Cotton blouses

Cotton blouses

Fashionable styles

Among the stylish women's blouses for every taste and color, the clear favorites are cotton models. Currently, there are a huge number of styles of these products. Let's take a closer look at the most popular ones.


Short-sleeved cotton blouses, especially if they are represented by rich hues or a colorful print, are incredibly popular this season. As a matter of fact, due to their practicality, these models are always relevant in the summertime, only their colors are changing in accordance with fashion trends.

Sleeve "flashlight"

This summer, designers represent a large number of collections of cotton blouses with short sleeves of various styles. One of the most popular is the so-called “flashlight” sleeve. However, when choosing such a blouse, it is necessary to take into account the fact that a model with this type of sleeve will not suit all girls. For example, owners of sufficiently wide shoulders do not recommend such products.

If you have magnificent forms and a weighty shoulder area, it is better to pay attention to blouses with set-in sleeves “wings” or the usual type of sleeve.

Shirt cut

A shirt made of cotton is a great option for business women. This cut is a classic and is ideal for creating a business image. As a rule, this style of products has a turn-down collar and long sleeves. Preference should be given to blouses, shirts that can be tucked under a skirt or pants, as it is not entirely comfortable and appropriate to wear a blouse of this type in a dress.

With horizontal folds

Currently in the collections of famous brands of women's clothing can be found blouses with pleats. More often - with longitudinal or vertical, less often - with horizontal. As a rule, the cut of cotton pleated blouses does not mean by itself that the entire product is solid folds. This decorative element is usually used “locally”. That is, it can be a chest area or the bottom of a blouse.

The model with horizontal folds in the decollete area is ideal for owners of small breasts. This emphasis will make the breast more visually, but blouses with horizontal folds on the lower part of the product should be avoided by women who have rather large hips, otherwise, you risk visually adding yourself a couple extra pounds.

Full girls are recommended blouses with vertical folds.


This style of cotton blouse will emphasize the sophistication of the female figure, highlighting the waistline and adjusting the hips. This blouse can be complemented by a small strap of bright color. Similar cut blouses can be easily combined with classic skinny pants.

Without collar

Blouses without a collar can be classified as business. They are comfortable to wear to the office and combine with a jacket of any style and cut. The image using this model can be complemented with a well-chosen scarf or a beautiful decoration, if the dress code is not prohibited.

With lace

Cotton blouses with lace are well suited to create a sensual female image. As a rule, such products are made in the color range of delicate tones. It can be pastel or light pink shades.

Such a model will dilute any conservative image. It can be safely combined with jeans, shorts.Also a combination of a monochromatic blouse with lace and a fluffy skirt will look very harmonious.

Popular models

For every occasion and for any look you can choose the right stylish cotton blouse. Given the desire of women always and everywhere to look fashionable and attractive, designers create beautiful blouses of various styles, constantly improve them and bring something new each time.

Therefore, now the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have a unique opportunity to select great models, focusing not only on fashion trends, but also on their own taste and preferences. So what blouses should take pride of place in the wardrobe of any girl?


In the hottest time of the year, we all strive for ease. Taking this into account, fashion designers create stunning collections of airy blouses, such as silk and cotton. Often, you can find a combination of cotton and flax. Products made from such materials maintain optimal skin condition and give a slight sensation of coolness, preventing you from sweating. Such models can be used to create a casual image, and evening.

They can be a great addition to light skirts of chiffon, all sorts of jeans or shorts. Often these blouses are decorated with lace trim. This will give the image greater sensuality and pretentiousness.

The preferred cut summer blouse - free. As for the color of the product, for the summer, mainly bright prints and rich shades are recommended, of course.

Transparent or translucent blouses are in great demand. However, choosing such a model, you should take into account the features of the figure. For example, this option is not recommended for girls with curvaceous. Chubby ladies should look at the products of a free, wide style of non-translucent lightweight fabric. This cut will hide the visible flaws of the figure, giving you elegance.


But for the slender of the fair sex fit translucent blouses. He will provide you with a spectacular, sexy image. Just do not forget that such a model can hardly be worn at the office or at a business meeting.

To create an evening look for most models of cotton blouses. Among the current models this year, preference should be given to products, complemented by lace, frills or a bow around the neck. Such blouses will not disregard their owner.

These models go well with straight or tapered trousers, shorts, fabric, leather pencil skirt and jeans. Such combinations will create a stylish and unusual image.


From the very beginning, a cotton blouse has been and remains a classic that will never go out of style. No need to talk about its versatility. This is the type of clothing that absolutely everyone wears, regardless of social status, status or age. This is the base of the wardrobe of every modern woman, without which he simply can not do. A white business blouse made of cotton is just a synekvanon (from the Latin. "Sine qua none", which means "an indispensable condition"; "something without which it is impossible to exist").

This option can be used to create a business image, as well as everyday. The cut of a business blouse is usually a classic shirt with a turndown collar and cuffs on the sleeves, which can be straight or slightly fitted. To create a business image it can be combined with a cardigan or jacket.

What is characteristic of all business models of blouses? Mainly, these products should be light shades, better - white or milky. In addition, the strict style does not welcome all sorts of decorative elements and translucent materials. Therefore, a business blouse can not be transparent and replete with some additional accessories.


Striped cotton blouse is a great option for stylish girls.A strip print adds color and attractiveness to the image. But, like any print, the strip requires special care in its application.

It is unacceptable that full girls of short stature acquire horizontal stripes for themselves. This will make them visually shorter and visually add a couple of extra kilos. An excellent option for such young ladies would be cotton blouses with a diagonal or vertical stripe.

Diagonal or vertical stripes visually stretched silhouette, making it slimmer and more attractive.

Striped blouse goes great with jeans, shorts and skirts in monotonous colors. It is not necessary to combine such models with skirts, decorated with prints, it will give the image a variety.


Color cotton blouse - a choice of romantic natures. It will bring a rainbow mood and tenderness to your image. This option is very relevant this season. These models are suitable for owners of any type of figure, the main thing is not to overdo it with the number of colors. For summer, you can choose a translucent option and combine it with shorts or a monotonous light skirt.

What to wear

What should be combined with a cotton blouse depends on what situation you are in and what image you intend to create. For example, for business style blouses need classic trousers strictly cut. For an evening look, you can combine it with a leather skirt, and you can safely wear a colored summer blouse with shorts or jeans.

And, in general, cotton blouses - this is the universal option, which is combined with almost everything. You just need to follow the rules of combining colors and styles. So, if you have a blouse made using a print, then the bottom should be made monotonous.

In case you want to wear a fluffy, flying skirt, choose a fitted or tight-fitting blouse. On the other hand, tight pants fit the blouses of a wide, free style. This is a kind of balance principle.

We should not forget that congestion of every kind of decorative elements, prints and decorations is unacceptable.

What good are cotton blouses?

Currently, there are plenty of options for materials used in the tailoring of various kinds of clothing, however, preference should certainly be given to natural fabrics. Of course, synthetic products are much more practical and do not require any special care, but all these qualities cannot outweigh the beneficial characteristics of cotton.

This, above all, is about the hypoallergenic and breathable properties of it. Therefore, in order not to harm your health, intending to purchase a blouse, first of all, pay attention to cotton patterns. Cotton blouses are very relevant today, so they will be an excellent complement to your wardrobe.

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