generation, so more are acquired by adolescents.

With wolf

Realistic prints in the form of photos of the wolf can be found more often than just drawings. 3D print with an angry animal is quite popular.

However, such hoodies are considered a bit outdated. If you want to be in fashion, then stop at the painted beast. And it is very important that it be very simple. As few lines as possible and no painting.


Patriotic print is increasingly found in the collections of popular brands. The hue of the sweatshirt is selected from the colors of the flag. Although, to be honest, the red, of course, prevails.

In the center stands a large inscription "Russia" or "Russia". On the back you can find a printed coat of arms. However, variations may be different.

In this sweatshirt you can go for a walk or a workout.

With number

Now it is very fashionable to order an individual sweatshirt with a number on the back. This is usually done by amateur soccer players or fans with a particular favorite. Above the number is the name of your favorite player or owner of the product.

Another fashionable option is considered two-digit numbers in front of the sweatshirt. They are large and without unnecessary contours. This print is often decorated with bombers or sweatshirts. These models look stylish and are suitable for everyday wear.


A colored or monochrome strip will never go out of style. She is often drawn up not only sports, but also classic styles of sweatshirts.

Insanely refreshing man horizontal strip in a marine style. If there is no hood and pockets, then in such a thing you can not even go on a date. However, remember that for overweight young people, this print will visually add a few pounds.



Long sweatshirts are found in athletes, as they well cover the back from blowing. They are comfortable and warm to train. And also a similar option can be seen on teenagers. Such products are often decorated with original prints.


The most classic length is up to the hips. She is the most fashionable and popular. Most of the sweatshirts can be found just such a format. Often, many of them are decorated below with a rubber band.


Exclusively youth version. The most popular style is the mantle, which has an asymmetrical length that resembles wedges. Other models have a simple cut and may resemble sweaters.

Materials and technology

From fleece

This is a very practical, warm material. Fleece sweatshirts are perfect for outdoor activities and simple everyday life. The material retains air well, and also hardly gets wet.

Fleece sweatshirts are sweatshirts with a pile of this canvas. They are not only incredibly pleasant when in contact with the body, but also very warm. The most common downside is cotton.

From cotton

Cotton is a natural, and therefore hypoallergenic material. It is great to train in it, as it absorbs well and removes moisture. It is pleasant to the body, and caring for it is very simple.

Cotton sweatshirts can be combined with synthetic fibers. Such things are worn longer and look a little more elegant. You can often find products made of cotton and silky linen inserts.


This is a dense cotton-based fabric. Due to a certain interweaving of threads, there is a pile on the back of the material. Because of this, the footer sweatshirts are very pleasant to the body and remarkably retain heat. They perfectly keep their shape and are famous for their good breathability.


One of the most famous and versatile paintings in our time. This fabric has amazing characteristics. It is incredibly light, breathable and very practical. Almost does not fade in the sun, easy to maintain and perfectly retains its shape. Athletes are very fond of polyester sweatshirts, so basically these products are intended for training.

Many well-known companies use modern technologies when making sweatshirts. These products are intended for active recreation and training. Thanks to some of them, the thing retains heat longer, does not get wet and is wind-resistant. The most popular are: Water-resistant, Breathable Performance, climalite, climaheat.

What to wear

  • Sports models should be worn with leotards or shorts when it comes to training. In everyday life, they can be worn with jeans and a T-shirt. Top fit sports jacket or windbreaker. Shoes are sneakers or sneakers.

Bomber and sweatshirt will be much more versatile. They can be worn not only with jeans, but also trousers with straight cut. They are often combined with shirts and thin sweaters. Shoes or sneakers are preferable.

  • With a non-standard sweatshirt or a sweatshirt, it is better to wear jeans with a straight cut or skinny. Moccasins or sneakers may come to your feet.

Overview of brand new products


Mark has pleased her fans with a new limited edition Reebok UFC Fight Kit, dedicated to the most famous fighters of this championship. In the new items hit the hoodie with the name "Conor Mcgregor" on the back.

Another well-known company Les Mills, together with Reebok, has developed a collection of sportswear. It included several new sweatshirts. Which, by the way, look very neat and stylish.


Asics impresses with its technology. For example, very pleased with the new seamless sweatshirts that will not rub and extremely pleasing to the body. In many of them, there is the technology of sweat abduction Motion Dry, which can not but rejoice.

An interesting and unique novelty with removable sleeves. If it gets hot outside, the jacket will turn into a vest. Asics also has a reflective logo on each item that will be visible in the dark.

Many hoodies are equipped with additional inserts for better breathability. It should be noted that in all models there are additional pockets for the phone, player or other small things.


In the company's novelties you can see several collections developed together with famous brands. One of them is Ferrari. Their slogan is: “With me you will be at the speed limit every day.”

The second well-known brand is BMW. Their sweatshirts look succinctly and expensive, just like machines.

Not spared, and Red Bull, Arsenal football club. As well as in the new collections you can find a lot of incredibly beautiful and stylish models.

Pull and bear

The brand showed the public new practical hoodies of high-tech fabric, as well as stylish bombers. There are a lot of models in military style, which occupy leading places in the fashionable arena. As always, all things are universal and youth.


The company has not bypassed fashion trends, so there are a lot of sweatshirts with camouflage prints, graphic drawings and animals.

As well as the brand boasts a limited basketball collection. It contains several prints with the most popular teams.

New items can please and technologies such as climalite, climaheat. They retain heat well and remove excess moisture.

All received products look very stylish and original.

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