Blouses have different styles and cut. This is due to the rich history of women's blouses, because their similarity could be seen in Ancient Russia, Greece and Rome. Designers transform the model of the time in order to create a unique product.


Blouse - versatile wardrobe item. She acquired this property after designers created numerous types of cut.

With one piece sleeves

A one-piece sleeve is a single cloth with the back of the product.

The length of the sleeves for models of blouses can be short, and can reach the wrist. The shoulders at the same time have a smooth line, and the material itself flows through the body in soft folds.


Models with short sleeves are indispensable for hot days. For office fit models with clear forms. Cotton, viscose and silk will be the perfect solution for office style.

For a casual look, blouses resemble a tunic in style. For the summer look blouses made of cotton, chiffon and other lightweight fabrics.

Without sleeves

The office and the existing dress code prohibit open models of blouses. For this case, created a style with a wide shoulder part.

Various prints and patterns adorn everyday models. A wide neck or stand-up collar, a deep neckline or blouse, buttoned to all buttons, will delight the most captious fashionistas.


Blouses, supplemented by a basque waistline, display a chiseled figure. Blouses with basky fit the female form, focusing on the chest and waist lines. Such models are in harmonious tandem, where pencil skirt or skinny jeans are involved.

For slender girls fit models made of delicate thin fabrics. For women who want to hide flaws, basque models are made with one-piece long sleeves made up of slimming fabrics.

With a collar

Collar blouses are associated with austerity and classics. However, the designers have stepped away from the standards, creating all sorts of collars that make this style unique.

For girls with wide hips, a blouse with a collar-collar is ideal. The stand-up collar will emphasize beauty of a long neck. A turn-down collar on a blouse will make the figure proportional.

Without collar

Models without a collar are widely used by all women of fashion, because with their help you can show the beauty of the neck.

Sleeveless and collar styles resemble tops. Collarless blouses can be worn in the office, and can be supplemented with flashy accessories and used for a stylish evening bow.

Collarless, long-sleeved, loose-fitting styles are popular in classic variations.

With ruffles

To create a flirty image, it is enough to put on a blouse with ruffles. Ruffles are a strip of fabric sewn to the blouse in the middle, the edges of which create an assembly.

Women of any age should not deny themselves in wearing this thing. However, it is worth remembering the rule: the older the lady, the more modest the ruffles.

On an elastic band

Blouses with elastic band help women to focus on the merits of the figure.

Blouses with elastic on the shoulders are suitable for a romantic summer look. Models with elastic under the bust can make a small bust bigger. At the waist the elastic creates soft contours of the body, and also makes the figure proportional. An elastic band at the thighs will mask an imperfect tummy.

With frills

Blouses with frills came to the podiums from Italy. Famous shuttlecocks on the blouse of Carmen are still popular.

In the office style, the shuttlecocks moved from the shoulder line to the waist line, creating a basque. For a romantic image, designers decorated flounced sleeves.

With a corset

A blouse that looks like a corset is one of the sexiest models.

Models with a corset can have an open decollete area and be made of a monotonous elastic fabric that holds the shape well.

Models resembling a blouse and a corset separately, have a top free cut and a bottom decorated with decorative lacing and hooks.

Sleeves "flashlights"

Sleeves "flashlights" are assembled on the shoulders or wrists in a fancy shape.

Choosing such models, it is worth remembering about the features of the figure. Women with full arms can afford long sleeves of this form. For slim girls fit any length and bulk of the sleeves.

With horizontal folds

Blouses with horizontal folds are catchy accent of the entire model. Thanks to this original decor, the blouse will look bright in the simplest version.

Blouses with one-piece sleeves in the form of T-shirts and models without a collar are in harmony with the horizontal pleats.

Models are ideal for slender girls. Horizontal folds in a tandem with a jacket of direct cut will suit all girls without exception.


Rare things in the wardrobe of women can boast of their stay in a variety of ways. The blouse is able to become an element of opposing styles.


A modern classic in blouses is a shirt with basic shades. Classic collars in combination with a straight or fitted cut give sophistication to any female figure.

Classic blouses are combined with skirts and trousers, as well as shorts, if made of lightweight material.


Office style is a continuation of the classic. Models also do not contain bright elements of decor. Popular models with a collar and without, with the presence and absence of the collar.

The materials office style appreciates naturalness. Cotton, silk and models of viscose will be an ally to meet all the requirements of the dress code.


Blouses, created under the motto "lightness", have airy cut. Even long sleeves in this decision look weightless.

Blouses with elastic, with sleeves "flashlights" or classic models are suitable for a light look, if they use breathable fabrics that do not restrain movement.


In the summer, blouses are designed to give lightness to the image and at the same time be able to be suitable for an office style. Models from natural fabrics cope with this as well as possible.

The styles with a wide shoulder area are created for a fashionable look at work. Asymmetrical models will be a stylish addition to denim shorts and mini skirts.


Evening blouse can compete with the most spectacular dresses, if made of natural silk, able to sparkle with natural highlights. Models decorated with lace will add romance and tenderness to the evening.

Even a strict classic blouse can be evening, if you add bright accessories to it.

For a party

Sleeveless blouses with deep decollete or bold ruffles are harmonious in a youthful image if they have bright prints. Especially popular are the drawings with animals.

A chiffon white blouse with stand-up рука sleeves ¾, combined with denim shorts, will conquer all the dance floors. It is enough to tie it in a knot at the waist and the modern image will be completed.

For the wedding

For girls who appreciate comfort and convenience, blouses are suitable for special occasions.

Blouses worn for such occasions should reflect the mood of the celebration. Ruffles and flounces rich in fabric texture will be the right decision.

Combine such models of blouses should be with a calm bottom, for example, skinny pants, made in bright colors.


The materials blouses easily get confused, because their types a huge amount. Styles and materials can be dissonant and fit together.

From cotton

Cotton - the most popular fabric for the production of blouses.With its help perform the classic and everyday options.

Models gain elasticity and a good fit to the figure, if synthetic threads are added to cotton.

Cotton blouses are suitable for hot weather. In such models, the body breathes, and the fabric absorbs sweat well.


Knitted blouses are highly elastic. Thanks to these properties, knitwear is suitable for blouses with a tight cut.

Models have a special softness. Often for a blouse with a corset choose knitwear, because it is well supported by the figure.

From staple

The staple is pleasant to the touch, and also has wear-resistant properties. Among the advantages of staples include its breathability and ability to absorb moisture.

Blouses made of this fabric delight the beauty of bright colors, because the material does not fade. Blouses without sleeves and collar, with one-piece sleeves and models with elastic are often exactly the staples.

From crepe de chine

Crepdeshin came to fashion podiums from grandmother's chests. It is dense and high quality, able to serve for many years.

You can find blouses for the evening of this material, because it has a silk luster and a nice fabric. For a casual look, models are made of matte crepe-chiffon.

From batiste

Batiste is considered to be an aristocratic cloth. It is used in models of wedding dresses, however, and blouses for the evening did not bypass this fabric side.

Batiste is very dense, but it is a light material. Blouses made from it are made with floral patterns, as well as solid monochromatic colors. Such models are ideal for celebrations.

From chiffon

Chiffon blouses are very popular. Lightness and weightlessness makes them indispensable in the women's wardrobe. Chiffon and summer are interrelated concepts.

Chiffon blouses are made for everyday style and office solutions.

From guipure

Guipure blouses with various openwork patterns are allies of the romantic and evening look.

The transparency of the fabric and the beauty of the lace make the guipure models delicate and at the same time durable.

From silk

The most feminine and pleasing to the body are silk blouses. If it is natural, then this fiber also heals the skin.

Silk blouses are appropriate for office, walking and celebration. Light shine of fabric and free cut will make an image easy and seductive.

From satin

Soft drapes and satin glitter fascinate. Silk satin will be the best material, because it does not electrify, has a luxurious look and absorbs moisture well.

Blouses made of satin are made in a free cut and decorated with ruffles and various folds.

From taffeta

Taffeta blouses are made of linen or silk. In any case, it is a very dense fabric with a glossy sheen, with durability and rich texture.

Blouses from this fabric are suitable for evening looks.


Blouses with prints have their own characteristics of wearing. Some are suitable for slender girls, and some are able to bring the figure to the ideal.


Polka dot models are suitable for women with any shape. Slender beauties with narrow waists can choose fitted blouses with a fine print. Girls of magnificent forms look great in models with large white peas on a dark background and in a classic silhouette.


When choosing a striped blouse, you should remember that horizontal stripes add volume, and vertical stripes make a slimmer figure.

We must not forget about the color. Brunettes fit blouses in black and white stripes, and blondes - pastel and dark colors with light and bright stripes.

With an image

Blouses with a pattern suitable for youth image. They can be complemented with shorts and skirts of various lengths and silhouette.

Models without sleeves, as well as asymmetrical cut can be perfectly complemented by various patterns and cute patterns.

With drapery

Soft drapery fabrics can not only gently flow over the skin, but also carefully mask the flaws.For a small chest blouse with drapery, starting from the shoulder area. For extra volume in the abdomen and hips perfect blouses with vertical drape along the entire length.

With horizontal folds

Horizontal folds require accuracy with a pomp of forms. Soft folds will not add volume if supplemented with a top of a simple cut.

With floral print

Floral pattern on a blouse should be chosen based on the color type. Brunettes with a fatal appearance fit red poppies, and blondes - delicate cornflower motifs.

Blouses with a rare pattern on a dark background will be a godsend for obese women. The rest of the fancy floral patterns are endless.

With lace

Lace blouses are very feminine and sexy, however, full lace products can look vulgar. Wearing a blouse, you should think about jackets and cardigans that can cover the excessive frankness of the dress.

What to choose

If the question arises about what to choose, it is better to give preference to classic models. It is convenient to combine with them any accessories, as well as create different styles.

Blouses of a free cut are suitable for absolutely everyone, so it’s impossible to make a mistake with such a purchase The model will be perfect if it does not hinder movement, is pleasant to the body and allows a woman to feel comfortable and confident.

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