A white blouse

A white blouse

In the wardrobe of every modern woman there are things that not only never go out of fashion, but also able to create an attractive image and save the situation. These products include white women's blouse. This product is always and everywhere.

At present, this model can be used not only to create a classic business look, but also to be applied on a daily basis, combining it with jeans and shorts and various skirts.

A fashionable white blouse can be boldly put on in a cinema, cafe, for a walk or even for a party. You just need to choose the size and style of the blouse, and also learn how to competently combine it with other elements of clothing.

This season are relevant a variety of collars, decorative elements in the form of flounces, ruches and bows.

In addition, now the white color of the blouse may slightly go into a milky shade, which is no less stylish and fashionable this season.

Popular models

With a collar

The model with a collar is a recognized classic. A white blouse made of opaque fabric of a similar style is considered the most versatile. Modern designers do not cease to please women with all kinds of collars. This may be a frill, stand, turn-down, oblique or butterfly collar. Also popular are the bertha collar or lace mandarin collar.

As a rule, collars are made in the same color scheme as the product itself. However, models in which the collar collar or the collar of another, more contrast color are becoming increasingly popular. It looks very beautiful.

Such bright elements will dilute the classic model of a white blouse and add a piquancy to the image.

With bow

A bow-shaped necklace is another option for a white blouse. If you want to create a beautiful, gentle evening look, then a monochromatic blouse with a bow in white or milky color is what you need.

Very romantic and feminine this option looks on a blouse of translucent chiffon. If you want to add elegance, then a silk model with a bow around the neck is perfect. In this case, a satin blouse is also a win-win option for an evening or business look.

Blouses with a bow are perfectly combined with a skirt of any style or classic trousers.

Bare shoulders

Models of such a cut will help to emphasize the refinement and fragility of any woman. In addition, if you want to create a sexy and attractive look, then a white shirt with a wide neckline is what you need. Especially advantageous such a model will look on a tanned body. White shade perfectly highlight the seductive tone of your shoulders. As a rule, such blouses are decorated with various flounces, ruffles or ruffles.

With long sleeve

A white long sleeve blouse is appropriate in most cases. You can wear it for work, for a meeting, or for a walk. In addition, a similar style of products helps to hide visible figure flaws. Argued that the white color is full. This is not the case, if you correctly choose the style and size of the product.

There is such a variety of options for white blouses with long sleeves that with the right approach to the choice, you can create an attractive and sophisticated image.

Now relevant models of translucent fabrics that create a romantic image.

Blouses made of silk or chiffon are very popular. In addition, fitted blouses with long sleeves look very attractive, which will emphasize the attractiveness of sophisticated female forms.


A snow-white blouse with a short sleeve is just a magic wand, first of all, for those who work in the office where the dress code is set. This is especially true of those who are forced to spend hot summer days at work, in a stuffy office. In addition, women do not just want to dress according to the rules adopted at work, they always want to look stylish and fashionable. Fortunately, the designers solved all these problems.

To date, there are many short-sleeved blouses decorated with basques. They perfectly hide the flaws in the shape of the owners of the pear-shaped body type, while emphasizing the subtlety of the waist. White blouses with short sleeves in a free cut are what suit ladies with an apple type. Nobody canceled the classics, so a fitted white blouse with a short sleeve is ideal for any girl and will save almost any image.

Without sleeves

This is one of the most popular and favorite options for women. This style can be combined with a pencil skirt, jeans with high waist or classic trousers.

Such a model of chiffon is a great option for going to a club or to a party. The airiness of chiffon will add to the image of sexuality and mystery, perfectly emphasize the attractive female form.

The silk version will look extremely elegant and will not leave indifferent either those around you or the owner herself.

A white satin sleeveless blouse is perfect for a business outfit. You can add her black or red skirt.


Today in a trend white long blouses or blouses, tunics. In terms of style, they vaguely resemble a men's shirt. Many options for models of such products will not create problems when choosing. Many women like to combine such blouses with leggings. Very stylish and practical option for every day.


One of the sexiest and most overt options is a transparent white blouse. When using such a model in your image, it is important to correctly select a bra or top for this blouse. This option is suitable for office and for everyday use.

How to choose a design


Currently, there are a lot of white blouses, which are made using various decorative elements and prints. Among such diversity, white polka-dot blouses occupy an honorable place. This design is suitable for owners of any type of shape. The main thing you need to pay attention to when choosing such a model is the diameter of the peas themselves.

If you have magnificent forms, then blouses with large peas will be preferable, and owners of slender forms should look closely at products with small peas.

With lace

A white blouse with lace is a versatile option, to some extent even becoming a classic. Lace on a blouse will be advantageous to stand out if you combine such a product with a jacket in a bright blue, purple or other rich hue. A light and translucent, while the lace blouse, complemented by a skirt of a free cut, will look just great.

With print

When choosing a white blouse with a print, the main thing is to follow the rule: under no circumstances should the color scheme of the print of the blouse itself contradict the print of the lower part of your image.

It is better to combine such a blouse with a monotonous bottom, in order to avoid excessive “variegation”.


A white striped blouse is a no less common option than a polka-dot blouse. Here we must not forget that girls with curvaceous forms are strongly recommended to avoid horizontal stripes. They will make your silhouette visually wider, and this should not be allowed. An ideal option for full ladies would be a vertical striped blouse. Such a product will visually stretch the silhouette, making it slimmer and more refined.

How to decorate?

When completing the image of various decorations and accessories, you need to keep in mind that a white blouse is a great background for any jewelry.Bright or massive accessories will look amazing. The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of elements.

What kind of blouse to wear in summer

When choosing a blouse for the summer, preference should be given to natural materials.

From chiffon

An airy blouse made of translucent chiffon is a great option for the summer. However, it is not recommended to wear such a blouse everywhere. For example, for the office this option would not be appropriate.

From cotton

So, if the first option is not quite suitable for going to work, then a white cotton blouse can be a great alternative to chiffon.

From batiste

Batista blouse is a universal option for the summer, which is suitable for office and for walking. Blouses from this fabric will not allow the body to sweat and give a feeling of freshness and coolness.

From silk

For special occasions in the wardrobe of every woman should be a light silk blouse. This option will allow you to create exquisite summer looks and look luxurious at any event.

From satin

If the budget is not designed for the purchase of a silk white blouse, a model from satin will serve as a substitute for it. This is no less attractive option, and the cost of such a product is several times less.

What to wear


If you want to use a white blouse for an image in casual style, then you can safely combine it with jeans. A combination of jeans and a chiffon, silk or satin blouse will look particularly impressive.


To create a business look, a white blouse is combined with classic-style trousers of various colors: from light beige to black. The choice of shade will depend only on your mood.


Shorts of various shades and styles can also be an excellent complement to the image with a white blouse. It is worth noting that the image with shorts now should not be associated exclusively with the summer time of the year. A very common option is to combine classic black shorts and a white blouse.

What kind of bra fit?

According to the rules of etiquette, under a white blouse, it is customary to wear a white or bodily bra. However, if the blouse is supplemented with a print, it does not preclude the use of a bra in the color of peas or stripes used on the blouse.

Stylish images

White color is unique, because it can be combined with an incredible number of different shades. Therefore, there is a mass of various images using a white blouse. We offer you five of the most stylish images of this season with the use of this item of women's wardrobe:

1 image. A white blouse in combination with skinny or champagne-colored cropped trousers and a white jacket.

2 image. A white blouse in combination with a leather skirt of dark shades: black, rich blue or dark green.

3 image. Wear a white blouse with a blue blazer and brown suede booties.

4 image. A white blouse plus a black pencil skirt, styled in a cream jacket or cardigan.

5 image. A white blouse in combination with a trouser suit with a rich, bright color.

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