Short sleeve blouse

Short sleeve blouse

We select a beautiful style

Thanks to the design world, which seriously took up the introduction of diversity in blouses, we can see the most stylish, romantic and shocking images associated with the choice of short sleeves.

To make sure that this choice is worth making, consider this fashionable extravaganza closer.

With a collar

Elegant turn-down collars will be perfectly combined with ties or kerchiefs, which is appropriate even with a demanding dress code.

Every lady who has decided to add femininity to the image dreams of a stand-up collar. And short sleeves for such a blouse should be appropriate, for example, flared cut.

White blouses won the niche of round collars, where the collar itself became the central object of the composition, which is noticeable in the Blumarine models.

The jabot is also more common in the white version, especially in the Fendi collection. Such rulers of blouses are traditionally made of chiffon and create the impression of skillful chic.


Baska and short sleeves are still in trend. Baska exquisitely emphasizes the bends of the body, leaving behind the secret of such features as folds on the tummy or large thighs.

With ruffles

The appeal of blouses with ruffles is to strike a casual look with its texture, whose soft charm makes it possible to show a feminine silhouette in smooth lines. Types of quilling can surprise anyone: from wide cascades to narrow waves like a tie.

Straight lines

Straight cut rulers differ in length, and one of the most popular series is a blouse that falls to mid-thigh or even lower. Such models with round necks are called tunics.

Short straight styles also have a place to be, but their use is more limited. Blouse, opening the tummy, can not be worn in the office. A tunic, especially decorated with a strict belt, is quite suitable for working everyday life.

With lace

Lace is lightness. The sleeves made of it will hide the visual imperfections of the shoulders, paying attention only to the airiness of the image.

Lace is a charm, which is especially reflected in the good inserts on the blouse. Everything in openwork is about this case. Want to unobtrusively praise your natural data? Use lacy magic, because it really knows no bounds.

What material to choose?

From chiffon

Chiffon as if created for the hot atmosphere of summer. Perfect ventilation leaves the skin free to breathe, especially for short-sleeved blouses. The style of such models does not end with day bows and extends to the office and evening meetings, especially if the blouse is decorated with an original bow.

From guipure

Guipure models of the effect of lightness can compete with blouses from other fabrics. A lace pattern is capable of telling a lot about its owner - whether it wants to seem elegant, romantic or glamorous today. It all depends on the color of the product and the percentage of openwork material in the blouse - whether it is fully used or present as inserts.

From silk

Silk is a symbol of luxury, therefore blouses from such material, especially natural, help girls to make an impression of aristocracy. Silk short-sleeved blouses trimmed with rhinestones will be the highlight of the evening rendezvous.

From satin

White blouses, sewn from satin, are a hit this season, especially with a concise line of cut and short sleeves. When buying a satin model, pay attention to the content of natural fibers in its fabric, which will guarantee comfort in any heat.

We combine style

For parties

Festive blouse will give a lush sleeve-flashlight.We add here a romantic skirt-sun, we find a pair of sandals on the platform and boldly go to a restaurant, decorating the neck with a bunch of large beads.

An elegant can be called a blouse, even with a simple cut, if it is made of beautiful fabric and tastefully decorated with bows, sequins, shiny threads, embroidery or feathers.

Also perforated collars, various experiments with draperies, cutouts, corset inserts or asymmetrical cut make their contribution to the party bow.


Here reigns classic: slightly fitted models, laconic cut and minimalism in jewelry.

In summer, office clothes are selected from chiffon, chintz, silk and viscose. The optimal palette for the working style - shades of white, cream, black and beige.

Business bows in the warm season may well be based on blouses with buttons or buttons. The density of the fabric is also important when choosing an image - too transparent materials are not suitable for being in the office.


But in the summer street images, transparent and translucent fabrics, one might say, have sprouted forever. Girls in short sleeved blouses, emphasizing a good choice of tops or underwear, disturb the minds of many counterparts of the stronger sex.

In the fashion are elongated models, as well as clothing lines, colored with unique patterns and colorful prints. On the wave, there are ornaments of both floral and geometric types.

And, of course, timeless cages and cute polka dots are beyond brand and time.


Black - the emperor of evening dresses. A blouse of this color with a short sleeve, decorated with sequins, many women of fashion settle in their wardrobe in case of late exits.

Sequins can both cover the product completely and alternate with stripes. Such a model with dark satin pants will successfully shine at a friendly dinner or a date.

Evening style can emphasize a wide black belt on a blouse. In tandem with narrow trousers or a skirt, a hat with prominent brim and high-heeled shoes, your image will be filled with extravagance and mystery.

Design features


The richness of the pink palette allows you to pick up a blouse, even biased to the style of Barbie ladies. And the main thing when wearing such a blouse is to decide where you are going in it.

If at the moment you are a business lady, then supplement the top with strict gray or black jackets, trousers and pumps. If you are a romantic girl who is in a hurry for a date, then midi skirts, sun skirts or satin pants may be required.

At the solemn event a pink blouse with a lush bow at the back could not be useful. And a hint of a slightly opened back will add a touch of spice to an elegant bow.


Of the shades of blue is now in the top serenity, combining blue and gray.

Such a decision is welcomed in the summer base wardrobe, and in bows for cold weather. Serenity is the case when the color can be applied in any volume without overloading the image.

This serene tone is a real gift for any blouse, as it allows you to experiment with prints, contrasts and additional accents.


A blue blouse with a short sleeve is one of the variants of the school top, but not only. For example, in the Finn Flare collection you can find blue models with geometric patterns for less formal places.

Solid blue patterns can affect the depth of hues — indigo, ultramarine, and other fascinating colors. Against the background of such bows, a brighter edging at the bottom of the blouse looks good. The short sleeve of the blue line perfectly emphasizes the line of your shoulders.


What is included in the wardrobe base? Of course, a white blouse. When choosing a model with short sleeves, you will not get lost, as now such a line extends to any taste and any shape thanks to the creative impulses of designers.

Complicated frills, playful ruffles or men's-style styles are up to you.But white has its own laws, as it visually highlights the lines of the face and body, becoming the background for them.

One of the rules - low-key makeup. Also remember that for full shoulders it is better to stop on a fluffy flashlight sleeve, and for a square chin - on a round or V-shaped neckline.


With a black blouse, concealing the flaws of the waist, things will be perfect in beige, lilac, peach and pink versions for both the top (jackets, jacket) and the bottom.

Shortened models from translucent material are considered as special chic, which in 2016 was daringly demonstrated by fashion designers from high fashion. Asymmetrical ideas in blouses will be more vividly revived in black.

If you bought a shortened black blouse, then the company in the form of a knee-length skirt in an abstract color, black leather jacket and the same color of sandals decorated with rivets can ask for it. Not enough? Take a miniature white bag over your shoulder, and all your attention!

What to wear

Short-sleeved blouses are a wide expanse for improvisations in the image, but the variability of such models requires a careful approach to compatibility with the bottom. After all, even the sleeves cut can dictate their conditions.

Let's see what couturiers offer to our blouses.

With skirt

Monochrome models with short sleeves can be combined with plaid skirts. A pencil skirt in monochrome advantageously set off a printed blouse for an office. The sun skirt has its advantages, as it gives the image of romance.

The original set for a chiffon blouse will be a knitted skirt, for a white model - a leather skirt. The length of the bottom here is important depending on the situation. For a ceremonial release, a maxi skirt with an elegant blouse can be a substitute for an evening dress.

With pants

A light blouse with “flashlights” suggests itself in the company of linen, cotton or staple pants. Asymmetrical delights of the top are harmoniously combined with models of office pants.

Classic trousers will create a stylish business bow in partnership with light blouses, proudly wearing a luxurious jabot or wavy ruffles.

With jeans

Under boyfriends now fashionable to dress in casual style blouses. Such a spacious tailless cut is loyal to ballet shoes, comfortable sandals and sneakers.

Sleeve "bat" on the blouse without the extra decoration elements is a good company for tight jeans. Crop blouse with high-rise jeans will make you a style queen.

To suit

Short sleeves blouses can fit any fashionista. The main thing is to know the features of your body and skin. For example, bright tattoos on hands during an interview in the office can disrupt the desired impression on the potential superiors.

Beauties with forms will not fit the dimensionless blouses that will hide the figure completely. It is better to hide the excess weight on the abdomen with the A-silhouette styles, and on the hips - with fitted models with exquisite basques.

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