Women's Hoody

Women's Hoody

Features and benefits

A sweatshirt with a hood is one of the most versatile and comfortable things in a woman’s wardrobe. Originally intended for sports and tourism, the model over time has become one of the favorite items of everyday clothing. In many ways, this happened thanks to famous designers, who persistently and constantly included women's sweatshirts with a hood into their fashion collections.

A sweatshirt is clothing that is suitable for every season. It will warm in the cool summer evening, is irreplaceable in the spring and in the fall, she is put on as a heater under outerwear in the winter.

Popular models

On lightning

Women's hoodies with zippers are very comfortable and practical. Depending on weather conditions, they can be unbuttoned or left fastened with a snake. The snake can be sewn along the entire length of the product or only half. Zipper is often used decorative element, to be in color with the product or to act as a contrast.

No lightning

A sweatshirt without a zipper can be differently called “hoodie,” which means “hood” in English. A women's zip and hooded sweatshirt often has a large front pocket that looks like a kangaroo bag. The model can be elongated and short. Sweatshirt without zipper can be very quickly put on and off.


Warm hooded sweatshirts allow women to be stylish in any weather. Sweatshirt is a comfortable and pleasant body option to warm up in cold autumn and early spring. Typically, warmed models are made long, closing the lower back. The hood has a tightening cord, and the cuffs and the bottom of products with elastic bands.

On fur

The range of winter sweatshirts with fur is very diverse. They can be sporty, knitted and versatile for everyday use. Hoodies with a hood on the fur are great for sports in the winter, for outdoor activities, meeting with friends and country trips.

With ears

Women's sweatshirt with ears on the hood is an original and rather perky piece of clothing. Not every woman will decide to wear such a hoodie and more often than not, this is the choice of young and creative women. Ears can be hare, fox and other cute little animals, whose faces are sometimes present on the chest of the jacket. Sweatshirts models may include the presence or absence of zippers and pockets.

Large sizes

Women's hoodies with a large size allow you to dress stylishly and comfortably for women with appetizing forms. The design and cut of such models assumes a visual decrease in volumes. For women plus size, light sweatshirts and insulated, with zip and without it, sports style and knitted, are produced.


Kappa hooded sweatshirts are popular with young women. Stylish design, bright colors and comfortable fit make these sweatshirts indispensable for everyday use during the cold season.

Actual colors

The black

Black women's hoodies with a hood fit under the clothes of all colors and shades. They are ideally combined with black clothes and denim. This is one of the most practical options and is suitable for almost all girls and women.


White models are an elegant casual version of a women's sweatshirt with a hood. A white sweatshirt looks feminine and somewhat festive. She is very brandy and contrasts with any slightest pollution, but this does not stop neat female fans of white.


Gray is considered more practical because it is not as gloomy as black and not so easily soiled as white. There are many shades of gray and to choose a gray hoodie according to the strength of any woman. Gray color serves as a favorable background for drawing prints, appliqués and embroidery.

Is long


A long women's sweatshirt with a hood protects your back from wind and cold. It is more comfortable than shortened models and helps to hide excess volumes in the waist and hips area. Long models can be with or without a zipper.


An elongated hoodie can look like a spring and autumn coat. It is perfect for city walks, warm in bad weather and will be one of the most stylish items in your wardrobe. This model can be worn not only with pants, but also with short dresses and skirts.

What to wear

Sports pants

Sweatshirt and sweatpants can create a perfect sporting suit. Often sweatshirts are included in sports kits for training on the street and in the gym. Sneakers or sneakers are perfect for a tracksuit.

The dress

Dresses in the style of a sports casual fit perfectly with sweatshirts. As a rule, such dresses are made of knitted materials and are often identical in texture with sweatshirts. In such clothes it is convenient to relax and go in for sports walking, it is comfortable to walk in the streets and go shopping.


Jeans and denim skirts are in perfect harmony with hoodies that have a hood. Skinny pants and a straight, free-fit model will look perfect in this situation. Sports casual is a style that is created through the use of sets of sports and casual wardrobe items. The popularity of this style is supported by both young girls and adult women.

Jackets and coats

Women's hoodies with a hood are perfect for using them as a warming layer under jackets and coats. This is a practical and comfortable option for winter and cold autumn. At the same time it is better to choose jackets and coats without hoods in order to avoid excessive layering of clothes.


Sweatshirt and pants - this is the most common set of clothes. It is desirable that the pants were narrowed, and the sweatshirt at the same time covered the groin area. In this case, the image will be aesthetic and harmonious.

Brand models


Adidas sweatshirts for men are perfect for creating street style. They deserve special love among the fair sex thanks to the excellent brand quality. No matter what you decide to do: street sports, go hiking or long-distance travel - the Adidas hoodie for women will always be relevant.

  1. Dark gray sweatshirt with a hood and large patch pockets. The model is suitable for year-round wearing. Lightning runs the entire length of the product. The hood has an utyazhka, and cuffs are located on the sleeves and at the bottom of the product. The sweatshirt is made of soft jersey of practical gray color.
  2. A bright pink sweatshirt for women with a hood without pockets gives comfort and good mood. Stylish appearance and ergonomic cut made this model a sales hit. A slimming strap around the edge of the hood adjusts its size. Soft and pleasant body material gives joy during outdoor activities and sports.


Brand products are known for the highest quality and modern design. Being fashionable, even on vacation and in training, was made possible by Nike hood sweatshirts. Always recognizable with the Nike sweatshirt logo to help you create your own unique sporty style.

  1. Sweatshirt Hoodie made of soft black knitwear. The hood is completed with a drawstring, and the sleeves are executed in a raglan cut. Elastic cuffs and the bottom of the product tightly against the body and protect from the cold. The lining of 100% cotton gives a comfortable feeling while wearing.
  2. Nike's beautiful blue sweatshirt has a straight fit. Long sleeves end in tight cuffs, as is the bottom of the product. Large comfortable pockets allow you to quickly hide your palm from the cold. Flat seams prevent discomfort during active activities.
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