Blouse with basque

Blouse with basque

This season has returned to fashion an elegant model of blouses, which can visually reduce and emphasize your waist. We are talking about blouses with basques. Baska is a special element on clothing, which is made in the form of a special belt, sewn at the waist. This detail is used to create classic feminine images.

Basque can be sewn from the same material as the blouse, or from materials of other colors and textures. Fashion designers offer a wide selection of Basques - asymmetrical, multi-layered, flowing in large waves or air-weightless.

Which model is suitable?

The presence of a wide frill hides minor figure flaws, so even ladies with quite curvaceous shapes can afford blouses with basques. This model has the unique ability to emphasize the waistline in such a way as to create the effect of an ideal hourglass shape.

However, the choice of a blouse should be approached with great care. After all, even a minor trifle can ruin the whole image. For lush ladies fit model with a shorter front and an extended rear. It will hide the excessive fullness of the hips and emphasize the chest.

For thin women with sufficiently broad shoulders fit lush Basque along the waist line. She will make the figure more proportionate. For owners of a narrow waist and full hips fit any model of blouses with basques.

Without sleeves

Sleeveless models are more suitable for the warm season. They are able to emphasize the seductive charm of fragile shoulders.

For a business style, you can combine a tight pencil skirt and a blouse with a basque sleeveless of light thin fabric. Silk or thin cotton will make you feel comfortable even in the hot summer heat.


The option of a blouse with a basky short sleeve is suitable for a festive or office attire. Short sleeves can be straight or flared. This blouse can be put on even at business meetings, while you will look strictly and stylishly.

With long sleeve

If it is cool outside, this is not a reason for heavy and heavy clothing. Long-sleeved blouses will make you look great even in the cold season. They can be combined with classic trousers, straight or narrowed skirts.

This season is at the peak of fashion blouses with basky and long sleeves made of thin transparent fabrics, such as chiffon. If for any reason you want to close your hands, then this model will suit you perfectly.

With a collar

A collar for blouses with basques is of particular importance. Here the main thing - do not overdo it. It should emphasize the overall appearance, without changing the proportionality of the figure. It is better to abandon too wide collars. Stand-up collars or soft collars falling on the shoulders look impressive. They will allow you to coquettishly cover the decollete area, visually enlarging your chest.

With ruffles

Ruffles on a blouse give a feminine image.

Basque can be made not with one layer of fabric, but with ruffles. Correctly chosen Basque with ruffles perfectly hide figure flaws. For girls with narrow hips, such blouses are a godsend. They visually enlarge the hips, making the figure more feminine.

With lace

Lace this season at the peak of popularity. Fashion designers have created entire collections of blouses using this unique decor. Lace sleeves and collars, backs and inserts are the personification of luxurious sophistication.

Lace looks particularly impressive in combination with delicate silk.

From chiffon

Chiffon gives a piquant sexy look. In such a blouse you can go on a romantic date or a fashionable party. Light transparency of the fabric will make your image mysterious and attractive. In combination with a mini-skirt or skinny jeans, such an outfit will turn the head of any man.

We combine color


White top and black bottom - the most popular requirement picky office dress code. A white blouse can be combined with any classic combination of clothes. In this image, you will always look discreetly elegant and strictly official.


Black color blouse is suitable for evening and festive images. Basque for such blouses can be made of white contrasting material. Originally look on a black background lace or satin peplums.

This season, an interesting combination will be a black blouse with a yellow, red, white, blue and even green bottom. However, you should refrain from dark blue, deep brown or black tones. The blouse can merge with the bottom, and the image will lose its spectacular zest.


Blue color comes to the red, white or yellow bottom. Choose the tone of the skirt or pants in accordance with the features of your figure. Look good blouse with a basky in blue in combination with jeans. One has only to note that torn or wide jeans are absolutely inappropriate here.


Blouse with basque in red color should be in service with every woman of fashion. It will give the image of sexual seduction. Such blouses in combination with a black pencil skirt are an immortal classic. Vivid image requires special attention to detail. Do not use massive jewelry, also refrain from lipstick saturated red color.


Green color is the most relevant this season. It combines perfectly with white or black bottom. Having picked up shoes in tone, you receive a stylish and bright image.

Where to go

A blouse with basque rather refers to the traditional classics. However, having correctly combined with other things, you can afford to create images on the basis of such models, suitable even for discos.

For parties

If you are going to a fashionable party, wear a blouse with a basky in combination with a mini-skirt or tight jeans. In this outfit you will look stunning.

For girls with an imperfect figure, there is also a great option - combine straight dark-colored trousers with a lace blouse with a basque. Do not use volumetric parts. Sexual restraint has always been valued among the strong half.

The dark top is visually slim, and a correctly selected Basque will advantageously adjust the waistline and pomp of the hips. Owners of a big breast will be able to afford a deep cleavage, and slender ladies will show off the charm of a sharp back. In addition, ladies with slender forms fit blouses with basky leather. This image looks incredibly original and stylish.


Office style requires rigor and restraint. Blouses should be sewn from dense or light opaque fabrics. Prefer calm colors. These can be either plain models, or traditional stripe, polka dots or diamond. The main thing is that the texture and design of the fabric should not be sharp.

A blouse can be a collar, long or short sleeve. Shallow neckline and unobtrusive beading, lace or artificial pearls are perfectly acceptable. Employees of banks and government officials ladies better to abandon the models without sleeves.


Easy option blouse with basky is a model made of the finest delicate fabrics. Exquisite silk or nice cotton have excellent hygienic properties. They perfectly absorb moisture, allowing the body to breathe. In them you will feel as comfortable as possible.

You should not choose models from synthetics.Despite the more attractive cost, such blouses will give you a lot of inconvenience. And for ladies with high skin sensitivity, they are in principle contraindicated. In contact with the body, especially wet, synthetics can cause allergic reactions and irritation.


Evening looks require seductive attractiveness, exquisite decors and sophisticated details. Calm tones and frank cuts, translucent fabrics and lace are the main elements of an evening dress. A blouse with a basky can be made of one type of fabric or have a combination of them. For example, the combination of silk and lace looks amazing. Complement this image with a tight skirt, precious jewelry and high heels - success will be guaranteed.

What to wear?

The most successful is the combination of the Basques with the narrowed bottom. For example, pencil skirt, narrow or straight pants. Creating an image in which there is a blouse with a basky, discard flared skirts and trousers. Perfectly combines a blouse with jeans, especially skinny.

Since the Basque is a detail of a classic style, it should be combined with the appropriate footwear. It can be neat pumps, thin studs or comfortable heels.

The height of the heel and the model of the shoe is determined by the type of fabric from which the blouse is sewn. So, lightweight summer shoes are suitable for silk models, thicker fabrics are recommended to be worn with boots or ankle boots.

Fashion tips

Correctly selected blouse with a basque will be a worthy decoration of the wardrobe of any fashionista. To always look spectacular and stylish, designers recommend to follow a few simple rules.

Fat women should prefer blouses, in which the line of the line of the Basque runs below the waistline. Baska should not be too voluminous.

If you have full breasts, choose a model with a high waist, she will highlight the bust line, making it even more seductive. When choosing a particular model, consider the peculiarities of your figure and try to harmoniously combine all the details of the ensemble.

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