Men's sweatshirts from Nike

Men's sweatshirts from Nike

Sweatshirt is a versatile wardrobe item, ideal for sports, country trips and even everyday wear. Men's sweatshirts from Nike stand out among the products of other manufacturers with high quality, comfortable fit and stylish appearance.

About brand

Nike is a world famous brand of sportswear and footwear. Created in 1964, it passed a long way of discoveries, inventions and improvement of technologies. Today the brand bears the name of the winged Greek goddess Nika and is one of the most popular companies in the world of sports equipment.

High quality products have long been recognized not only by people who prefer an active lifestyle, but also by professional athletes.

The Nike collections feature models of classic and original styles, from materials of different density, suitable for both sport training and comfortable bows in casual style.


High quality

In the production of sweatshirts, the brand uses mainly natural fabrics. This and soft high-quality cotton with the addition of a small amount of polyester, lycra or viscose. This is a soft fleece with a pile, which provides a high heat-saving ability of clothing. This and durable nylon and polyester. Fabrics look great, “breathe”, retain their color for a long time, keep their shape, are light and pleasant to the body.

Clothing manufactured by the company has strong and reliable fittings. Production is carried out on modern equipment using the latest technology. All this ensures the durability of the products and their presentable appearance.

  • Comfortable fit. All models of the Nike brand are developed taking into account the anatomical features of a person, thanks to which they are comfortable to wear, do not constrain movements and fit perfectly on the figure.
  • Stylish design. In the development of models of the company involved professional designers who follow the latest trends in the world of fashion and sports. Nike sweatshirts look stylish and appropriate not only in training, but also in urban casual bows.
  • Functionality. The outer and inner pockets of the brand sweatshirts make it possible to always have the necessary trifles on hand. The hood reliably protects against the cool wind, and the removable sleeves of some models allow you to turn a sweatshirt into a vest in one easy movement. These and other useful nuances turn Nike hoodies into elaborate and incredibly comfortable clothing.

Popular models


Hoodie is a type of sweatshirt with a wide stand-up collar and a hood. Often, such models are equipped with large pockets in the front of the product.


A loose-fitting knit sweater without a zipper is called a sweatshirt. Often, such models have elastic at the bottom of the product and on the cuffs of the sleeves.

On lightning

Zipper models are especially comfortable. You can unbutton such a sweatshirt at any time, and having refreshed a portion of the invigorating wind, you can fasten it again in one easy movement.

Actual colors

The black

Black is a classic. Sweatshirts in this color look especially stylish and go well with blue jeans when creating street looks. Also this color is chosen by fans of total black look.


Neutral, calm gray color fits all. Such models harmoniously look paired with black or dark gray jeans and sweatpants.


Sweatshirts in blue are represented by the brand in various shades - from bright and juicy to deep and dark tones. Hoodies of this color look good with gray jeans, but more often they are still used in sports looks.


For dynamic men who prefer bright colors, the brand produces models of sweatshirts in red.This option is great for everyday wear and casual style.

New Product Overview

Hoodie Sportswear Tech Fleece surprises with an unusual cut. Semi-adjacent silhouette provides an excellent fit on the figure. Gradient transition to the sleeves and asymmetric zipper - interesting details, giving the sweatshirt a special style. The high collar tube smoothly passes into the hood and reliably protects the lower part of the face from the wind. The model is made of soft, high-tech materials and is presented in several colors.

Model Nike International - spectacular hoodie with a unique print. A bird’s-eye view of Rio’s night lights on fabric, unusual voluminous pockets and Nike’s reflective logo transform a sweatshirt into a stylish wardrobe item. The elongated cuffs prevent the sleeves from moving. Comfortable hood provides extra warmth. The model is made of fabric french terry, characterized by particular lightness and softness. The range of two colors.

Hoodie Sportswear Full-Zip - a concise version of the classic cut. A zip fastener and traditional kangaroo pockets provide comfort when worn. The model is made of soft fleece with a pile, equipped with a hood to protect against wind and cool air. Monochrome model is decorated with only the brand logo, confirming the quality of the original stuff. A great option for lovers of simplicity and comfort.

Another model from the Nike International collection is an original sweatshirt with a contrasting reflective logo in the center of the product. The model is made of soft and lightweight jacket French terry, has a comfortable cut with a raglan sleeve for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The elongated cuffs fix the sleeves. The bottom of the sweatshirt, made of polyester - a stylish design decision.

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