Women's Hoody Hoody

Women's Hoody Hoody

Hoodie, like clothing, came to us from Europe, where people wore hooded sweatshirts when working in low temperatures. From the 1930s, hoodies began to erupt into the global fashion industry. But it was only in the 1970s that global brands turned their attention to them, this was due to the popularization of such cultures as hip-hop and rap.


Who loves comfort and style at the same time will appreciate Hoodie. Hoodie hoodie also called sweatshirt. The main part of this type of clothing is a hood with a drawstring for adjustment and a zipper closure (mostly).


Today, designers offer to wear hoodie with hood, not only as part of sportswear. There are many types of hoodie. For those who always want to be warm there are insulated sweatshirts on a fur lining. Fur for such clothes choose artificial. The zipper can be full-length or only half full. There are options without any clasps.

Dress hoodie make up a great tandem with leggings. This dress very effectively hides all the flaws of the figure, while making the image stylish and feminine.

Coat-hoodie - designed to protect the owner from the weather. To create such clothes using warm fabrics. Usually this hoodie has a fur lining.

Sports hoodie can be found in the wardrobe mail for all fashionistas. As a rule, such models are made of breathable, hygroscopic materials.

Recently, so-called “Hoodies” have become very popular. This is the same color and cut clothing for a family or a couple. They are often put words or phrases associated with these people.

Hoodie with ears on the hood - a favorite among young people. Such a sweatshirt looks very funny and fun, very often various inscriptions and drawings are put on them. Ears on the hood can often imitate the ears of various animals.

Hoodie with a hood for pregnant women - designed to reliably protect from the cold and hide the figure flaws in such an interesting position.

Hoodie for nursing - another find for future or real moms. It has special slots or stripes, which makes the feeding process much easier.

Actual colors

Often, when making hoodies I use one color. But this season, the designers decided to please the fans of hooded sweatshirts. In addition to the classic white, black and gray hoodie, brown, pink, bright blue and neon colors will be actual colors. For lovers of original things, the wizard released a model in stripes and a cell. Hoodie can also be found with animal prints, bright lettering or stripes.


Sweatshirts are designed to keep people warm, so the main material from which this type of clothing is made is fleece, footer and cotton. The inner side of the hood, as well as the hood, are often fur lined, which makes them even softer and warmer.


Hooded sweatshirts usually reach mid-thigh. But nowadays, shortened hoodie and long, so-called hoodie dresses have become increasingly common. Hooded cropped hoodie just a little longer than the waist line. Such a model can very often be oversized.

Long hoodie dresses have the length of an ordinary midi dress. Now it is one of the most popular models of hoodies with a hood.

What to wear

Hoodies are perfectly combined with any trousers (only not classical), jeans and leggings. In the summer they can be combined with short skirts and shorts. It is better to choose shoes at low speed (ballet flats, slip-ons, boots, shoes) or sportswear, depending on the style of clothing.

How strange it does not sound, but skirts can also be worn with sweatshirts.True, skirts should be sporty or casual style.

It goes without saying that hoodies will look very harmonious with sports pants or leggings.

Crazy news

Sports sweatshirts are very often made of absorbent materials. After all, in them, most women prefer to go to the gym. In this trendy season, such well-known brands as Adidas, Reebok, Nike presented Hoodie with a hood of bright colors and prints in their fashion collections. A mandatory attribute of such models is the application of the company logo. Hoodie models with a hood are distinguished by their brevity and ease.

Stylish images

For fans of casual style, you should pay attention to the ensemble of sweatshirts with skinny jeans and any comfortable shoes (sneakers or wedge shoes).

Look good for a hoodie with a hood shortened model along with a boyfriend jeans or a maxi skirt. Boots on low run will complete the look.

Hoodie dress paired with tight tights or leggings and boots, as an option you can take ugg boots, a great tandem in order to look sporty and at the same time feminine.

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