Plus Size Hoodies

Plus Size Hoodies

Convenient and versatile item of clothing in the form of sweatshirts long ago fell to the soul of a strong floor. Men's hoodies of large sizes are quite common, and are not scarce or rare things.

The range of sweatshirts for men is wide and varied. Therefore, each of the representatives of a strong half of humanity has the opportunity to easily choose a product for themselves, taking into account the peculiarities of his figure.


Among the main features of men's sweatshirts can be identified:

  • This kind of versatile and practical clothing. These characteristics make it attractive for men;
  • the men's sweatshirt emphasizes the male silhouette very favorably;
  • products can be made of light material, and are suitable for warm weather, and from warm fabrics. Therefore they will warm in a rainy season, will protect from wind or dampness;
  • Hooded sweatshirts look stylish and are especially popular with young people and teenagers;
  • in some models of sweatshirts there are large and roomy pockets (hoodie);
  • the design of sweatshirts makes it possible to wear them not only for leisure and walking, but also for work and other fairly formal events.

Popular models of sweatshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies

The range of these products is wide and rich. Therefore, it is possible to choose a product that will have a special purpose. Depending on this, hoodies are divided into hoodies:

  • wide and fitted styles;
  • sporty and more restrained type.

Also among the sweatshirts emit:

  • Olimpiks are products that are equipped with a zipper. They are comfortable to wear, easy to clean and look impressive;
  • hoodies with hoods. Such products look stylish, fashionable and enjoy success with active and progressive personalities;
  • Hoodies are products that have large pockets of the "kangaroo" type.

Actual colors

The color shades of large-sized sweatshirts do not differ from the color range of standard models. Still calm and balanced colors remain in fashion: gray and all its shades, blue, black, brown. Personality shocking and active choose brighter colors: red, blue, yellow.

Hoodies can combine several colors, balancing each other. Such duets in shades give the product a variety and freshness.

Popular men's models of sweatshirts have inscriptions, applications and drawings. Such products are popular with young individuals, who with their help show themselves and their individuality.


For the manufacture of men's sweatshirts used various fabrics. The unifying characteristic of all of them can be called naturalness. Products are made of natural or mixed fabrics. This explains their softness and hypoallergenicity.

For the summer time, lightweight, well-absorbed and breathable fabrics (cotton) are used.

The footer is a mixed fabric of the warmed look.

Fleece, which is used for the manufacture of sweatshirts, has a double-sided pile, excellent moisture resistance and lightness.

Thin hoodies have greater versatility: they are able to be combined with many things and are perfect for both walking and playing sports.

How to choose

When choosing a sweatshirt for a man, you should pay attention to the following:

  • natural material from which the product is made;
  • size hoodies. This should pay special attention. The product must freely "sit" on the figure, without squeezing it, and leaving the movement free;
  • comfort and convenience of the product. One of the main advantages of sweatshirts is their comfort. If the product is uncomfortable for you to move or you feel some stiffness, then it is better to abandon it;
  • versatility. The same product can be worn, either for a walk, or for shopping, or attending an informal party.

Stylish images

Wearing a sweatshirt, and properly choosing the rest of the clothes for her, you can create completely different images:

  • O-shirt in combination with sporty pants can be an excellent option for sports or outdoor activities;
  • A shortened model of the product with a zipper will fit jeans. This outfit gives lightness and style;
  • young people appreciate sweatshirts with inscriptions and appliqués. The presence of the hood in this case is welcome;
  • more mature men choose classic style hoodies and neutral colors.

Choosing a sweatshirt for a man is not as easy as it seems. Especially if the representative of a strong half of humanity has an impressive size of the figure. But modern fashion no longer holds clear boundaries between standard and large sizes. And so you will not be difficult to pick up something for themselves, listening to their own preferences.

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