Hoodies from Trecher

Hoodies from Trecher

Men love sweatshirts. In such clothes is very comfortable. A free, sporty style thing helps to feel not forced. But the main advantage of sweatshirts is heat preservation in bad weather. Such clothes are popular among athletes and active people who cannot imagine life without movement.

About brand

In 1981, a company called Thrasher was born. At first it was a weekly newsletter describing news happening in the world of skateboarding. In subsequent years, his creators, who were fans of this sport, decided not to stop there, and create their own brand of skateboarding clothing.

The production of clothing and accessories was the beginning of the transformation of the print edition into a large company. After the incident of 35 years, Thrasher was not a simple magazine covering the latest trends in sports and street fashion, the company itself began to dictate what to wear and when.


Thrasher clothing is a combination of classic colors and original cut, thanks to which each owner of this brand can create an individual image. Pleases buyers and the price of products, it is more than acceptable for consumers.

Hoodies from Trescher are distinguished by a unique cut and high-quality basic material, which makes these products indispensable in the wardrobe of every person. It can be worn as casual clothing, for study or work, for various activities associated with active or cultural pastime.

Fashion trends and best models

Thrasher sweatshirts change their appearance, you can't do without them in changeable weather, they are in demand in the gym, they are needed during the rest. A sweatshirt is a warm thing, sheltering its owner from the cold winds, models with a hood are considered especially fashionable, and are so necessary to protect health.

In the trend, different patterns, bright prints and ornaments. The patches and additional snakes are also relevant now.

The best models were and remain:

• sweatshirt - “kengurushka” with a hood and a large pocket in front. There are no zippers or buttons, it is worn only over the head.

classic sweatshirt - a product similar to a shirt, can have a hood or be without it, fastens with a snake. There are models without it.

New Product Overview

The latest collection of Trecher is a combination of courage and style. The invention of the company's designers 2016 is cranberry shade products. This aristocratic color turns an ordinary sweatshirt into a work of art.

Amber - the color of the sun. In combination with an unusual print will add a piece of joy on an overcast day.

Cornflower blue Trescher experts have chosen not by chance. It is relevant both during the city holiday and for the workflow, it is also suitable. Laconic, simple, but it looks very decent.

Graphite - The most common color of sweatshirts. It can be combined with any other clothing due to the neutral shade.

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