Transparent blouse

Transparent blouse

A transparent blouse is a wonderful piece of female wardrobe that combines sexuality, sophistication and sophistication. But with the wrong combination and choice of style, it can look at you very badly. In order for a transparent blouse to highlight your strengths and not to demonstrate shortcomings, it is extremely important to consider some of the rules, which we will discuss in this article.

We select the appropriate style

For any thing it is very important to choose the right style that fits exactly your type of figure. As for the transparent blouse, stylists advise everyone to choose exclusively free models. Close-fitting options very rarely look beautiful and stylish. Light thin fabric should flow, which is typical for a free cut blouses.

Without sleeves

Sleeveless options are well suited for the hot season, when you want to open your body as much as possible. These models are not suitable for all the fair sex. If your hands are far from ideal, then it is better to refuse transparent blouses without sleeves. Such models look good in bright saturated colors. In the collections of famous designers there are options with different prints.

With a collar

Transparent blouses with collars are well suited for lovers of concise business style. The collar gives the necessary share of rigor and eliminates excessive sexuality. Such variants are perfectly combined with jackets, jackets, classic sleeveless jackets and cardigans. Under a transparent blouse with a collar, you can wear a T-shirt or top.


Blouses with basky, which have not lost their popularity for several seasons in a row, are in special demand. The fact is that they have incredible femininity and perfectly conceal imperfect forms. They are well suited for girls with waist problems.

Baska hides extra centimeters and makes it more elegant.


Fitted versions of transparent blouses are not suitable for everyone, as was said earlier. If you still decide to stop the choice on it, then you need to very carefully select the underwear and all the other things of the ensemble. Fitted blouses will suit only the owners of the perfect figure and skin, without flaws and excess weight.


Transparent blouses with short sleeves are simply created for gentle romantic images. If you need to choose an option for an evening walk with your loved one, then you can’t find a better model. If you prefer a single-color model, you can add bright accessories to it. For example, a necklace with large stones or massive earrings.

With long sleeve

Long-sleeved models are more versatile and suitable for various events. In addition, closed hands add the necessary amount of restraint, which is not inherent in transparent products. Blouses with sleeves hide figure flaws and allow you to make the silhouette more harmonious. Even in summer it will not be hot in them, since the chiffon fabric itself is almost weightless.

Transparent style

Far from all the fair sex can competently use the transparent style. But if you wish, you can use the following recommendations and look great at any event.

For parties

For parties, you can pick up different ensembles with a transparent blouse, especially if there is no prescribed dress code. Prefer bright models that will distinguish you from the crowd. A great option could be a stylish red model that goes well with different things and textures.

For example, a red transparent fabric harmonizes well with leather products. This may be a pencil skirt, it is only important that it covers the knees. You should not choose too frank models, because they will give your image unnecessary vulgarity. Simple jeans in a light shade will also perfectly complement the set with a transparent blouse. Graceful court shoes which will never get out of fashion will help to decorate the image.

To the wedding

A wedding is a special event that requires preparation not only from the newlyweds, but also from guests. A transparent blouse can be a good option for this celebration. The main thing is to give it a festivity, and then the thing will fill with necessary colors. It is worth noting that it is better to abandon the white and black models.

An excellent choice would be a blouse of blue, red, emerald and burgundy colors. The perfect bottom is a beautiful pleated skirt, year skirt or classic trousers with arrows. Well, if they are white or beige.

Today at the peak of popularity is also a pale blue and light pink palette.

A beautiful golden clutch and pumps with a current metal texture will give the image a complete look. And bright decorations can be made solemnly, correctly selected by color. Do not forget about the hair and beautiful makeup.

On the weekend

On weekends you want to feel as comfortable and easy as possible. Therefore, it is better to give preference to models devoid of any decorative elements. With a white blouse boyfriend jeans are perfectly combined. Slip-ons, sneakers, moccasins or ballet flats are suitable as shoes.

Wide trousers from natural fabrics can be combined with transparent blouses of pastel shades. An interesting hat and a small handbag over the shoulder will make your look very stylish.

For hot summer weather, you can choose a light transparent blouse model, denim shorts with a scuff effect and actual gladiator sandals this season.


In the warm season, all the fair sex want to look very bright and spectacular. Therefore, it is better to choose models with interesting prints or drawings. Moreover, in 2016-2017, the leading designers presented a huge number of similar options. Blouses are found with whole pictures or fragments of them. Remember that such products should be worn only with monophonic things, without decorative elements.


Elegant evening blouses with ruffles, frills, pebbles, and other all kinds of decorative accessories are suitable for evening bow. From above you can put on a beautiful jacket of bright color or an elongated jacket. This is especially important if you have some flaws in the hips.

Design features

Today there are a huge number of options for transparent blouses. Each of them has its own characteristics of the model and colors.


In the summer, stylists advise women to wear striped blouses. This print will never lose its relevance. In addition, the vertical strip visually pulls the silhouette well, makes it slimmer and sleeker. White stripes with blue stripes can be ideal for a vacation. They are in harmony with light trousers, blue jeans, all sorts of skirts and shorts.


Recently, transparent polka-dot blouses, which were extremely popular in the eighties of the last century, returned to the podiums. Polka-dot models will give you femininity and fit well into the framework of business style. They can be adapted to the everyday look, it all depends on the things companions.


A white blouse is a basic thing that every girl should have. As you know, the white model fits almost everything and is combined with a huge number of things of different color palettes.

A white transparent blouse is sure to come in handy in the summer.


Black blouse is also a versatile and basic option.It is more suitable for office style and perfectly harmonizes with light shades. Black model visually pulls the figure and makes your image more feminine.


If you are tired of the usual standard colors, then a blue transparent blouse is created especially for you. It is worth noting that she just looks great on fair-haired girls. In addition, the blue palette today is a real hit, especially ultramarine colors and an azure shade of blue.

What to wear

Buying a stylish transparent blouse, many girls wonder: “What is it to wear?”. The following recommendations will help you to answer it.

With skirt

To create a romantic style, you can’t think of a combination better than a transparent blouse and a stylish skirt. These can be maxi, midi or mini models. The main thing to take into account the features of your figure. Mini is better to wear the young fair sex with slender legs and good proportions. But midi options will make the silhouette more feminine and harmonious.

With pants

As practice shows, many girls are afraid to combine transparent textures with skirts, so they prefer trousers. A good option - the classic model with arrows made of dense material. This ensemble can be worn and to work, and on a date. It all depends on the shoes and selected accessories.

With jeans

A blouse in combination with jeans helps to create casual looks that are suitable for walking and casual meetings. Jeans can be completely different, ranging from skinny to boyfriends.

How to pick a bra

Remember that even the most beautiful blouse can ruin the wrong clothes. First of all, it is worth noting that under the light options you should not choose a white bra, choose your skin-colored underwear. For black transparent blouses, purchase a bodice similar in color.

Images and bows

Images and bows with a transparent blouse can be different. If you do not know how to pick up things, then all sorts of photos on the Internet can help you with this.

In addition, designers do not limit you in choosing and represent a huge range of models and combinations.

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