Men's Olimpik

Men's Olimpik

A bit of history

Olimpiyka is a piece of outerwear that has long sleeves, a stand-up collar, and a zipper.

There are both women’s and men’s olympic shirts. They differ in the characteristics of tailoring, colors and decorating elements.

Oliverka is made from both natural materials, such as cotton and wool, and from artificial. Olimpika goes well with jeans, leggings, skirts and even casual wear.

Olympika first appeared in the 50s of the 20th century during the Olympic Games. Then she was part of the USSR national team uniform. After 30 years, fashion has returned. But then it was already not only part of sportswear, but also everyday.


Since the Olympiks were originally made for athletes, the main thing in them is convenience and comfort. Olimpiks are made from different materials in which the athlete will be comfortable. The cut is performed in such a way that the shirt is sitting well on the figure, and at the same time, the movements of the athlete are not constrained.

How to choose

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the size. Usually the size of the label is indicated on the label, so there should be no problem choosing the right size.
  2. Material. Both natural and synthetic materials are suitable for everyday use. But when choosing a model for sports, it is recommended to give preference to models from natural fabrics.
  3. Type of figure. When choosing a shirt, the figure type plays a big role. Olimpiyka should mask the small errors of the figure and focus on the merits.


With hood

The main feature in these models is of course the hood. The hood acts as a means of protection from wind and light rain, as well as a decorating element.

On lightning

Olimpic women of this category have a zipper. Lightning is good because it is easy to use. In addition, lightning protects well from the cool wind. Lightning is usually of two types: metallic and plastic. There is no significant difference between them. The choice of a particular lightning depends on your personal preferences.


The sports shirt is designed for sports. Usually sports Olympiks are made from cotton. Cotton is very comfortable to use: it is well breathable, allowing the skin to breathe, and when lightly soiled, it is easily cleaned.


Warm olympic shirt is designed for everyday wear in the cool season. Usually they are made of wool, knitwear and cotton, with the addition of synthetic materials. Most often, they have a special insulating layer - lining. Warm olympic shirts can be with or without a hood.

On the sleeves there are special cuffs that serve as additional protection from cold air.


The main feature and distinctive feature of this model is the volume, embroidered inscription "Russia". The model most often has a straight cut, pockets, fleece lining, stand-up collar and elastic on the cuffs and on the bottom of the shirt. The zipper is fastened on the lock.

Olympika first appeared in the 50s of the 20th century during the Olympic Games. Then she was part of the USSR national team uniform. After 30 years, fashion has returned. But then it was already not only part of sportswear, but also everyday.

No hood

A distinctive feature of this model is the absence of a hood. Instead of a hood, they have a small stand-up collar that protects the neck area from the wind. Some models do not even have a stand-up collar; instead, they have a round neckline.

With pockets

Pockets on the shirt can be on the sides, and can be in front, close to each other. There are also models in which one solid, oblong pocket, which creates the feeling that the hands are in the clutch.


Modern Olympiika presented in a variety of colors.

The black

The most popular color of everyday Olympics is black. Black olympic shorts are mostly in demand among men. Black color is universal. It fits almost everyone. Black is practical and easy to use.


The next color that is preferred by both men and women is gray. Gray jersey with sweatpants of identical color, jeans and even skirts.


Another fashion color Olympics is red. He is also a success among women and men. In such a shirt you will not go unnoticed. Despite the fact that the color is quite bright, the shirt is perfect for a casual look. You can also wear it for going to the cinema or cafe, for walking with friends, and even for a romantic date if it takes place in an informal setting.


Another classic color that is quite common among Olympian fans is white. White olympic shirts are more suitable for everyday wear.

For sports and outdoor activities, it is best to buy a dark-colored sweatshirt, since any pollution can be seen very well on white.


The next color that I would like to mention is blue. Blue color is more common among the male audience of consumers. However, often there are girls in blue sweatshirts.

By the way, blue olympic sweatshirts are part of the Dynamo football team uniform.



To date, the most common material from which made Olimpiks is fleece. Fleece material stretches well, retains heat, is ventilated. In addition, it is very light, which is important for sportswear. The only drawback of a fleece product is that it will stretch over time, that is, lose its original shape.


Knitted olympic sweatshirts are very soft and pleasant to the touch. Unlike fleece, knitwear keeps its appearance better. Knitwear has such a positive quality as wear resistance, which is very important for sportswear.

Olimpik CityMen


Olimpic women are also made from wool. Woolen olympic sweat keeps warm very well. This means that the woolen sweatshirt is also suitable for wearing during the cold season.

Olimpiyka from Henry Cotton`s wool 124465
Olimpka Stone Island, wool

What to wear

For men

  1. Sweatpants and shorts. Since the Olympic shirt is a type of sportswear, it can be safely combined with items of sportswear.
  2. Jeans.

For women

  1. Sweatpants and shorts.
  2. Jeans.
  3. Skirts. Oddly enough, the shirt can be combined with skirts. In this case, the skirt can be different, for example, it can be a denim skirt, classic short, sporty style. At the latest fashion shows, the designers presented a combination of a shirt with a long skirt made of lightweight, “flying” material.

Brand news

Every season, well-known brands offer a large selection of various models.

  • For example, Puma brand presented in the latest collection model Olympian without a hood, with side pockets in black and dark blue.
  • BUT Fred perry offers models without fasteners and without a hood.
  • Bogner, Reebok, Kappa offer a large selection of models for both men and women, with and without hoods, on fasteners, of various shades, sizes and models.
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