Men's hoodies from adidas

Men's hoodies from adidas

Sweatshirt is a type of sportswear, which is characterized by a spacious cut. Men's hoodies from Adidas are one of the most comfortable sportswear models not only for men, but also for women. Such products are worn on the sleeve, it is convenient and practical.

About brand

The Adidas firm originated in the distant 1920, and its name came from the name of the founder, Adolph Dassler. The German brand has long gained popularity due to its high-quality products for sports.

At this time, there are many different new directions of this brand, which for the development and creation of sports products are equipped with the latest technologies and innovations. Products that are created by Adidas, have the highest characteristics in terms of style and practicality.


Among the main advantages of sweatshirts, manufactured by Adidas, are the following:

  • high level of convenience. Such things are not intended for business meetings and for the office, but in your free time you will feel most comfortable and comfortable in them. They do not hinder movement and are suitable for different situations;
  • modern products manufactured by this company can be the star of a glamorous party. This is achieved due to the fact that the company keeps up with the times, and adds new components to its models: applications, drawings, inserts, etc .;
  • Hoodies can be used instead of outerwear in the cool season, they will protect you from the cold wind or autumn frost. Hood can protect from rain;
  • the style and the latest fashion trends that the company uses in the performance of these products, makes it possible to look in them a trend, despite the overall sports style.

Series overview

The number of series produced by the company is huge. It is conditionally possible to divide them into the following types:

  • version of the classic style. It is a knitwear with a hood and pockets. Finishing may be different: with drawings, embroidery or without them. Such products are suitable for outdoor activities or sports;
  • hoodies. These are jackets that have an elongated sleeve and a collar that protects the neck and lower part of the face;
  • Adidas sweatshirt - is a kind of sweater and sweatshirt, equipped with a zipper and pockets of the "kangaroo" model. Often the cuffs of such a product are connected in the form of an elastic band;
  • bomber jacket. It is characterized by the peculiarity of the material - it is made of fleece, wool or footer. It has a stand-up collar and zipper or buttons.


Models of Originals sweatshirts are characterized by classic cut and color. It is convenient to do sports, jogging and active movement in them. Original products have a very comfortable fit: they are comfortable and free, they do not hold down movements and allow the body to relax.


The Neo sweatshirt collections are great for the younger generation: they combine style and sports. Such models are not only convenient and practical, but also modern. Their color range is much richer than the classic. Hoodies of green, purple, orange and red are becoming popular.

Actual colors

Sportswear does not require special frills in color. Firm Adidas produces models in which blue or gray color prevails. They most harmoniously fit into the general stylistic direction.

The shading range can vary from the lightest to the darkest and richest tones. However, this concept does not change.Clothing of this type should not only be comfortable and comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye, not yelling and not attracting undue attention.

New Product Overview

Seasonally, Adidas replenishes its collection of sweatshirts. And now you can not only go in for sports, but also go for walks with friends, and even be at parties. Cleverly complemented by the appropriate accessories, these things can become the center of attention at a party or at another informal event.

Hoodies with hoods began to be in special demand. This model of clothes turned out to be not only practical, but also stylish - such a product, if necessary, can protect you from the wind. The color range of products has also expanded - previously popular blue and gray colors have become inferior to brighter and more saturated: red, orange, green.

Firm Adidas monitors the quality of their products. Products are made from natural raw materials, and only if necessary, used synthetic material.

Adidas sweatshirt is an indispensable thing in a man’s wardrobe. The strong half of the planet sometimes also wants to relax, feel comfortable and at ease. Adidas products in the form of sweatshirts will help men spend their time freely and at their pleasure.

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