Chiffon blouses

Chiffon blouses

When choosing a wardrobe is always the question: what kind of fabric to choose. Brilliant satin, jacquard with three-dimensional pattern or flowing bohemian chiffon? The latter is made of silk threads. Due to draperies, undulating folds, bold styles of chiffon or crepe-chiffon blouses appear. Gentle and light, they give the image a frivolous, romantic touch.

Fashionable styles

Fashionable styles of blouses with sleeves and without, turn-down collars and immodest cutouts are most often created in such combinations as double-sided chiffon, bleached, and also fabric with spraying or Lurex.

The favorites of the season are considered to be strict straight cut with a button closure, lace patterns and flirty products made of viscose chiffon with a matte sheen, silky structure.

Without sleeves

Model blouses managed to go into the category of vintage clothes in the wardrobe. Recalling the 50s, women of fashion unwittingly stretch to sleeveless styles in a floral print and always with frills. Blondes will prefer the color of champagne, pink tonality, and brunettes to match the mint or turquoise hue. Brands ASOS and H & M show interesting chiffon "sleeveless" in peas, stripes or twig buds.

A sleeveless blouse will become a trend if it is complemented with an asymmetrical neckline, a triangular neckline and an elegant yoke at the waist.


A bright spot will look decorative trim of openwork patterns, metal rivets or bows on blouses with short sleeves. It will have for office business and casual casual style, successfully combined with things from thick fabric (leather, denim, knitwear). Monochrome blouses can be decorated with an original brooch, strap, choker.

With long sleeve

This season, long sleeves are crazy about the star print, “grandma's peas”, leopard pattern. Batniki, blazers, models without fasteners and with a cut-boat best express the mood of modern fashion. Chiffon is able to flirt in combination with pleated skirts, tight trousers, jackets and cardigans.

Try to pick up a free cut, products by type of elongated top, shirt.

With frills

Curious strict straight lines that emphasize the silhouette try to combine with pretty frill and ruffles. Masters of this design are the brands Vivance, Linea Tesini, Chillytime. Translucent chiffon loves multilayer models with the ombré effect. The style of the blouse should be with cutouts on the shoulders, sleeves, flashlights or in the form of a "bat". Monochrome raglans with ruffles are guaranteed to fill office style wardrobes.

Shirt cut

Dress code offices add chiffon models with a shirt cut. In styles observe the style of the collar and button placket. Ruffles on the cuffs, darts on the chest, appliques will make such a blouse. The selected fabric will give femininity to the image and is suitable for a cocktail party, daily leisure, business negotiations.

With horizontal folds

It is possible to decorate a blouse with a decorative line. Versions with long sleeves, slightly fitted and with a stand-up collar, most often experiment with a horizontal fold. The most interesting thing with this effect look striped models with long sleeves.

Solemn and presentable appearance will give a chiffon blouse with pleats along with a pencil skirt and a hairpin.


The only thing that the Basque does not tolerate is fitted jackets. The total bow of the season turned out to be a blouse with a basque and open back, skinny jeans and pumps. Today it can be decorated with rhinestones or embroidery, chiffon "pleated".Scarlet colors will look aggressive, and pastel will bring tenderness and melancholic mood. For summer, choose a model with a basky and short sleeves.

With lace

Lace trim and chiffon - a combination of unusual, but very stylish. Monochrome tandem black crepe-chiffon and white lace - the best that can be in the wardrobe of a lady. Delicate inserts in trend blouses are located in the neckline, back or shoulder. Sexy looks model of a blouse with straps in combination with a lace closed part of the top and sleeves.

Popular models

Popular models of the upcoming season prefer new look, retro and casual styles. Charming chiffon and fashionable styles of collars make stunning sketches of blouses. “School collar”, apache, v-neck and “underwire” corsage become leithomes of fashion catwalks.


The free cut of the blouse deserves special attention. You can place exquisite prints on it, pour out a bright color palette, play enough with decor, draperies. Airy fabric creates plain classic styles like a shirt or tunic with or without a sleeve. For the expressiveness of the silhouette of their best to decorate the strap on the hips.


The smooth structure of chiffon calls these blouses "clothing for the red carpet." Chic, status, high cost are combined in light styles of blouses, cowboys, shirts, shemieu. Pick models with a smell and bare shoulders, or maybe it will be an asymmetrical neckline or stand-up collar.


Funny and colorful summer blouses in the new season are gradually replaced by calm colors of ivory, beige, champagne, smoky gray. The most appreciated styles are bardotki, apache blouses, combidress and butterfly sleeves. Such products can be supplemented with ethno-patterns or laconic ornament, lace trim and boho-lacing instead of buttons.


A crepe-chiffon blouse is what you need for a first date and a first impression of yourself. Expose your shoulders or remain a riddle with a stand-up collar, wear a shirt called a shemieu with a rolled up sleeve, or a seamless model with a yoke. Evening hike in the club "pair" with narrow jeans, leather pants, a spectacular jacket and heel will not leave a chance to other girls.

Business woman

Business style requires to look towards puritanism and modesty. This does not mean that blouses with frills, guipure inserts folded along the buckle of the blouse model are contraindicated to you. The total bow for an office style is a light peplum with a basque waistline. Karma in the image of a good employee will add a frill collar.

We combine colors

Black chiffon blouse looks extraordinary with red or white peas, snow-white lace trim. For her fit light blue skinny or leather pants. In the fall, you can throw on a jacket of a poisonous shade (crimson, orange, salad).


Bleached chiffon makes an unprecedented impression. Do not go beyond the classics, then a blouse like a top, raglan or shirt will perfectly fit into the “team” with black pants, jeans, a strict pencil skirt, and a knitted cardigan. The status of the wardrobe emphasize graceful figure, standing on a heel or platform.


Ultramarine, electric, menthol or pink to blue peas are ideological companions of original ideas. In blouses of this color you can create and get up, inspire and inspire. Bold tonality combined with denim clothing, satin items, French and shoes of any style.


Full of passion, a red chiffon blouse with a bell sleeve or in the style of bebidoll will turn its owner into a real predator on the dance floor, a fatal lady and a cold-blooded business lady. Red is in harmony with the classic bottom, adores skirts with midi length. A favorite of the season, he chose a model with a basque, openwork inserts, long sleeves without cuffs.


Pastel pink palette - the standard of coquetry and grace.Chiffon in lilac, marshmallow, pale pink palette offers styles with cutouts on the shoulder and back. This hidden sexuality dilutes the bottom of a more dense fabric: leather, knitwear, jacquard, batiste. Translucent pink blouses are suitable for special occasions, business style and romantic meetings.


Color blouses refer to the ideas of vintage, shebbi-chic and bohemia. Painted raglans, batch file and shemizier are relevant in the current summer-fall season.


Retro peas also do not leave chiffon products. He successfully settled on all blouses and combined with any type of trousers, skirts. Modern peas are free to “change” the color depending on the mood of the fashionista: blue on an orange background, white on red, lime on green, etc.


Striped options help out curvaceous. They perfectly slim the figure and hide flaws. For example, in the style of "bat" or in the form of a tunic with long sleeves. For a strip, look for an exclusive decor in the form of wavy ruffles or horizontal folds along the fastener, near the collar.

What to wear?

They wear chiffon or crepe-chiffon blouses with jeans with lace trim, worn effect and “ragged” elements. Fashion designers recommend combining a basque with pencil skirts in classic colors, wearing short shorts for the beach season and leather pants for a spectacular club entrance. Most chiffon is not indifferent to the heel.

Translucent fabric will choose an elegant jacket with a three-quarter sleeve, a knitted cardigan or a cropped coat.

What are good chiffon blouses?

Chiffon blouses are good because they emphasize the mood of any season, they can have a lot of prints, colorings, styles and are “friendly” with almost all styles of clothing. They are easy to decorate with bows, ruffles. The maximum long sleeve, like Valentino's, will add femininity, and the colorful colors of Marina Yachting will pamper your eyes.

Stand-up collars, boat cut-outs, basques, the combination with lace, satin and guipure create fashionable compositions for the most capricious fashionistas.

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