Fashion Women Hoodie

Fashion Women Hoodie


The beginning of the history of hoodies-hoodies begins in the near 1930s. It was then that the designers of the New York brand called “Champion” demonstrated a new thing to society, which received the name “Hoodie”.

Unfortunately, at the time this sweatshirt was not accepted by society as optimistic and joyful as many people now take it to their welcoming wardrobe. At that time, workers became interested in the new thing, as well as athletes who appreciated the practicality and convenience of this thing.

The very name of the sweatshirt comes from the English word "Hoodie", which translates as "hood". This term has become particularly popular in the sixties and nineties, when ordinary people paid attention to the "ordinary" and "nondescript" clothes, which they considered earlier.

The Claire McCardell sportswear brand pushed those interested in purchasing by launching a whole line of Hoody clothes. Such a sweatshirt very soon migrated from sports fans to professionals who began to demonstrate this thing in public, speaking and competing in weight at sports events and championships.

A few years after that, the popularity of hip-hop culture, which rapidly attracted young people, which, in turn, ceased to divide into female and male clothes, and introduced unisex fashion, sharply increased. And it was then that the demand for Hoodie abruptly jumped up.

The final furor overtook this style of sweatshirts after the premiere of the famous film "Rocky", where Sylvester Stallone showed hudie in a very favorable style. It was at that time that the Hoodie sold out quickly from the store shelves, and it could be found in almost every wardrobe of Americans.

Around the same time, the new sweatshirt begins to interest and Europe, and behind it all the other countries and continents.

In the 2000th, the hoody hoodie has spread a bad reputation due to the increasing incidence of juvenile delinquency. According to the police, as well as the policy of Tony Blair, the hoodie and the criminal-minded youth had a well-founded connection: all young hooligans dress about the same, and the hoodie among them is a distinctive feature that sets them apart from the law-abiding society.

In fact, hoodies from 2000–2005 were ranked as “special signs” like tattoos and stigmas of gang members whose way of life was directly connected with crime. The police won the right to stop and search all those who decided to wear hoodie at this time, and many popular brands turned off the production of these hoodies for fear of bankruptcy or closure.

But soon the Armani fashion house and designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren literally breathed new life into the hoody, making it a subject of decent fashion and admiration.


Nowadays, hoody is more related to things of everyday or sports style.

The “true” hoodies look very much like a sweatshirt, but unlike it they have a spacious comfortable hood with ties, comfortable kangaroo pockets and a stand-up collar. As a rule, they are sewn without zippers and other fasteners, which is why they are often mistakenly mistakenly confused for anorak.

In the modified versions of the hoodie, there may be no stand-collar, and the cut may include a full-sized zipper.

It remains popular for all segments of the population due to a number of the following features:

  • The spacious hood not only serves as a kind of design move and “decoration” of hoodie, but also perfectly protects against bad weather, keeps heat.
  • The presence of screeds on the hood, as well as stand-up collar provide excellent protection from the wind.
  • The characteristic hoodie spacious cut does not hold down the movements of its owner and provides comfort and coziness.
  • The sleeves of a typical hoodie end with cuffs, which contribute to the preservation of heat and convenience: you can not worry about the length of the sleeve, because elastic cuffs will not allow him to go further than his wrist.
  • Thanks to its cut and warm material suitable for any weather. You can wear it in the fall over a light T-shirt without fear of freezing or catching a cold, and in winter you can put a light jacket over the hood.
  • Often, the hunt is accompanied by the motto “put it on and off,” which fully describes the convenience of this sweater in terms of everyday wear at home or the sudden need to leave the house.
  • Hoodie is a versatile unisex thing: perfect for both men and women.

How to choose

Modern stores offer a large range of Hoodie, which is very easy to get confused and lost. Many girls and women are extremely hesitant in choosing this clothing, doubting whether it will fit their type of figure? But there’s absolutely no need to worry about it, since the hoodie is an extremely versatile sweatshirt and is included in that short list of clothes that will suit a person with any physique, weight and height.

So, when choosing a sweatshirt should be guided only by your taste and image that you want to create. For example, it should be noted that for everyday wear at home, when cold weather is raging outside, you can choose hoodie with any print and pattern. But going there for a walk with friends or an office where a dress code is not provided, it is best to pay attention to plain sweaters.

If you are looking for hoodie for sports, then the choice should be approached more responsibly. It is better to pay attention to the classic or elongated hoodie traditional cut: with a stand-up collar and a warmed hood. For active sports, hoodies are suitable, which have cuffs with a special opening for thumbs up - this is very convenient, since you do not have to pull the sleeve up every time.

It should also take into account the material from which the hoody is sewn. We will talk about it a little lower.

Popular models

For snowboarding

Athletes are very fond of hoodie for its convenience and practicality, which is why many manufacturers of sportswear have decided to slightly modify hoodie so that it can be worn not only by skateboarders and surfers, but also by snowboarders.

Most often, such hoodies are made of fleece with an extra pile. Such material not only provides comfort and keeps warm well, but is also light enough not to hinder movement.

Another feature of hoodie for a snowboard is its length: as a rule, up to mid-thigh or lower.

With fur

Winter designs Hoodie designers often decorated with fur. Usually they focus on the hood, but there are models where the fur is insulated with additional fur.

Surely this option will appeal to many girls and women who want to keep in their style a certain grace and elegance.

With ears

Hoodie with ears - this is an extremely cute and perky option, which will appeal to many young girls. Hoodie designers supply this model with stable or fabric ears of various animals (usually a cat or a hare), placing them on the base of the hood.

This option was extremely popular last year, both among children and young people.

On lightning

Increasingly on the shelves of the store you can find hoodie with a zipper. Surprisingly, such unconventional hoodies are as popular as hoodies of the usual type.

Lightning is most often present on models of lighter material and serves as an assistant for those who like to wear sweaters on the go as needed.Therefore, if you choose an option for evening walks, then we advise you to pay attention to the model of hoodie with zipper.


Sports model Hoodie suitable for all lovers to run in any weather. Hoodie will become your indispensable friend in the morning run in the rain or strong wind, as well as snow.

Most often, this sweatshirt has a simple classic look: a warm stand-up collar will not prevent you from tightening the hood if necessary, the cuffs fit snugly against the wrists and allow you to wear various gadgets for sports. Some even provide special pockets for them on the upper arm area. Spacious kangaroo pockets will keep your keys and MP3 player safe until the end of your run.

Hoodie jacket

Jacket-hoodie or simply “anorak” - in cut it is the same sweatshirt without a zipper, with a stand-up collar and kangaroo pockets, but made of more dense waterproof materials. These light jackets were originally designed for people who are keen on an active winter sport.

Dress hoodie

This year, designers have pleased many daring fashionistas with a new thing called dress-hoodie. It is similar in appearance with a long hoodie, has no lightning, fitted. Most often there are models that completely encircle the hips of the girl, focusing the attention of others on her rounded shapes.

This novelty has become quite popular among the younger generation of girls in combination with their favorite bulky sweatshirts and semi-sports backpacks.

For pregnant

Hoodie is one of the favorite things of future moms for the winter. There are special models for hoodie maternity: longer, look like a dress, but unlike the above model, more spacious, which is very convenient for a large tummy. They are worn most often over t-shirts and jeans, which is very convenient. Regardless of the opinion of many women that this model looks rather carelessly, it is very popular.


The classic hoodie length is just below the belt. But there are also elongated models, intended, as a rule, for a winter sport, or made in the form of a dress.

Many modern collections allow a shorter length - at the waist. These hoodie models are made in the form of shortened sweaters and are designed to bare the perfect tummy of young girls. Often worn in a pair with jeans on a high waist.


Now monophonic hoodies-hoodie of dark tones are extremely relevant: black, gray, blue, green and brown. These colors are popular due to the exceptional versatility, since such jackets will easily fit in addition to any image and style.

Not so long ago, Hoodie was very popular, whose colors were made in the form of an ombre: from dark to light or vice versa.

There are also fishnet hoodie. It can be numerous patterns of colors on the fabric, or animal colors.

Prints and logos

With the logo of jellyfish

The logo of the jellyfish belongs to the fast-growing young Russian brand called “Meduza”.

The jellyfish logo noticeable against the bright colors of the sweatshirts is quite common on the streets, drawing the attention of passers-by to themselves. The hoodie model of this brand is slightly modified in their so-called “space hoodie”. The pronounced stand-up collar turns into a kind of crescent shaped compartment that perfectly protects against wind and retains heat. This model looks pretty nice and interesting.

With teddy bear

This fashion hoodie is elongated and made of lightweight material. As decoration is used a cute image of a bear, which will appeal to girls and teenagers. The material with which the hood lining is processed is very similar in structure to the surface of the pattern - the “toy-like” plush very soft pile will surely please the young lady.

With panda

Reasonably relevant model Hoodie for young girls.This jacket is made in black and white color and decorated with ears, as well as a small fluffy tail, to make its owner a little bit like such a cute creature as a panda.

Together with such hoody it is very easy to create a bright and interesting image.


Out of footer

The footer itself is a very pleasant soft fabric on both sides, and in addition with a comfortable cut, it creates the effect of maximum comfort.

This material is quite warm, albeit light. Thin out of thin footer suitable for wearing in early autumn or late spring. The winter version of the footer is insulated with an additional pile, which will help to keep warm even in extreme cold.

Footer is the most common material for sewing hoodie.


Sweatshirts from knitwear are not suitable for wearing in winter, but this is the best option for a cool summer or a warm autumn.

Soft lightweight fabric does not weigh, stretches and is pleasant to the body. Hoodies from knitwear often worn on their own, that is, on a naked body. In cooler weather, such a hoodie is preferable to wear under a light jacket or coat.


Fleece is considered the warmest material from which you can sew hoodies. Definitely a winter version. Dense to the touch, from the wrong side almost always has a soft bouffant. Extremely warm and suitable for winter sports enthusiasts.


It is extremely important for young girls in late spring. Very pleasant to the touch fabric, but quite light. It looks very nice from the outside, making its owner look like a big plush toy.

Such hoody is most often sewn with a zipper and additional cute elements, ears, for example.

What to wear

As mentioned earlier, hoodie is an element of sports and everyday styles. That is why most often stylists recommend wearing it with narrowed trousers made of thick fabric, jeans or leggings.

In rare cases, girls and women manage to pick up a hoodie with a skirt so that they look stylish together. Such a skirt can be a universal pencil skirt, a short or tight skirt made of loose stretch material. If you still managed to pick up these two wardrobe items, then they should be supplemented with coarse leather shoes on a massive sole and a backpack made of the same material or fabric.

In other cases, except for sneakers and no longer such topical “sneakers” for a hoodie with pants, you can’t dress anything up.

A large variety in combination with other things wardrobe can give a modified shortened hoodie to the waistline. There is where to swing with a choice of clothes. For example, almost all styles of skirts with a high waist length “mini” and “midi” will be perfectly combined with it. From shoes with great ease it will be possible to pick up something with a steady wide heel or tractor sole. Large selection of suitable bags: fit almost everything.

Brand news


Young girls with an informal sense of style will be extremely curious to look at the “SKATE AND DESTROY” model of the “Thrasher” brand. This is a monochromatic black hoodie with a bright white name of the same name for the model. Easy enough: suitable for early spring. It consists of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.


The British brand “Palace” has more street clothes in stock, and therefore in this store everyone can find hoodies according to their taste.

For example, you should pay attention to the model "SPACE HOODIE NAVY / YELLOW". Hoodie is made in a pleasant blue and yellow colors, which together give a very interesting combination. In such a sweatshirt you can not miss!


The famous sportswear manufacturer Adidas has a large number of Hoodie in its catalog. Of the latest collections, a sweatshirt called “NEW YORK 1986” stands out.

This sweatshirt comes in two colors: red and blue. The main decoration for hoodie is a wide white stripe that adorns the sweatshirt on the very array and at about the same level of the left hand.She looks very stylish. There is a small zipper for easy donning over the head.


At Nike, you can easily find a sports hoodie for a comfortable jog. For example, the model under the article number “842845-010” looks quite simple, but with taste. Sweatshirt in black and gray colors is provided. The cuffs have holes for big fingers for comfortable movement, the collar is adjustable. A great option for a morning run.


This brand is better known under the full-size name "Natus Vincere". A very popular model of this brand is the model "ZIPPED HOODIE", made in the classic yellow and black colors and with a distinctive brand emblem. This hoodie has a full-sized zipper and a spacious hood with ties. The brand promises that it will be impossible to go unnoticed in this hoody.

Tommy hilfiger

“Tommy Hilfiger” as always pleases us with new collections of sports sweatshirts. A very interesting model of a classic hoody, made in three colors at once and with divergent inscriptions. The girl can choose a cute sweatshirt of rich red color with the inscription "SMILE", as well as a dark blue "Hilfiger denim", or a gray "Hilfiger 1985".


Reviews for women's Hoodie controversial.

Many girls and women are satisfied with a sports sweatshirt as everyday wear at home or short walks with friends. Others do not like the fact that for all the convenience of Hoodie, it, unfortunately, cannot be combined with business and romantic styles.

In any case, all the girls are equally pleased with the presence of a hood, which at any time can protect from the weather, as well as convenient kangaroo pockets, which are easy to use, both for carrying small things and as a “warm shelter” for frozen hands.

Do I have to say that sportswomen speak very positively about this item of clothing? Hoodie, unlike other styles of hoodies, is more suitable for sports, and therefore is very much in demand not only by professionals, but also by amateurs, as well as by all those who enjoy active leisure.

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