Cool hoodies for teens

Cool hoodies for teens

After the first fashionable sweatshirt was presented at the fashion show by Claire McCardel, she gained unprecedented popularity among the hip-hop youth subculture. For half a century, fashionable wardrobe items are worn with pleasure, including teenagers. There are trends, styles, options for creating attractive images. Sports, travel, cinema and study - these are the directions in which the original bomber jacket or popular sweatshirt looks organic.


In teenage fashion has its own canons of style. In addition to the obligatory prints, interesting accessories, it is important the quality of the performance of such a thing. Give preference to durable, wearable material, clothing that will be practical and easy to clean. Sweatshirts suggest a long sleeve, which means they are suitable for a cool season. Fashionable bombers are not only designed to impress others, but also to prevent freezing in winter.

Quite often they resemble jackets with zippers or buttons, as well as regalans, sweatshirts or hoodies, but they are created without any perforation. Fashionable look will be models with stand-up collar, hood, roomy pockets.


The main advantage of sweatshirts is that they do not hold down movements. This element of the wardrobe will perfectly replace other types of outerwear, will become dominant in choosing the right style:

  • sport chic
  • casual,
  • oversize-look for the motif Gotye
  • natural eco-style in clothes
  • preppy for schoolchildren and students.

Another advantage of sweatshirts is the quality of the material: from cotton to fleece. Without limiting the freedom of movement, the teenager will certainly choose for himself the original models with a hood or with a zipper, short or elongated versions.

Fashionable styles

Fashionable hoodies inventive designers have invented a huge amount. Before you shop, decide on its functionality.

For sports fit products made from a material that perfectly absorbs sweat, has a good level of breathability. In order to keep warm, you can look at the models of fleece with a hood, elongated cuffs. When traveling you will need bomber jackets or sweatshirts with lots of pockets for various small things. Interestingly looks "Kangaroo". It can be attributed to the sporty style, and distinctive features - to highlight: the presence of the hood, practical material.

Recently, bombers have become widely popular. They resemble a loose jacket with a zipper or buttons in front. They have a detachable hood and stand-up collar. You can wear this “transformer” sweatshirt to study at the university, and after classes you can go there for training.

Designers consider a practical style a sweater made of soft knitwear or fleece. Warmly and comfortably will be wearing a bike clothing in the late fall or during the early spring. Try on a model of sweatshirts with a hood on a string. For girls today they create interesting variants with “ears”, funny embroideries on pockets that imitate animal legs, charming bows on the back, etc.

Actual colors

For sports activities, morning runs it is better to choose neutral shades of sweatshirts: gray, beige, brown, dark blue. If we are talking about everyday exits, walks, trips to the park, cinema or to the store, you can boast of original models with a multi-colored print. Also in the fashion "animalistic" styles with a hood and ears, borrowed from Hoodie, fur inserts, spotted, polka-dot or striped patterns.This season, give preference to turquoise and coral colors for girls and rich blue - for boys.

Original look sweatshirts with prints, ethnic ornament, thematic pattern of your favorite musical group. Young fans will surely pick up for themselves design models with the image of a favorite actor, performer, athlete. Classic hoodies with a license plate of a baseball, hockey or soccer team are also popular.


Because of its convenience and comfortable socks, sweatshirts have chosen teen wardrobes. They can be worn as outerwear or poddeval under a leather jacket, ski suits, down jackets. The most current model of sweatshirts today are fleece products. Due to the fact that the synthetic material is not electrified, it is safe for the body, differs in relative subtlety and warms well in the cold season.

For dry but cool weather, look at the models from the footer (a combination of polyester and thick cotton). For winter, they are warmed with artificial fur, and for the off-season they are “sewn on” a hood, which will completely replace the cap.

Where to wear?

In such clothes it is always convenient to take exams, go hiking. It is comfortable to go for a walk in the courtyard, gather in a cinema, cafe, visit a fitness center, gym, etc. For a holiday, pay attention to the fitted silhouettes that blend harmoniously with the image of an “honored pupil” or a stylish “bully”. Sweatshirt can be worn even on the first date, organically picked up the bottom in the form of stylish jeans.

Cool images

Attracts the views of the surrounding bright colors, bold inscriptions and provocative appliqués. In adolescence, one wants to stand out among the crowd. Why not start with the wardrobe? And, although all styles of sweatshirts belong to the “unisex” category, gender gradation can be caught with the help of decor, prints and accessories (rhinestones, bows - for girls, lacing, rivets - for boys).

The most top look for a teenage girl is a soft bomber with a “girlish” pattern. It can be a print with ice cream, donuts, birds, as well as contrasting shades (menthol and delicate pink, yellow and purple, coral and burgundy). He is worn under tight jeans, short shorts, leggings, panty hoses, a pleated skirt-tulip, slip-ons, ballet flats or sneakers.

Teen boys should also wear a sweatshirt under classic or slightly tapered jeans, trousers with backs. Bombers look great with a slightly peeking plaid shirt, cap, glasses and other fashion accessories.

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