Body blouse

Body blouse

What to wear?

Blouse-body - this is a unique item in the women's wardrobe, allowing you to combine practicality, comfort and elegance. The idea to combine a blouse with panties belongs to a talented American designer named Donna Karan. She became truly brilliant and quickly found a response in women.

When making clothes with a blouse-body, it is very important to keep the proportions. It is desirable that on the background of the fitted top the bottom looked more voluminous.

Regardless of what the blouse-body is worn with, it will always look neat and tidy. The situation when the blouse is knocked out from under a skirt or trousers, is completely excluded. Because of this, women feel more confident and attractive.

Blouse-body - is an excellent option to comply with the strict rules of the dress code at work, as it allows you to take into account all the requirements of business etiquette and at the same time remain feminine. It is recommended to put on blouses-bodi over tights, thus it is possible not to put on shorts.

Blouse-body perfectly combined with strict skirts just below the knee and long fluffy skirts of a romantic cut. Perfectly in harmony with such a blouse and classic cut wide or narrow pants. Denim skirts, pants and shorts are a great addition to the top of a casual bodysuit.

The design of the body provides an excellent opportunity for women to wear low-rise trousers and at the same time does not worry that during the movement the bottom of the blouse will slip out from under the belt. A stylish women's jacket will look very harmonious over the top of a blouse.

Popular models

For office work, many women choose white body blouses with an imitation of a strict office shirt.

Usually office options are presented with long sleeves and a classic cut of the neck area. The presence in the wardrobe of several options for blouses, body allows a woman to make fashionable kits to work for every day. Such models are mainly made of cotton.

Club-style blouses in satin fabric and decor elements are popular in an informal setting. Lace bodysuit styled as a blouse looks very attractive and sexy. Many women prefer not to use a lace bodysuit as a separate element for the top and include it in a multi-layered set of clothes.

Romantic blouses, body perfect for a solemn evening. They can be decorated with ruffles or frills and at the same time favorably emphasized turn-down collar and stand-up collar. Sleeves such blouses can be both long and short. Recognition of women deserve charming models with sleeves tailored flashlight and straight cut. Romantic models are made mainly of silk, satin and chiffon.

To suit

Blouse-body - this is a great option for women who want to emphasize their figure. This model is ideal for owners of slender waist, women with a figure hourglass and a triangle. The fair sex, with fat folds on the tummy, it is recommended to choose a set of additional clothes to the blouse-body. This may be a jacket or tank top, hiding the sides and belly.

Blouse body very harmoniously joined the wardrobe of modern girls and women. First of all, this is a good find for a business woman. With its help you can create an immaculate image. Since they meet and make up the first impression on clothes, a neat and stylishly dressed head and a simple office employee are much more likely to succeed than a slob.

The lower part of the body - it is always panties.Here designers and manufacturers have tried to please women using different models. In the classic version, the bottom of the blouse-bodysuit - this is the usual slips. If a woman is accustomed to wear shorts or she needs to wear thongs under tight pants, she can easily choose her favorite models.

Stylish images

The most daring models of blouses-bodysuits, stitched from transparent and translucent lace and the finest chiffon, are in the trend of this season.

These blouses fit perfectly in the evening and festive wardrobe. In an ensemble with a fluffy skirt, a skirt-sun and a multi-layered skirt, they create an extraordinary image, stand out out of the ordinary against the background of other dresses.

Classic white blouses will perfectly fit into any look. Their combination with classic blue and blue jeans are a great option for everyday wear. Since white color refreshes the complexion, this combination makes a woman younger, gives strength and confidence. The ensemble consisting of a white blouse-bodysuit and a classical skirt of black or any other deep color is considered a safe variant.

Monochrome and motley body blouses perfectly fit in the wardrobe of the modern fashionable woman. Classic cut plain trousers and tulip skirts will be a stylish addition to such blouses. The presence in the wardrobe of three or four blouses, bodysuits of different colors will allow you to stay stylish and fashionable every day at any time of the year.

The original version of the blouse-body - style with an open back. Such a frank model is excellent to keep your back thanks to the sewn panties. They are perfectly combined with trousers, straight trousers. A great addition to this ensemble is an extravagant bonnet.

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