Stylish blouses

Stylish blouses

Stylish and original blouses of completely different styles and colors have long been firmly settled in the basic wardrobe of every girl following fashion trends. Official and simple, romantic, they certainly appear in the collections of famous designers. So what styles will be fashionable this season?

We select the appropriate style

There are two win-win options that can be combined with almost all things - these are classic blouses and shirts.

Classic-style blouses are very simple, fitted, with a strict collar and long sleeves. They differ in a minimum of decor - pockets, neat buttons, decorative lines or small bows. These blouses fit perfectly in the official style, combined with high heels and jackets or jackets.

Women's shirts are simpler in their cut, they differ from men's in finishing and material. Shirts do not have to be plain. Stylish look designs in polka dots, checkered or floral print. But the most popular are classic white shirts, which look advantageous at a business meeting, complete with a strict skirt, and on a romantic date.

Without sleeves

Another of the top most popular models is a sleeveless blouse. In combination with a strict collar and a flat row of buttons, this model looks spectacular. It can be supplemented with a restrained pencil skirt or high-waisted trousers.

With a collar

Another option for the collar is jabot. Such collars can be removable. Frill turns any blouse into elegant clothes at one time due to light flounces that go down to the chest or even lower. But remember that such blouses are not suitable for everyone, as too big breasts will make even more. Full ladies are advised to choose models with small ruffles that will stretch the silhouette and will not give the figure an unnecessary additional volume.


Asymmetry in clothes for several years in a row. Asymmetrical blouses can be semi-open or simply original stitched variations of the classics. They can be found in the collections of many designers. Stylish look models on one shoulder or with an uneven bottom.

Artistic cuts on the waist, shoulders or back are also fashionable. Try to experiment with such blouses, carefully selecting them for the features of your figure.


Basque models are a great way to emphasize your waist, especially if the Basque is made not of stiff fabric, but of light shuttlecocks. Such top is an original decision for lovers of strict office style. For girls with a slim figure, the combination of a blouse with a basky and hip-hugging skirt is perfect.


Despite the fact that the fitted blouse fits the body, it will suit even owners of magnificent forms. The main thing - to choose your size, which will sit on you perfectly. And if you follow the advice of stylists and buy a dark-colored blouse, it will slim you, without focusing on the flaws of the figure, emphasizing the waistline and hiding lush volumes.


We have already talked about sleeveless blouses, but not everyone can afford such a model. For those who do not like to expose their hands, create models with short sleeves. A three-quarter sleeve is suitable for cool weather and a summer day. Sleeves can be rolled up at the same time, due to which even a rather strict blouse will fit into the casual youth style.

With long sleeve

Blouses with long or long sleeves look unusual, but stylish.Designer models can violate the rules of style, according to which the sleeve should reach a maximum to the middle of the thumb. Lace-trimmed sleeves will add a touch of elegance to your look.

We select the style

When choosing a blouse, it is important to follow not only the trends, but also the generally accepted rules of combining things within one style. After all, the outfit in which you can apply for a beach party, definitely not suitable for going to work. Let's see which blouses are best suited for an image.

For office

The classic office style is considered to be plain-colored blouses with long sleeves and a strict collar. In hot weather, they can be replaced by models with short sleeves or sleeveless blouses. The collar can also be decorative, for example, in the form of a jabot.

On the weekend

To relax on their day off, girls prefer to wear shirts, pastel-colored cotton blouses or watered down with prints. In this case, it is important to feel comfortable in the chosen outfit.


For summer, either open blouses with cutouts and without sleeves, or products from airy chiffon are best suited. In such dresses you will not be hot and comfortable.

Choose light colors, light fabrics. You will be comfortable all day in a blouse.


And for the evening, leave the luxurious products of satin. Seductive cuts, romantic ruffles and flounces, a silhouette fitting your figure - all of these options can be considered when creating the evening look.

Top materials

The material plays an important role in choosing a blouse. Depending on the fabric chosen, the blouse looks either light and practically airy, or official and strict.


Silk blouses are incredibly light, due to which the wind easily blows the body, allowing the skin to breathe. That is why such blouses are best suited for hot summer.


Like silk, chiffon is light and translucent. He is considered the most popular material among the creators of blouses. Additional advantages of chiffon: it is easily erased and dries quickly.


Cotton blouses are pleasant to the body and very high quality. They do not cause allergies when worn, and also do not stretch over time.

Dresses made of soft cotton suitable for everyday wear.


Satin blouses look gorgeous on girls. The shimmering fabric can also be additionally decorated with sparkles or crystals. Satin top looks very elegant in combination with dark strict bottom and stylish shoes.


Blouses of lace and guipure will give your image of femininity. Most of them are distinguished by a simple cut, as the decorativeness of the lace is already enough to draw attention to your image. From this translucent patterned material sometimes create real works of art.

Many lace blouses come with a lining, while others allow you to see your underwear and body part. With such models, you need to be careful, putting them on only in informal meetings, and carefully choosing a bra for your blouse.

Design features


Low-profile striped blouses look stylish and formal. The vertical strip is a great option for those who want to stretch their figure, making it visually slimmer. Note that at the moment the strip is more relevant than the cell.


A polka dot print is a tribute to the fashion of the sixties. Now they create a lot of interesting color combinations, both pastel and bright. White peas on black - always a win-win.


White blouses are a completely unique phenomenon in the history of fashion. They are popular since the fifties. They look equally good on pale girls and tanned ones. In the second case, the contrast between the skin and the color of the blouse only add to the image of originality. Stylists also claim that light white blouses refresh the complexion, even able to throw you a few years.


The second classic version is a black blouse. If it seems to you that a simple classic will look boring on you - choose a model decorated with guipure inserts, frills or any other original accessories.

Also, if you want to dilute your basic monophonic wardrobe, take a look at all sorts of prints.

In fashion now pastel colors and careless drawings, as if made with watercolor paint on the fabric.

What to wear?

All this variety of styles and colors is pleasing to the eye and is able to complement any image. Blouses go well with simple ragged jeans, and with strict skirts and stockings. To make the image look harmonious, combine it in the same style.

Wear more strict and fitted models with straight cut trousers, jackets and pumps. Easy youth blouses boldly combine with jeans and ballet shoes or sneakers. But lightweight blouses made of chiffon or silk combine with skirts.

Monochrome blouses with a minimum of decor can be complemented with brooches or pendants that will give your bow an individuality.

Stylish images

Do not be afraid to experiment, because the blouse is a universal outfit, which is very difficult to spoil your image. On the contrary, by choosing a trendy cut and a trendy print this season, you can turn even the simplest look into a stylish and eye-catching one.

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